Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks

Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks 1 -
Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks 1 -

[WIP] Ever want to just make a lot of Spirit Stones? Sharing my worksheet here on how to find the best crop to sell in the game.


I previously worked on finding the best crop to sell in this game by:

  • Gathering all the necessary data such as seed purchase price, crop selling price, etc.
  • Computing the average amount of crops from my own harvests
  • Multiplying that amount by the crop selling price, and deducting the seed selling price

Was more or less done with computations when I decided to use a Harvest Sign, which makes all crops grow instantly. This allowed me to collect real data from a harvest, and not just averages. And I noticed that my Scallions sold a lot more than Rice, even though it should have been the other way around. The seed quality and amount were the same.
Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks - Introduction - B2CCF6C
Long story short, averages doesn’t work well in this game because of the variance in crop amount AND quality. The spreadsheet provided here aims to reduce that variance and project more accurate values. The guide will explain how to use the spreadsheet.

Crop Data

Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks - Crop Data - FA1106D
Crop Data contains various information about the available seeds in the game. I have not filled out all the fields because I wasn’t sure if the data I had previously were still correct.
Make sure to fill up this sheet first.
For the “Season” column, I opted to use numbers to refer to the seasons:

  • 1 = Spring
  • 2 = Summer
  • 3 = Fall/Autumn
  • All = Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

For the “Growth” column, the days are pretty straightforward for single harvest crops: what it says on the game description is what is on the sheet. For multiple harvest crops, you need to add the information the game provides plus the amount of days until the regrowth period is over. I will try my best to update the spreadsheet but it might be faster for you if you fill it out yourself.


There are two sheets for Computation, one is for G quality seeds. These seeds will become easily available once you’ve unlocked Qiongzhen Pavilion. The G seed “buff” will refresh on a random seed every Solar Term (or every 3 days). The other sheet is for C quality seeds.
On this page, there are already some data for crops I was able to harvest. Each “test” consists of 33 seeds. Why 33? It’s the size of my field where I can reliably water all plots with an upgraded watering gourd. You can change this number on the “Best Crops” sheet at cell W5. If you change this number, all data in the yellow cells of the computations page should be cleared.
To fill out this page, you can just focus on the yellow cells and ignore the rest. The necessary data should transfer over automatically to the summary sheet.
Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks - Computation - 173B83C
For multiple harvests crops, the amounts should be something like


instead of single values for every time crops were harvested.
Soulgrass has two legendary crops but unfortunately I forgot to leave space for that. The 850 herb has to be manually added to the totals computation.
All of the crops were gathered in season, except for Persimmon (G). I’ve left a note as well on the spreadsheet in case you miss this. Crops gathered out of season will produce less output and sometimes, no output.
Please also know that crops harvested from a G quality seed will always produce G quality crops or higher. That said, my Scallion (G) data is wrong as well, but I’ve decided to leave it in as placeholder data (more data is better than no data). However I can’t remember if those were purely from C quality seeds or a mix of both.

Best Crop

Best Crop sheet is best left for viewing purposes only. Here you’ll be able to see all the computed data based on data you provided.
“Profit” column is useful if you plan on using the Harvest Sign and selling all your crops.
“Profit Per Day” column is useful if you plan on selling all your crops.
“No L, PPD” is also the profit per day, but without the legendary crop computed in. This will be useful if you don’t plan on selling any of your legendary crops.
There are many required legendary crops for quests that I usually just end up hoarding all of them (even though I’ve already finished the main story qq).
If anything, I suggest keeping all your Superior quality crops for the trade routes.
There is also a sorted version of this page that includes only the averages.
With the info that I have, the best crops to sell are as follows:

Crop Name Ave. Profit Per Day Crop Name Ave. Profit Per Day (No L)
Soulgrass (C) 1,595 Sticky Rice (G) 882
Tianli Root (C) 1,153 Ginger (G) 698
Sticky Rice (G) 922 Sunflower (G) 634


Link to Spreadsheet

Clicking the link should automatically make you a copy of the file. You need to be signed in to Google make a copy.
Immortal Life – Profit Table – [] 

Written by Rhysandie

Hope you enjoy the post for Immortal Life Best crop to sell tips & tricks, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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