Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips

Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips 1 -
Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips 1 -

..OLD vs NEW Guide..


Don´t be mistaken, the game is the same chinese (IDLE-)game released in May 2020.
What you see now is just the New Version (released 03.11.2021)…
WARNING: If you play the NEW Version you start at ZERO again (meaning all gone!)

OLD vs NEW (Switch explained)

OLD version (->Beta switch):


 ..player who paid money in the old version, will receive vouchers equal to 60% of the money spent through in-game mail.. 

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Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips - OLD vs NEW (Switch explained) - 83F670B
Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips - OLD vs NEW (Switch explained) - 52C39E2
Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips - OLD vs NEW (Switch explained) - FF66B7C
-> If you invested money, do the SWITCH to receive Vouchers in the new version

NEW version (STANDARD):

..without doing anything you will automatically play the NEW Version !!
(-> includes all progress being deleted!)

Progression OVERVIEW

According to the Developers changes are huge.. so I´ll list OLD and soon the NEW Progression..


To get a rough idea of the old progression, I´ll cite my review..

 60/100 ok at first..later mixed
  • After 10 hours: AccLv.40 -> PwrLv ~150k ^^
    -> 35% of Players make it here, the others drop out in first hours
  • 24 hours: AccLv.50 -> PwrLv ~200k (first 6star hero)
  • 30 hours: AccLv.56 -> PwrLv ~390k (first 7star hero)
  • Day3: AccLv.60 -> PwrLv ~440k (two 7star heroes + several 5/6star)
    -> 27,1% of Players came this far.. oh well, not much to do anymore.. walls everywhere ^^
  • Day4: AccLv.70 by AFK-ing ..PwrLv ~600k (8x 6star-hero / Castle Lv.10)
  • Day5: AccLv.80 -> PwrLv ~700k (first 8star hero, ..also: 2x 7star / 10x 6star-hero / Castle Lv.12)
    -> 20,3% of Players came this far..
  • Day6: AccLv.85 -> PwrLv ~950k (Castle Lv.13)
  • Day7: AccLv.88 -> PwrLv ~1,1M (first 9star hero, ..also: 3x 7star / 16x 6star-hero / Castle Lv.13)
    -> Achievements buggy..
Don´t buy the early packs, not worth it.
What seems nice in first hours in the game, turns out very basic later..

Some facts about the game, when the GRIND becomes real:
- AccLV.30+ gets slower.. AccLV.50+ needs you to push everywhere to make the next milestone
- Stage 50 first hard boss and the game begins
- Stage 111 no way without right setup and top-tier heroes
- Stage 129 impossible wall to prevent fast growth/leveling
- Stage 150+ is serious business (Lv.100+ Heroes and some 6stars)
- similar Issues in Tower of Infinity: stage 50+ is harder.. Stage 85+ brutal
- many Stage/Level-Locks: Smithy unlocks St.160, other stuff 200-400 mostly
- Campaign Stage221 / InfinityTower Stage200 .. my heroes ~Lv.130 ,while enemies ~Lv.180-200
-> powercreeps everywhere now.. stupid. Resources are required in truckloads and you need to farm much longer to step higher.. From here on skill doesn´t matter anymore.. time to move on ^^

The game is quite ok, but more of a longterm-thing with daily-login and limited energy.
Decide for yourself, if that´s your cup of tea. In case it is, remember.. :
-> Guild is important + playing actively + smart decisions ..esp. if you don´t waste real money 😉

*Developer replied: Thanked me for detailed review and confirmed that walls were intended!


coming soon.. after I tested it for 1-2 weeks ^^
I´m hoping for some improvements and less walls !

Written by wespe___o=/;;;:*

Here we come to an end for Idle Big Devil Overview Guide & Gameplay Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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