Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Gameplay Mechanics and Best Strategy – New Players Guide

Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Gameplay Mechanics and Best Strategy – New Players Guide 1 -
Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Gameplay Mechanics and Best Strategy – New Players Guide 1 -

Literally what an caption says. An good guide to read when you want to know little details about this game or just wait for respawn.


Hello dear player. In this guide you’ll find out about random, basic tips, facts, tricks and mechanics which you check out here to improve your gameplay, learn new stuff or just read for fun when you waiting for respawn.
>English isn’t my native language and its my first ever guide so I’m sorry if there is any mistakes.


\\\I really didn’t saw anyone covering this topic, which in my opinion is one of the most useful and important mechanics of this game, so I’ll put it as my first topic to cover.
Without promising, I might make an more detailed, seperated guide on this important topic.

As an example, I’ll cover only this part of wall that you can penetrate (left and right one)
Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Gameplay Mechanics and Best Strategy - New Players Guide - 1. PENETRATION - 4939C3E
the reason is that I only tested this part of cover and every cover material is made from different material and thickness. So, since this wall makes like 80% of all buildings (which players mostly will use as cover) I took an test on it.
By WP (Walls Penetrated) I meant how many walls different caliber can penetrate (if it can, of course).
SMGs / Pistols
9.18mm / 9.19mm / 45.acp / 357.Magnum /.50 action express (Deagle) – 0 WP
4.6x30mm AP (MP7) – 1 WP, stops on 2nd wall
300 blackout (Honey Badger) – 0 WP
5.45×39 mm / 5.56×45 mm NATO / 7.62x39mm / 7.62x51mm NATO / 7.62X54mmR /. 30-06 / 12 cage 12,7×108 Antitank /.50 BMG – 1 WP, stops at 2nd wall.
(I think none of guns would take 2nd wall, and rarely 50bmg with 12,7×108 going though 2nd wall as well. Horever they are still do an huge impact on other sufrases, since I said that every cover have its thickness, angle and material. For example 50bmg with 12,7 can go through sand bags, I think it’s only weapon which can go through it. Still, won’t take 2nd wall)
It was just an guide for house walls, but there are a lot of covers that change PPower, so you also need an rough feeling of PPower of your gun.


-In my opinion and research, armour doesnt play huge role in this game. Light armor can protect you from maximum 2 and heavy armor from 3 extra bullets from low calibers like pistols or SMG’s. Horever, light armor most of the time take somewhat 1 if not 2 extra bullets from medium caliber like 5.56, and most of the time do no difference to calibers like 7.62 and higher. Horever its still doesn’t matter much because you more likely going to die from bullet spray you’ll recieve. So, in my opinion armour do not give much advantage. You still can go with light armour if you have some points to spent, if you really want to, but I don’t advice you to spend points on armour because you could spent it on something more important AND it makes you VERY slow, which is critical point in this game.
Fast moving target = Hard to shoot target.
-Heavy armour covers extra parts of your body compared to light armour
-Taking light magazine (loadout)pack will give you extra grenade launcher shot
-Taking heavy magasine will give you 1 extra missile launcher ammo, horever it doesn’t work on some launchers, either it’s bug or mechanic of a game. Mostly I noticed that while playing on insurgents side.


-You can do “bunny slide” while jumping from an building/floor, which will give you speed boost. To do so, right before you will fall down, start sprinting by holding down CTRL. If you have another floor ending right where your jump, your slide will continue. Single slide gives you ~10m boost, depending on situation.
-You will lay downl a little faster when crouching rather than standing.
-You can crouch jump anytime you want to, it gives you advantage over jumping through windows and covers, by that saving time and allowing to aim faster. To do that just jump and press CTRL.


-You can meele with your gun by clicking your mouse wheel AND fire immediately after that if enemy didn’t died.
^^Backstabbing someone with gun’s meele attack usually kills them with one hit.


