How to Switch to D3D11 in The Finals

How to Switch to D3D11 in The Finals 1 -
How to Switch to D3D11 in The Finals 1 -

How to Switch to D3D11 in The Finals

Hey gamers, ever felt like you’re not squeezing out every bit of power from ‘The Finals’? Here’s a neat trick if you’re struggling to switch to DX11 with those typical launch options. Think of it like a secret level cheat – you can try “nudging out D3D12 support” to get your game running smoother than ever. Let’s dive into how it’s done:

Step-By-Step Guide:

  • First off, mosey on over to your Windows\System32 folder. It’s like the brain of your computer, so tread carefully!
  • Now, it’s time to play hide-and-seek with the D3D12.dll file. Find it chilling in the System32 folder and move it to a new hangout spot (anywhere else will do).
  • Ran into a snag moving the file? Right-click, hit “Properties”, then the “Security” tab. If “TrustedInstaller” is the boss, switch it to “Administrators” to take control.
  • Got the ownership sorted? Great! Now, hit the “Edit” button, pick the “Administrators” group, and give them the golden key – I mean, “Full Control” permissions.
  • With your newfound powers, moving the D3D12.dll file out of System32 should be a breeze.
  • Last step – fire up the game and see if it’s running on the slick DX11 switch. Fingers crossed!

Want to go back to the old setup? Just stroll the D3D12.dll file back into System32. If you want to tidy up behind you, flip the file owner back to “NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller.” Happy gaming!

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