How to Obtain Island Adenium Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Obtain Island Adenium Mount in Final Fantasy XIV 1 -
How to Obtain Island Adenium Mount in Final Fantasy XIV 1 -

How to Obtain Island Adenium Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Hey there, Final Fantasy XIV fans! Are you ready to add the Island Adenium mount to your collection? This quirky ride is a real eye-catcher, and getting your hands on it is a fun journey. Here’s your friendly guide to snagging the Island Adenium mount in FFXIV. Let’s dive in!

Island Sanctuary: Your Treasure Trove

First things first, let’s talk about the Island Sanctuary. This place is a goldmine for cool mounts. As you spruce up your little slice of paradise, you’ll unlock loads of neat stuff. But here’s the catch: most of these goodies, including our coveted mount, can be snagged with Seafarer’s Cowries. How do you get these cowries? Just keep churning out those workshop items and shipping them off!

Weekly Rewards: Felicitous Favors

Got Patch 6.5? Great! You’ve got access to Felicitous Favors. Every week, drop by the Felicitous Furball NPC in your cabin, and they’ll have some tasks for you. Knock these out, and you’ll be raking in those Felicitous Tokens. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

The Key to Success: Vegetal Vouchers

So, you’ve got your Felicitous Tokens. What’s next? Take these bad boys to the Horrendous Hoarder NPC. They’ve got two options for you: a Sanctuary Materiel Container (it’s a surprise box of sorts) or the all-important Vegetal Vouchers. Eye on the prize, folks! Choose the Vegetal Vouchers. They cost 10 tokens each, and with a weekly cap of 70 tokens, you’ll need a bit of patience to gather the 200 vouchers required for the mount.

Trade Your Vouchers for the Mount

Once you’ve stockpiled 200 Vegetal Vouchers, head back to the Horrendous Hoarder. There’s a special menu option to trade your vouchers for the Island Adenium Whistle. Blow that whistle, and bam! You’ve got yourself a flashy mandragora mount. Pretty awesome, right?

Can’t Wait? Hit the Market Board

If patience isn’t your thing, and you’ve got gil to burn, there’s a shortcut. Check out the Market Board. The Island Adenium mount might be up for grabs there, but brace yourself for a hefty price tag – we’re talking millions of gil!

The Island Peerifool: A Fun Alternative

Not super keen on voucher-collecting? No worries. There’s another mandragora-style mount, the Island Peerifool. This one’s a lucky find in Sanctuary Material Containers. It could be a fun surprise as you work towards the Island Adenium.

That’s it, friends! With this guide, the Island Adenium mount is well within your reach. Are you gunning for this unique mount? Or do you have another favorite? Share your mount-collecting adventures with us. Happy gaming!

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