How to Use Terminal Commands and Secrets in Lethal Company

How to Use Terminal Commands and Secrets in Lethal Company 1 -
How to Use Terminal Commands and Secrets in Lethal Company 1 -

How to Use Terminal Commands and Secrets in Lethal Company

Hey buddy, guess what? I’ve figured out how to get the most out of the Terminal in Lethal Company, and it’s a game-changer! Let me walk you through the cool stuff you can do – it’s way easier than you think.

 First Step into the Terminal World

So, you’re ready to jump into Lethal Company? Just hit the E key and boom – welcome to the Terminal! It’s like opening a door to Narnia, but cooler and with more tech stuff.

Commanding Like a Pro

Inside the Terminal, it’s your playground. Store, Bestiary, Storage – you name it, you command it. It’s like having a genie, but you don’t even need to rub a lamp! Magic at Your Fingertips

Ready to work some magic? Just type in your command and hit enter. It’s like texting, but instead of sending emojis, you’re unlocking secrets and features. Who knew typing could be this fun?

Ever wanted to be a Terminal whiz in Lethal Company? This is your moment! With a few clicks, you’ll be navigating the Store, uncovering Bestiary secrets, and sorting your Storage like you were born to do it. It’s like being a secret agent, but in a game!

Moon Exploring: Your Next Big Adventure

Want to explore space without leaving your chair? Just type ‘Moons’ and hit enter. You’ll see a bunch of cool planets pop up, including the famous Company Building. To start your space mission, just pick a Moon, say ‘confirm’, and you’re off. It’s like being an astronaut, minus the zero gravity!

Mysteries of the Bestiary

Are you curious about the creatures in your game? Just type ‘Bestiary’, and you’ve got a whole encyclopedia at your fingertips. It’s like Pokémon Go, but with more monsters and less walking.

Tracking Players: Be the Eye in the Sky

Keep an eye on the action with the View Monitor command. It’s like having your own spy satellite. Just type ‘View Monitor’, and you can track any player’s moves. Want to switch targets? Just type ‘Switch’, and you’re on it. It’s like being a detective but in the digital world.

Moon Mysteries: What’s Hidden in the Shadows?

Get ready to unearth the secrets of the Moon. Use the Scan command, and you’ll discover all the hidden spots and treasures. It’s like being Indiana Jones, but in space.

  • Vow Hazard Level C
  • Experimentation Hazard Level B
  • Assurance Hazard Level D
  • Offense Hazard Level B
  • March Hazard Level B
  • Rend Hazard Level A
  • Dine Hazard Level S
  • Titan Hazard Level S+
  • Company Building or Com

 Enhance Your Game with Ping Alerts

Check out the Ping feature in Lethal Company. Type ‘Ping‘ and the Radar’s name, and you’ll get alerts whenever something’s near the Main Entrance. It’s like having a security system, but for your game.

Finding the Hidden Gems in Lethal Company

There’s a whole secret world in Lethal Company. Dive into the Terminal, type the first few letters of something unknown, and see what pops up. It’s like Easter egg hunting, but the eggs are full of game secrets. Just a heads-up

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