How to Level Up Miner Guide in FFXIV

How to Level Up Miner Guide in FFXIV 1 -
How to Level Up Miner Guide in FFXIV 1 -

How to Level Up Miner Guide in FFXIV

Hey there, future rock stars of FFXIV! Ready to dig into the world of mining? You’re in the perfect spot. We’re about to break down how you can start your journey as a Miner and why it’s the coolest gig in Eorzea.

Hitting the Miner’s Guild

First off, hustle over to the Miner’s Guild in Ul’dah. It’s buzzing in the Steps of Thal (coordinates X:11, Y:14). Look for Linette, the guild’s super chill receptionist. She’s your go-to for all things mining.

Starting “Way of the Miner” Quest

Linette will hook you up with a Level 1 quest called “Way of the Miner”. Nail this, and you’re officially in the mining biz! As a bonus, you’ll score your first pickaxe, your new best buddy for unearthing treasures. This quest is just the beginning of your epic Miner saga.

Scoring the Best Mining Gear

Now that you’re part of the mining crew, you need the right gear to rock this job. Short on gil? No sweat! Swing by the Sapphire Avenue Exchange and find Yoyobasa, a friendly vendor NPC (coordinates X:14.2, Y:11.1).

Yoyobasa’s your guy for budget-friendly mining equipment. From newbie to pro gear, up to Level 49, he’s got the goods to power up your mining game. So, don’t miss out!

Leveling Up: Your Mining Master Plan

Ready to level up your Miner job in FFXIV? Here are the top ways to stack up those EXP points.

Gathering Gold in the Great Outdoors

Hit the open world with your trusty pickaxe and hunt for shimmering nodes. They’re your ticket to precious materials. Use the Prospect (Level 1) and Truth of Mountains (Level 46) skills to spot and snag these goodies like a pro.

Questing Like a Boss

Job Quests are your gold mine for leveling up. Available up to Level 70, these quests dish out EXP plus gear, tools, abilities, DoL food buffs, and gil. Keep an eye on your quest notifications to track your journey and snag every quest that comes your way.

Combine these strategies, and you’ll be a top-tier Miner in no time. So, pickaxe in hand, let’s hit those nodes and quests and rock the world of FFXIV mining!

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