Immortal Soul: Black Survival How to Get Free Gems

Immortal Soul: Black Survival How to Get Free Gems 1 -
Immortal Soul: Black Survival How to Get Free Gems 1 -

In Black Survival there are several ways to earn free Gems with which you can buy skins, from uncommon skins to Live2D skins.
Here I’m sharing the way I manage my gems to buy new upcoming skins.

How to get started

Daily Login:
The easiest thing is to log in to the game every day to get gems. At the end of four weeks you are going to have 500 gems.
Weekly quest:
On the weekly quest you can get Gems simply by completing random quests that appears in the list.
It is very forgiving and easy and doesn’t take much of a user’s time to get the prize.
Labyrinthos is a new mode that are currently still being worked on.
As of April 20, 8 characters have been given special skins that fit the aesthetics of the mode. They can be purchased with 13,000 tokens.
In the shop of this mode there is an option to convert gems to tokens or tokens to gems.
For 600 tokens you can get 100 gems, with 900 tokens 150 gems and for 1200 tokens to 200 gems.
What is the difference between uncommon skins and other skins and what is more worth buying?
Uncommon skins are usually non animated that comes with the character at the time of its release.
New characters only get one skin at the time of their release unlike older characters.
You can get uncommon skins for free by playing with Bears Roulette.
I think it’s worth a try on Bears Roulette than buying the skin with gems but I’ll explain the reason as to why later.
What is more worth buying?
Skins from Mystery PC are way more worth buying.
Each month there is a different theme and a random character is chosen to get the skin. The quality of the skins can be worth it.
How to use Gems correctly?
I’m close to 4 years in the game and I can share my way, it’s very easy.
First of all keep in mind that every month at least one or three characters gets a new skin. It is very easy to crave to get them and it can cost a fortune.
How to avoid wrong purchases in the first place? Simply by checking and deciding with which character you play the most, the character you can consider your main. It can be 1 character, 2 or even 4.
This means you are not buying skins for any other characters, only to these specific characters who are your main.
This will force you to save up your gems for several months until one of your characters gets a new skin.
The gems may be enough to roll a number of times in the Mystery PC to get that skin.
How long can it take?
It depends on the popularity of your character.
Specific characters often get more love than other characters, therefore we see them get skins more often.
For example my mains are Leon Askin and Li Dailin;
After checking, Leon’s last skin was on October 5th and Dailin’s last skin was on September 27th.
Usually until Leon and Dailin get new skin, it can take 9 months or so.
But along with that saving the gems takes a lot of time as well, depending on how often I play of course.
I don’t have enough Gems left for the Mystery PC. There is an other alternative?
The game has changed a lot and so have the credits, the credits are currently working in a more fairer way.
In case there are not enough gems for the skin in the Mystery PC, at the same time the credits accumulate and one day you can buy the skin you wanted.
What i like about the Mystery PC is that the skin is not gone forever and we can get it when we can.
How to speed things up:
If you buy Gems, you get a number of credits as a bonus, 90/240 credits which is not a lot but can help.
Usually after purchasing several gems and rolling on the Mystery PC a number of times, The number of credits goes up to close to 2000 credits which is good and can ensure to have at least 3000 faster.
This is what I do to keep the number of my gems in a stable number when I can not afford to buy gems with real money, for one reason or another. It helps me to get skins for characters I like.
So far i got 3 skins. i believe i could have gotten more if I had thought of this idea earlier, before wasting my gems on all sorts of other things in the game.

Written by ann

Here we come to an end for Immortal Soul: Black Survival How to Get Free Gems hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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