Inscryption How to Find Code in Chapter 3 Tips

Inscryption How to Find Code in Chapter 3 Tips 1 -
Inscryption How to Find Code in Chapter 3 Tips 1 -

Act 3(?) Bottopia Smelter room has a green Mox shrine. this is the code

Incomplete method to find the code )2 of 3 found so far by me)

the code is in 3 pieces
1) part one is in the cuckoo clock that is glitched into bottopia you have to put in a certain time that matches one used on the clock in act 1 with the shadow cabin.
2) the middle is hidden in the dark of the quality assurance checkers old room think what can light up a part of that room.
3) I don’t know currently sorry if you know please comment how to get it.

Full spoiler section

3 code parts still suprise
1) top segment is in the cuckoo clock and it is the wing icon. either it was strange timing or it is caused by clicking behind the card printer machine in the left corner of the main room with P03. On the left of the machine you’ll see a bolt that looks like a bird then just click it like mad then the clock shows up.
2) you find it in the QA checker room in the dark with the camera flash. it is on the tombstone and is the skull n’ crossbones
3) bottom is the bifurcation icon not sure how to get it.
4) it takes you to slime land and you can be a homie to the slime.

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