How to fix vertical stretching guide

How to fix vertical stretching guide 1 -
How to fix vertical stretching guide 1 -

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No need for you to replace the DOSBox copy from the one already included (SVNDAUM Jan 2015, by Steam.
How to: Add “enabled vga shrink delay=true” under the Hocus Pocus game folder to the Hocus.conf. You are done! The game is no longer vertically stretched.

How to fix vertical stretching

You do not need to replace DOSBox with the one you have (SVNDAUM Jan 2015 – by Steam.

How to: Just add the following line to your document: enable vga resize delay=true ‘to section dosbox of Hocus.conf. File is located in the Hocus Pocus folder. Now the game can be stretched vertically.

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1. SVN Daum DOSBox supports XBRZ scaling. To enable this, in the sdl section of Hocus.conf change?output =? to?surface” or ’overlay“. Then in render’ subsection, change?scaler =’ from ’22A2431756A’ to ‘surface’ or &overlay. Finally, in –A’ section, change to a â€xbrz24317540A’ section, a’ to XBRZ scaling to exbrz24312147A24312147A24317540A’ section, &apos to…

2. Direct3D pixel shadows are supported by SVN Daum DOSBox. This can be enabled by changing the section ‘sdl’ to direct3d‘. Next, add the line?pixelshader=xxxxx.fx? (where xxxxx.fx represents the name of the shader; the most interesting are CRTxxxx, that emulates the look and feel of a game on CRT monitors).

Note: Because they require different outputs, the two above won’t go together.


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