Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult 1 -
Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult 1 -

Total time to beat on hard:

First location ~ 7 hours.
Second location ~ 5 hours.
Third location {in progress}.


Part I. 13/19.

1. Ain’t got time to bleed
Kill a bounty while having one health point left.

Simple, no matter what difficult is. Just fight tough with the first boss till he will have low health and then let him to hit you 2 times and then kill him.

2. I’ll be back
Restart more than 5 times during a fight with a bounty

Let the first boss kill you 5 times then kill him.

3. Duck Hunt
Kick and shoot 10 enemies with a Shotgun before they hit the ground on one level.

Take a shotgun on the first level. Get close to the enemy and click shoot button – hero will kick the enemy. Fast click again – he/she will shoot. Repeat at the same checkpoint spot until achievement will pop up.

4. I can do better
Press the retry button after completing a level

Finish the first level and press restart.

5. Baseball Fury
Kill 10 enemies with a Baseball Bat on one level

You can do it on the first boss too. Hit the boss time to time, kill first enemy, wait till second will appear, take the baseball bat, drop it, continue hitting the boss, when another enemy will appear take the bat and kill him. If not enough enemies left / bat goes broken then die and repeat from checkpoint on the boss till you will get it.

6. Yippee Ki Yay
Complete a level without picking up any weapons

Simple. Just play first level and don’t pick up anything.

7. Loyal Customer
Get kicked out by Tony 5 times at the same checkpoint

SImple. Just die after the checkpoint 5 times.

8. Everlasting Patience
Watch all of Wolfmother’s briefs without pressing skip

Just watch it all.

Не пропускайте ни одну катсцену.

9. Hunter
Defeat the Shogun

I.e. kill final boss on the last stage.

10 / 11
Contract Killer
Get 100% completion in Hard Mode

Get 100% completion in Normal Mode

Start on “Hard”. Kill all enemies on all the levels. Collect 3 grey cases on each level. Don’t die on any level, i.e. don’t load from any checkpoint. Badass mode will be unlocked after you will finish game on “Hard”.

Recommendations in total (for difficult level hard)l:

1. Try to kill enemies from far distance.
2. Do not use grenade launcher. It’s powerful, but useless in tough situations.
3. If you need to fight with a van find a cover, use grenades + automatic gun.
4. Take your time. It is highly likely that you will have to restart the level many times and study the location and tactics of opponents and the boss before you can 100% complete it on hard.

Specific recommendations I (for hard level of difficult):

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

1. Area 1. Level 3. To get the case here kill a mob that will got on the top first. Then use shotgun and kill two other. Then go down three another and two dogs. Only after follow this gun and shoot from automatic gun. Do not use incendiary mixture. More chances that you will damage youself then it will hit this guy.

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

2. Area 1. Level 4. To deal with the van here you need few things. First – two grenades. Second – flame. Third – 3 lives. So don’t use flame or grenades here. Just when you will see the van throw grenades and shoot after. You must stay alive with 1 live after. No place to cover here. Also right after it will be a checkpoint and a guy with a case. Use flame on him.

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

3. Area 1. Boss fight. Save grenade launcher for the boss. Shot at his shield & hide till he will throw it. Get at the right corner of the shield. When boss will pop up use launcher. It will take 1/3 of health. Repeat same with the next stage, 2/3. On third stage there will be two packs of the enemies. Use automatic gun on them, jump & hide. After use machine gun and finish the boss, 3/3.

12. Looks that Kill
Trash a guitar on Sid Handsome

At the end of location 1, level 2 there will be a guitar. Pick it up. Fight with boss will be in two sequence. You need to broke a guitar on him, but not kill him by it.

В конце 2 уровня, что в 1 локации, будет гитара. Подберите её. Битва с боссом проходит в два этапа. Нужно разбить о босса гитару, не путать с убить босса гитарой.

13. Play Fetch
Kill a dog by making it fetch a grenade

At first location, level 3, just at start of the level there will be 2 dogs and some grenades. Grab them and use. Dogs will follow.

Part II. 15/19.

14. This is my boom-stick!
Kill 10 enemies at close range with a Sawed-off on one level.

First time you can find this gun at the start of second area, first level. But I recommend to repeat it at this area:

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

Get close to the enemy and shoot. The enemy must be blown apart, otherwise it’s not count. Repeat till achievement will pop up.

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

* At first level of area two it is easy to miss one case. To get it you need to destroy white wall.

Specific recommendations II (for hard level of difficult):

4. To make the fight with first boss in the area two save some grenades for the second part of first part of fight with him. The tent can be sequentially showered with grenades.

5. When you will fight with air craft in area two, level three, stick to the left side of the location and shoot to the vehicle from each platform and weapon you have. You can also jump at the end make two-three additional shots. Grey box cannot cover you during the whole fight, so not bet on it too much. Grenade launcher might be useful here.

6. Area two, level three boss fight. Start the fight from disable the mine on the left side. Then destroy the oil canisters and other enemies. Shoot / hide. After boss will stick to second type of attack hide when he throw the bombs. Get out if he get close to you location and try to shoot from behind. Grenades might be useful here.

7. During the fight with the boss at level four of second area stick to the ground. It will allow you to control situation in more easy way. Wait till the boss get to the ground, shoot, go to the top, repeat. Always keep an eye on the turrets and deal with them first. Two barrel shotgun and it’s analogue most useful here.

8. General recommendation. If it is difficult to intercept an enemy with a case and there is a grenade launcher nearby then it is best to use it.

Huntdown 100% Achievements / hints for hard difficult

9. The final boss of the second location. As soon as he begins to move in your direction, in order to then hit with a club, you need to make a jump and go to the other side. If this is not done quickly then it does not matter where you are located. He will be able to hurt the hero. It is best to use a machine gun in the first stage. And in the second grenade launcher, which can be picked up on the battlefield. When the boss throws a club on the left, you can hide in the building, and on the right, you can bend down.

15. Slap Shot
Get hit by Nadja Drago’s hockey stick and land in the goal

During the battle with the second boss a gate can be seen in the location. You need to make the boss to beat the hero into it.

Part III. 16/19.

Specific recommendations III (for hard level of difficult):

10. During the fight with a first boss of third area first use regular weapons and after switch to rocket launcher. It will allow you easier kill him before bridge will be damage too much.

16. Taste of her own medicine
Make Suki the Sniper kill herself with her own missile

Hard to do & random thing. Recommend to do in separate playground, i.e. play the level for this achievement only. You need to make boss mostly no HP left, like tiny “I” look alike here. Only in this case and, if you will be lucky enough, rocket will kill her.

As for the boss fight in total. You need to move at the same speed as the boss to deal more damage. Sniper rifle might useful here, but by other hand it’s too slow.

To be continued…

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