How to Unlock Drifter and Drifter Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns

How to Unlock Drifter and Drifter Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns 1 -
How to Unlock Drifter and Drifter Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns 1 -

How to Unlock Drifter and Drifter Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns

So you want to join the ranks of Drifter mains in Risk of Rain Returns? I’ve got you covered. First things first, you’ve gotta recycle six drones in a single playthrough. Sounds like a scavenger hunt, right? Keep your eyes peeled for the recycling station. You can’t miss it – it’s got that funky blue glow. At this station, you trade in a drone for some cool loot. Do this little exchange six times in one run, and voila, you’ve got the Drifter to wreak havoc with next time.

Now, let’s talk strategy. Drones aren’t just lying around for the taking. You gotta hunt ’em down. The Whip item is your best friend here. It’ll make you zip around the map when you’re not in the thick of battle, perfect for when you’re on the lookout for drones and those precious recycling stations. But I won’t sugarcoat it; unlocking the Drifter is no walk in the park. You’ll either need some serious luck or the willingness to comb every inch of the level.

The Drifter’s Abilities: Unleashing Melee Power and Gathering Resources

Now, onto the fun part. The Drifter is a melee powerhouse. Imagine swinging a giant backpack filled with bricks – that’s the kind of smash we’re talking about. But the Drifter is not just about brute force; they’re savvy too. Knocking out enemies doesn’t just feel good, it also gives you scrap, which is basically gold for powering up those special moves.

Blunt Force:

This is your bread and butter – a quick, hard-hitting three-punch combo that’ll send enemies flying and drop scrap like a pinata.


Got an enemy teetering on the edge? This move is like the final word. A ground-slam that finishes them off and turns them into even more scrap for the taking.

Clean Up:

When you’re up to your neck in bad guys, this is the move. Spend some scrap, and you get to shoot a bunch of deadly shards that clear the room faster than a fire alarm.


Feeling generous? Or maybe just tactical? Use a chunk of your scrap to call in some temporary goodies for you and your pals. It’s like a little loot shower for everyone.

Whether you’re up front and personal or playing the hero in the back, the Drifter’s got something for everyone. Their skills are all about balance – like a good DJ mixing the perfect track. You want to keep enough scrap to drop those temporary items right before you hit the teleporter to maximize your chances. And don’t forget, there’s even more power to unlock for the Drifter in the Providence Trials. Happy hunting!

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