How to Find Captain Toad Locations in Super Mario Bros Wonder

How to Find Captain Toad Locations in Super Mario Bros Wonder 1 -
How to Find Captain Toad Locations in Super Mario Bros Wonder 1 -

How to Find Captain Toad Locations in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Guess who’s playing hide and seek in Super Mario Bros Wonder? It’s Captain Toad! He might not be the star of the show, but finding him sure adds a sprinkle of joy to the game.

Captain Toad’s Hideout in Pipe-Rock Plateau

Alright, friends, the very first spot where you can bump into Captain Toad is at the beginning of your adventure. But here’s the thing: you need to spread your wings a bit and unlock the plains area up north. It’s like needing a secret handshake to enter an exclusive club. Once you’re in, scout for a sneaky pipe hidden away in the top right corner. Spotting the A button over Mario’s head? Bingo, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Take a leap of faith into the pipe, and voila! You land in a winter wonderland called Puff-Bluff Peaks. And who’s that admiring the snowy view? Captain Toad, of course! A quick chat with him, and you’re richer by 50 Flower Coins. But let’s be honest, having his theme song play is like the cherry on top, right?

Pipe-Rock Plateau’s Underground Layer

Guess what? Pipe-Rock Plateau has more secrets up its sleeve. This time, Captain Toad is chilling underground you’ve raced through the Wiggler Race level and ventured south. What awaits you there? A warp pipe, a ticket to Captain Toad’s underground hideout.

The A button popping up is your clue. Ready to jump into another pipe? Brace yourself because things are heating up in a lava-filled zone! And there, standing to the right is Captain Toad, ready to make your wallet heavier by another 50 Flower Coins.

Sunbaked Desert Puzzle

Fast forward to the fourth world, the Sunbaked Desert. Here, your detective skills are put to the test with a tile puzzle. Spot a Toad near the initial tile? That’s your starting point. The challenge reminds you of hopscotch but with a twist: speed is key!

Solve the puzzle, dash through the levels, and keep an eye out for that trusty A button. A press, a warp, and suddenly you’re in a past world, nestled within a peculiar mountain. Captain Toad, with a shiny reward of 100 Flower Coins!

Finding Captain Toad is like stumbling upon hidden diary entries in an epic adventure book. It might not change the story’s end, but it sure makes the read a lot more thrilling. So, what’s stopping you? Embark on this scavenger hunt and revel in these delightful detours sprinkled throughout Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

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