Idle Pins Gameplay Tips and Game Information for Beginners

Idle Pins Gameplay Tips and Game Information for Beginners 1 -
Idle Pins Gameplay Tips and Game Information for Beginners 1 -

Notes I have taken and tips I have come across playing through my early days of Idle Pin.

Season Info

Seasons are the prestige mechanic on Idle Pins. You will reset your progress to start with extra upgrades that will make you progress faster.
– Before seasoning plan which upgrades you want to unlock, then grind to get enough Season Points.
Season One:
– Get as many Pins to level 10 as posible.
– For the first season would be good to have between 15 and 20k SP. There are some good upgrades
to get on the first season:
– AOR and AOF. Will help you to recover and continue attacking automatically. 1.5k+1.5k
– Chikara MK II. You will get Betas instead of Alphas when collecting the Particle Pin. 10k
– Then you can buy some cheap things like Autofuse I, some levels of Critical Fuse, Speed Craft or
Recycle I
Anyone looking for concrete SP numbers:
– QOL, AOR and AOF = 3005
– AF1 = 505
– CF3 = 1060
– SC1 and CC1 = 505
– Total = 5075 SP
– Optional 1000 Autoprogress


How I remember pin color ranks:
– Really Big Giant Pounds You
– >R >B >G >P >Y
– Starting:
— Beginning > Noob > Turtle Pride
– Midgame:
— Charfire > Squirtwater > Bulbagrass
– Endgame:
— Farming: Farmers X (craft) > Farmers DX (shop)
— Damage: BB-Cupid (black market) > Ultimate (shop)
Pins may be locked for Auto Fuse in the Collection menu by unchecking the “Enable/Disable this Pin Autofuse” check box on that pin.
Auto Fuse by default fuses depending on Auto Sort setting. From low to high (arrow up): Fuses lowest Pin (Alpha) first or from high to low (arrow down): Fuses highest Pins first.


Each Pin level = +1% damage, HP, and recovery, and +5% for every 10 levels. ( Lvl 20 pin = +30% : 20% for levels + 5% per each 10 levels).

Tuning Information:

– Tuning let you boost your Attack Pins stats.
– Each Pin has 11 stats ranked D,C,B,A,S or max S+
– Stats can be locked but will raise the cost of tuning.
– Every 10 Pin levels unlocks a stat to be tuned.
– After seasoning your Pins levels will reset (you can improve this with SP)
– Unlocked stats and tunings are not lost with each new season.
– At start, you should save your Crysblood to tune Epsilon (T5) and Iota (T9) Pins. You will use them in the Turtle formation and you will be able to easily kill the first two leaders to farm more Crysblood.
– Later, you should try to level up as many Pins as possible enough to tune Global Discharge, and start increasing your multiplier. This will greatly increase all your Pins charge output.

Materials of Idle Pins

Normal Materials
– Grass Tier 1
— Early Farming Zone 4.7
— Mid Farming Zone 9.1
— Late Farming Zone 11.11
– Wood Tier 2
— Early Farming Zone 5.8
— Mid Farming Zone 9.2
— Late Farming Zone 11.12
– Snow Tier 3
— Early Farming Zone 4.10
— Mid Farming Zone 8.8
— Late Farming Zone 11.11
– Ice Tier 4 (Earliest 4.2)
— Early Farming Zone 5.10
— Mid Farming Zone 6.10
— Late Farming Zone 11.12
– Clay Tier 5 (Earliest 3.7)
— Early Farming Zone 5.9
— Mid Farming Zone 9.5
— Late Farming Zone 11.13
– Iron Tier 6 (Earliest 4.4)
— Early Farming Zone 5.8
— Mid Farming Zone 9.6
— Late Farming Zone 11.14
– Gold Tier 7 (Earliest 5.2)
— Early Farming Zone 5.10
— Mid Farming Zone 9.7
— Late Farming Zone 11.13
– Gemstone Tier 8 (Earliest 6.10)
— Early Farming Zone 8.9
— Mid Farming Zone 9.8
— Late Farming Zone 11.14
– Magma Tier 9 (Earliest 10.6)
— Early Farming Zone
— Mid Farming Zone
— Late Farming Zone 11.10
– Diamond Tier 10 (Earliest 10.11)
— Early Farming Zone
— Mid Farming Zone
— Late Farming Zone 11.15
Special Materials
– Crysblood : A special material dropped from Leaders. It is mainly used for tuning.
– Derium : The premium material of the game. It can be used for tuning or spending in the Derium Black Market.
– Stardust : A special material that is only obtainable through The Tower. Used to unlock two Formations: The Farmers and The Farmers X.

Derium Black Market:

This is a grindy game so upgrades that boost the farm speed are Top Tier here:
– Ancient Gem, to increase the maximum possible amount of special Pins drop.
– Special Backup, to increase the chance of getting special drops.
– Materials Backup, same but with materials.
– Timemachine, to increase enemies killed per hour.
– Getting the first levels of each upgrade is cheap and can boost many things.
– Each ‘Event compelted Pin’ will add 10% multiplicative bonus to your Pins charge. Pretty OP boost for only 2k Derium!
– On the Events section, the BB-Cupid is a nice formation that worth saving the Derium for.
How to get Derium
Apart from the shop, you can get free Derium in different ways:
– Daily Check in. Up to 600 per day.
– Joining dev’s streams. By watching it you will get BoBs (channel points), subscribers get x2 BoBs. You can exchange 30k for 10k Derium.
– Joining Marbles Races. In some streams the dev will do Marbles Races. Winners will get Derium. Subscribers get +50% Derium.
– Discord Giveaways. React them to participate. To see the channel you must react on #rules channel.
– Events. Like Halloween or Christmas. Or because the dev randomly wants to give free Derium.

Written by Jovian

Here we come to an end for Idle Pins Gameplay Tips and Game Information for Beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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