Icarus Basic Survival Guide & Tips

Icarus Basic Survival Guide & Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Icarus Basic Survival Guide & Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

Survival: How to not die

Basic survival guide

Look for water

– Look for berries to slow down your thirst meter
– Consume food before drinking as increases your thirst
– Locate a cave if you can’t find any water
– Once you find water, remember to mark it on your map

Starting tools

– Craft a stone axe and stone pickaxe
– Craft a stone knife
– Make a campfire
– Make a wood crate and use a bedroll
– You can also repair your tools inside your inventory

Finding food

– Start with berries, that is the easiest
– Go to a lake and attack fish to cook, look out for poisonous fish.
– Chasing raccoons with a knife
– Craft a wood bow to hunt deers

Building shelter

– Unlock thatch building set as soon as possible
– You can quickly build wood shelters if you are in a rush
– You can also hide inside caves as shelter

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