-Each explosive have different time of detonation, or to be more clear:
HE grenades ~5.2 seconds
Incendiary grenade ~2.2 (?)
Flashbang ~ 1.7
Smoke ~ 2.2
-You can stick an C4 on wall by holding RMB. Sadly does not work with IED.
-Throwing explosives can hurt. I meant that. I got killed once by smoke grenade lol.
-Same with grenade launchers, if you will directly hit enemy it wont explode but instakill them
-When you click to throw an grenade, immediately click on RMB (and vice versa), that will save you one extra second to “cook” it if you need to throw it fastly.
-HE grenades and C4 with IED have small pieces that fly randomly and can kill you even if you was far away from explosion.
-You can pick up thrown at you grenades by holding F key. By releasing F key, you’ll throw that grenade back
(if you got an kill by that, you are going to get rare achievement)
^^By that trick you can throw grenade to your teammate, which then can throw it again, by that throwing it even further and giving them explosive support;
Enemies and teammates can pick up C4/IED from ground, by that you can trick an enemy or make your teammate as suicide bomber.
-When you throw an explosive, your fingers on your left hand actually shows your “Middle screen” where explosive is going to fly. All you need to do is just aim higher or lover based on your position and practice.
-If you don’t want to throw grenade for some reason which you got ready to throw, HOLD down your RMB (and vice versa) AND switch to your main weapon. This trick won’t work if you already started “cooking” grenade, and if you’ll switch to primary weapon your grenade will explode in your inventory.


-Using suppressor will attach much less enemies to your position.
-Using “Threaten” command will make other enemy bots around you to spoil their positions.
^^ if there is only one enemy bot left in enemy team, they will not reply back.
-Yes, flash muzzle is worthy. At least as how I noticed, bots will less likely to suppress your position if you playing on long range.
-Close to an spawn there is an truck which you can use at warmup
(to ride over your teammates of course)
Dont remember if its on every map, though


-Recoil grip mostly will reduce your vertical recoil, while compensator will reduce your horizontal recoil. My advice using compensator on LMG’s, since they are also very influenced by horisontal recoil.
-Recoil grip does make your shotgun reload a little bit faster. By fast-clicking on RMB your shotgun will reload even much faster with reloil grip, and it will give you somewhat 2 shots per second (reload grip doesn’t do that!)


-Don’t use option about your optical scope to make surrounding sight static when you aim. I know it might look cooler and more realistic but you won’t be able to see enemies which are close, but we of your scope sight.
-I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but if you would play as Observer in insurgents team, take AK47, grenade launcher with heavy loadout, you will have 7 charges, 5 of them is shotgun shells and last 2 are explosive rounds. Thought it might be annoying to use 5 shotgun shells to finally use explosive rounds.
-You actually can take enemy helicopter down with your gun, by firing at its rotor tail.
-When you call for air support, first support will hit exacly at your pointed place. All others will hit it at 10-20 meters radius(not sure if it’s for every support variation thought).
-No matter what, my advice for increased chances of winning is to have at least one observer and one commander. Thought 2 observers and one commander will be perfect, while 2 commanders might be an problem due to different look at same in-game situations.
( I MEANT that, since I see a lot of players playing as rifleman class and not picking observer or commander, even if weapons between these 3 classes are indendical. Like you won’t lose anything by playing with same setup on different role, but instead will help your team by a LOT)
-Voicelines of only one character is somewhat 45 minutes long, now add 5 more characters to that 🙂
-When you are suppressed, your character’s voicelines will drastically change into more “intense” voice.
-Bullets do ricochet throught stuff, so you might hit flat car roof and kill someone peeking through window
-^^ same with wall penetration, bullets lose their trajectory a little bit.
-This game have bullet movement time and falling. Thought, its applied on long range, starting from 100M if Im not wrong.



That’s all for now. It might be little bit rough for now, but hopefully sometime I will update this guide. If you have any more advices, feel free to share them into comments.
If you liked this guide then you can like, save and share it (can you do that in steam? idk???) or even send some kind of award so I can buy cool profile stuff like wallpapers and pfp stuff, or dislike it and comment how much you hated this guide, I don’t care though do whatever you want lol.

Here we come to an end for Insurgency: Sandstorm Best Gameplay Mechanics and Best Strategy – New Players Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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