Hundred Days star components of wine

Hundred Days star components of wine 1 -
Hundred Days star components of wine 1 -
This guides names and shows the basic components for all sorts of wine in the game ‘Hundred Days’.

The guide is a work in progress and gives the solution for 5 of the 6 types.

The guide was created and tested with patch version 1.0.3



This guide is a work in progress. ATM there are only five of the six wine types covered by this guide. Hopefully I can finalize this guide in the next few days. This guide was created with the game version 1.0.3 and may be outdated in the future and or by future DLCs. 
Warning: finding the right components of your future wine on your own is definitely one crucial part of the game. Please stop reading this guide, if you do not like your game experience spoiled. 
The next chapter will be a table with all wine sorts and their specific component quantities. 
After the table there will be a chapter about the basic of wine flavors, followed by a chapter with pictures of the wine type from the ingame journal. 
Last but not least there is an outro and the guide version history. 

Table (lazy version)


wine nameBarberaChardonnayNebbioloArneisDolcettoCortese

Please note, that you won’t find ‘typicity’ in this table. To my experience typicity will automatically rank up or down according to the overall compliance of your wine with this table and any occurring flavors of the wine. Please have a look at the next chapter for more information about flavors and their influence on the final ranking of your wine. 

Basics of wine flavors

Categorized by consequence there are two types of wine flavors: 
1. the positive flavors 
2. the negative flavors aka faults 
These flavors are differentiable by their description text (just left click them for a small text window) and by their background color (btw: terrible choices of background color from the game designers). 
Every positive flavor seems to be able to lift your wine base ranking by table up to 10 points (but no further than 100 points, because those are the absolute maximum of ranking points). In contrast every negative flavor can decrease your wine base ranking by table up to 10 points. The effects of multiple flavors are most likely cumulative. 
Categorized by user avoidance there are also two types of wine flavors: 
1. the unavoidable flavors aka “lucky strike” 
2. the avoidable flavors aka systematic flavors 
If you are using a yeast, which can produce a ‘Vanilla’ flavor, than this would be a perfect example for an avoidable flavor. No ‘Vanilla’ inducing yeast during wine production, no ‘Vanilla’ flavor for the final wine. If you grow wine on an unsuitable land than the occurrence of the fault ‘unsuitable terroir’ is very likely (the altitude, pH and soil composition of the vineyard doesn’t match the favorable characteristics of the grape). Another example for a systematic flavor is ‘Cork Taint’. Here your choice of closure for the bottle directy affects the probabilities a systematic flavor (obviously a closure made out of glass shouldn’t be able to give off flavors). 
Flavors like ‘Meraptan’ or ‘Reduction’ (both are faults) seem to be completely random and cannot be avoided at all ._. 
By no means is this chapter complete or ever intended to be a complete list of the flavors nor I precisely know the game mechanics. It shall serve you as an orientation in this type of minefield ^.- 

Journal pictures

The following pictures speak for them self. The sequence corresponds with my table and the ingame journal. No photoshopping, just trimming ;o) 
Hundred Days star components of wine 
Hundred Days star components of wine 
Hundred Days star components of wine 
Hundred Days star components of wine 
Dolcetto still missing  
Hundred Days star components of wine 


This game was / is more fun than I initially thought. Hopefully you can enjoy this game much as I could / can 🙂 
No pain, no gain! 

Guide versions

1.0 intial version (Arneis and Dolcetto missing) 
1.1 included Arneis, some info about flavors and typos 

By storm.bringer

Hope you enjoy the post for Hundred Days star components of wine, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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