How to Unlock Artificer and Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns

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How to Unlock Artificer and Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns

So you’re keen to unlock the Artificer, huh? Imagine a wizard, but not just any wizard – one with a cool, high-tech edge. That’s our Artificer for you, a real powerhouse in the lineup of Risk of Rain Returns. She’s not just sitting there waiting for you though; you’ve gotta earn her company. Now, you might be thinking, “How do I snag this mystical tech-mage?” Well, buddy, you’ve got to dive into ten unique and wild areas in the game.

  • Desolate Forest (Level 1 Variation).
  • Dried Lake (Level 1 Variation).
  • Fungal Haven (Level 2 Variation).
  • Sky Meadow (Level 2 Variation).
  • Frozen Tundra (Level 3 Variation).
  • Underwater Catacombs (Level 3 Variation).
  • Magma Barracks (Level 4 Variation).
  • Hive Cluster (Level 4 Variation).
  • Temple of the Elders (Level 5).
  • UES Contact Light (Final Boss Level).

Here’s the twist: each level’s got two faces, but you’ll only see one each game. So, what’s it gonna be? Ready to go on a few runs, maybe even sprint to the final level for a chance to unlock our beloved Artificer?

Get to Know the Artificer’s Toolkit

Let’s chat about what the Artificer brings to the party in Risk of Rain Returns. Forget about her wings from RoR2 – this version of the Artificer keeps her feet on the ground but still packs a punch with her awesome elemental skills. Think of her as your go-to for a mixed bag of tricks:

  • Flame Chakrams: A ranged combo flame projectile attack that ignites enemies.
  • Charged Nanobomb: This chargeable lightning bomb is your bread and butter for high damage.
  • Frost Barrier: Create a wall made of ice to repel enemies.
  • Flamethrower: Remain floating and fire off a torrent of flames that deal decent damage and ignite enemies.
  • Ability 1: She’s got an offensive attack that’ll knock the socks off your enemies.
  • Ability 2: Her defense? Like a fortress with a force field.
  • Ability 3: Elemental magic? She’s got it in spades, ready to deal with whatever’s thrown at her.

These are just the starters on the menu. There’s more! Dive into the Providence Trials, and you’ll find gems like an air dash and the power to call up earth platforms – super handy when you’re in a pinch or need to support your teammates.

Master these moves, and the Artificer will be your best friend in no time, helping you blaze through the chaos that Risk of Rain Returns throws your way. Ready to light up the battlefield?

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