How to Fix Farm DLC and Get a Hairdresser in House Flipper

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How to Fix Farm DLC and Get a Hairdresser in House Flipper

Hey there! So you’ve been farming and flipping houses in House Flipper, huh? Well, guess what? We’ve got some updates coming your way, and they’re rolling out today or tomorrow. Here’s the scoop on what you can expect!

Shed Roof Scaling: Now Better than Ever!

Remember that annoying issue with the Shed Roof looking all weird on low settings? Say goodbye to that! We’ve tweaked it, so it scales properly now. Your shed will look as good as new, even if your computer isn’t the latest model.

How We Unstuck Your Furry Friends

So, some of you had a quirky issue: carrying your pet back to the office, and boom! They’d stick to you like glue. Well, worry no more. We’ve fixed this, so now you can bring your cat or dog to the office without turning into a permanent pet-hugging statue.

Where Did My Fence Go? Don’t Worry, We Fixed It

Expanded your fence and found it reverting back to its baby form? Yeah, we noticed that too. From now on, your farm fences will stay just as you left them—large and in charge.

A Clean Break from Window-Cleaning Locks

You know, cleaning windows should be therapeutic, not infuriating. We’ve ironed out the kinks that caused those soft locks while you were cleaning.

Rooster Tails: Now Transparently Terrific!

Ever noticed that the Rooster tail texture was a bit off? Maybe not, but we did. It’s all fixed now. Your farm’s rooster can finally strut his stuff with a tail that looks as it should.

Bathroom Items: Now Teleportation-Free!

Okay, so bathroom items randomly teleport to the middle of the map? Not cool, right? You won’t see any more teleporting toilets or sinks; they’ll stay where they belong from now on.

Sell Your Garage Doors: Cash in on Your Style

Feel like redecorating your farm garage? Great news—you can now sell those garage doors! It’s all about giving you more choices for your farm’s look.

Perimeter Doors: No More Gaps!

Speaking of doors, those 2×2.75 Perimeter Doors won’t leave any gaps anymore when you sell them while they’re open. Now selling doors is as smooth as closing them.

Where Have All the Horse Animations Gone? Back In, That’s Where!

Missed seeing your horses rear up while jumping? Well, they’re back in action. Your horse-riding adventures just got a bit more authentic.

How We’re Making Your Farm Run Smoothly

Finally, we’ve tweaked some technical stuff under the hood to make the Farm DLC run smoother. Your virtual farm life just got a little bit better!

That’s the roundup of what’s coming your way. Happy farming and house flipping!

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