How to Find the Crucible Location in Starfield

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How to Find the Crucible Location in Starfield

Welcome, buddy! So you want to find the magical place called the Crucible in the Starfield game, huh? It’s in a spot called the Charybdis system, east of Kryx and southeast of Ixyll. Just think of it as a diamond in the rough waiting for you to discover it!

Breaking Down the Charybdis System

First off, let’s get our facts straight about the Charybdis system. It’s a far-off Level 65 system. Imagine it like a rollercoaster, but one that’s way up there in the difficulty level. Fasten your seatbelts!

How to Get Your Ticket to Charybdis

Alright, before you head off, there are a couple of things to take care of. Make sure to rev up your gravel drive to its max. Trust me, it makes getting around in space a whole lot easier.

Oh, and you’ll also need to be pretty good at something called Astrodynamics, at least at rank 4. It’s just a fancy way of saying you need to understand how planets and stars move, so you don’t end up as space dust.

Once you tick off these boxes, you’re all set to dive into this grand adventure!

Who’s Got Your Back? Meet Sarah Morgan

Now, meet your space bestie—Sarah Morgan. She’s a whiz when it comes to Astrodynamics. Think of her as the GPS for your spaceship.

But hey, if Sarah’s booked for another space journey, no worries! There’s a place called Neon’s Astral Lounge where you can find more folks who are good with Astrodynamics. You’ll be in good hands either way!

The Smart Way to Add Crew Members

While at Neon’s, you can even hire someone to help boost your gravel drive.

A quick tip: don’t just throw 6,000 Credits their way. Be a smooth talker and you might get them on board for just 3,000 Credits!

Landing at Your Dream Destination

Finally, you get to the Charybdis system! Head to a planet there called Charybdis III. That’s where the Crucible is. Give the planet a little spin to find just the right spot to land. It’s like finding a parking spot, but in space!

Get Ready for Some Star-Studded Encounters

Once you’re there, you’ll meet some really interesting “people.” They’re clones of historical figures. How cool is that?

  • Like Genghis Khan
  • Or Franklin Roosevelt
  • Don’t forget Wyatt Earp
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Amanirenas
  • And Ada Lovelace

Chatting with these folks is like a mini-history lesson but way more fun!

Need Help? Just Ask Wyatt!

If you ever need a hand while you’re out there, just find Wyatt Earp. Yup, the cowboy is also your go-to doctor in space! Whether you need band-aids, space food, or just some advice, Wyatt’s got your back.

Quests for the Win

Need more stuff? Go on quests, like Operation Starseed or Secret Lives. These aren’t just random chores; they’re your golden tickets to finding hidden goodies and learning more about this fascinating place.

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