How to Play Super Mario Bros Wonder Online Multiplayer

How to Play Super Mario Bros Wonder Online Multiplayer 1 -
How to Play Super Mario Bros Wonder Online Multiplayer 1 -

How to Play Super Mario Bros Wonder Online Multiplayer

Hey, fellow gamers! Ever wondered why everyone’s raving about Super Mario Bros Wonder online multiplayer? Imagine the thrill of navigating through those nostalgic worlds, not alone, but with your buddies, all from the comfort of your couch! And guess what? Setting it up is as easy as pie with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You can team up in squads of four, with up to 12 players! Or, why not throw a local party with those handy Joy-Con controllers? Let’s dive into how you can get this party started!

How to Kickstart Your Online Play?

Ready to host your gaming session? Just follow these steps, and you’ll be the host with the most in no time:

  1. Hit the + button on the world map screen to pull up the main menu.
  2. Eye that Play Online wireless icon and give X a tap.
  3. Go for “Create a Room” and throw in a passcode if you want to keep the party VIP.
  4. Smash that OK button and… Voilà! Your virtual game room awaits your pals.

But hey, what if you’re joining someone else’s game bash? No sweat! Here’s your golden ticket:

  1. Again, it’s + button time on that world map screen.
  2. Select the Play Online wireless symbol, then hit X.
  3. Pick “Find Room” and start your quest for your friend’s digital den.
  4. Found it? Great, now jump right in!
  5. Got a passcode hurdle? Just key it in, and you’re in for the win!

Where to Start with Local Multiplayer?

More of a face-to-face person? No problemo! Here’s how you can get your local game night rolling:

  1. Pop open the main menu with the + button on the world map screen.
  2. Choose the Player Options Joy-Con icon. Yes, that one!
  3. Show off by indicating how many players you’ve got.
  4. Pair up those controllers as the screen guides you.
  5. Hit A and, like magic, you’re all set for a showdown!

There you go! Now, pick your favorite characters, and dive into an adventure that’s more fun with friends around. After all, isn’t everything better when you’re sharing the madness with your buddies? Game on!

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