How to Make Your Own Redguns Background

How to Make Your Own Redguns Background 1 -
How to Make Your Own Redguns Background 1 -

How to Make Your Own Redguns Background

First things first, let’s grab that square piece on preset page 1 and play with it a bit. Picture it like a blank canvas. Set its size to X 148 by Y 242 and place it right at coordinates X 3 and Y 0.

I went bold with a lively red – think of a cherry in the summer sun, with the code R 128, G 0, B 0. But hey, it’s your masterpiece; pick a color that screams ‘you’!

How to Pick and Size Your Polygon Piece

Next, we’re reaching for a Polygon piece from preset page 1. It’s important: don’t give it a spin! Size it up to X 128, Y 128, and place it at X -71, Y -94. Then, make a twin of that piece and set it at X 90, Y 89. Let’s keep them dressed in white for now; they’re going to be our masks later, like Zorro in a canvas!

How to Expand and Deepen Your Design

Either create or duplicate another Polygon piece and puff it up a bit to X 160 and Y 160, placing it at X -112 and Y 68. And for the magic to happen, clone it and drag it down smoothly till it aligns with X -112 and Y 111. It’s like making the canvas flow with more stories to tell!

Creating a New Component Like a Pro

On Preset Page 1, grab the Trapezoid. Twist it to a 270-degree angle, and bulk it up to X 102 and Y 162, then settle it at X 69 and Y -53. Create its bigger sibling, size X 166, Y 162, and nudge it up to X 69 and Y -90. They’ll weave into the canvas without bumping into each other, like skilled dancers on a stage!

Customizing the Triangle: It’s All in the Details

Find that little three-sided guy on Preset Page 1. Give it a 270-degree twirl and size it to X 32 and Y 80, then let it slide to X -5 and Y 105. Now, duplicate it and spin the copy to a 90-degree angle and let it chill at X 11 and Y -105.

Sectioning the Decal: Easy Does It!

Alright, get ready for the grand finale! We’re about to carve out sections of our awesome decal. We’ll be working with the I-shaped pieces from Preset Page 21. Angle it at 58 degrees and set the size to X 20, Y 192, placing it at X -2, Y 3. If your eyes don’t deceive you, you’ll see two tips forming a straight line on each side. For precision, let’s clone this piece twice, placing one at X 38, Y 13, and the other at X -40, Y -7.

Step 7: Now, Let’s Wrap it Up!

And now, for the drumroll moment. Time to bring everything together! Select those white pieces, group them up like a cozy family, and toggle that mask option. Voila, a stunning, near-perfect Redguns emblem, should be staring back at you! Add some extra flair if you want, and when it looks just right, group the square piece and mask layer together. And there you have it, your own, personalized Redguns masterpiece!

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