How to Easily Unlock All Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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How to Easily Unlock All Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

you’ve just downloaded My Hero Ultra Rumble, and the vibrant world of My Hero Academia sprawls before you, ready for exploration and epic battles. You don’t have to spend a dime to jump into the action since the game is free to play!

All Characters

Who is Tenya Lida?

First, allow me to introduce you to Tenya Lida. Imagine a guy at school who’s all about rules, justice, and sprinting down hallways with the seriousness of a seasoned athlete. That’s Lida for you, with his unwavering determination.

Have You Met Itsuka Kendo Yet?

Then there’s Itsuka Kendo, the girl who walks into the room and instantly owns it. She’s got this confidence that’s both inspiring and a tad intimidating, paired with a power that allows her to supersize her hands for a smackdown you wouldn’t forget. Kendo’s not just brawn, though – she’s got a magnetic personality to boot!

Building Your Character Roster

How About Eijiro Kirishima?

Now, meet Eijiro Kirishima. This guy’s as tough as they come, with a heart — and skin — of stone, thanks to his “Hardening” quirk. But underneath that rocky exterior is a dude who’s all about protecting his pals and throwing down for what’s right.

Ready for Momo Yaoyorozu?

Next in line is the brilliant Momo Yaoyorozu. Ever needed a Swiss army knife but couldn’t find one? Momo doesn’t have that problem. With her “Creation” quirk, she pulls out anything (non-living) she needs from her body, making her the ultimate resourceful teammate in sticky situations.

Ever Heard of Ibara Shiozaki?

Last but definitely not least, say hello to Ibara Shiozaki. With her “Vines” quirk, she’s like a one-woman enchanted forest, controlling vines with a whisper and a wave. Whether she’s tying up foes or creating impromptu shields, Ibara’s always got your back in battle.

Unleashing Licensed Characters’ Powers

Ever Experienced Katsuki Bakugo’s Explosiveness?

Enter Katsuki Bakugo, a walking, talking explosion waiting to happen. This guy is the embodiment of fiery power, turning each battle into a dazzling and dangerous fireworks show. He’s a tier 2 licensed character that’s sure to bring the boom to your gaming experience!

Have You Felt the Chill of Shoto Todoroki?

Then there’s Shoto Todoroki, cool as ice — and hot as fire! He’s a dual-threat with his elemental quirks, freezing foes in their tracks one moment and turning up the heat the next. Mastering his powers means having the best of both worlds at your fingertips.

Ready to Leap with Tsuyu Asui?

Now, let’s jump into action with Tsuyu Asui! Asui’s your go-to for agile, acrobatic maneuvers, zipping through levels with the grace of a frog and the speed of a sprinter. Her amphibious powers give you the upper hand in every platforming challenge.

How About Causing a Stir with Mr. Compress?

And don’t forget Mr. Compress, the man who makes magic with his compression skills, catching foes off guard and turning the battle’s tide in an instant. He’s all about that surprise element, keeping enemies guessing and audiences gasping.

Ever Embraced Chaos with Himiko Toga?

Lastly, meet Himiko Toga. With her creepy-cool shape-shifting and blood-drinking quirks, she’s the wild card you didn’t know your deck needed. Playing as Toga is a walk on the wild, unpredictable side, adding a dash of dark fun to every match.

Mighty Shoes of All Might!

With All Might, the tier 30 licensed character. This guy is like the superhero we all wanted to be when we were kids – strong, determined, and always wearing a smile that says, “Everything’s going to be A-OK!” With All Might, you’re not just playing; you’re inspiring virtual hope with every punch.

How to Unlock Both Heroes and Villains

Unlocking characters. In the game, there are the good guys, the heroes, and then there are the bad guys, the villains. Each character has their own unique style, moves, and of course, fashion sense (because who doesn’t want to look good while saving or conquering the world?).

Need a Character Quick? Use Rental Tickets!

Imagine you’re at an arcade, and you find a machine that lets you “rent” a character for a quick match. That’s what Rental Tickets are for! You start with three of these golden tickets. Use them wisely to test-drive characters for a match, and if you run out, no worries – just complete some missions and earn more tickets.

Want to Keep Them? Grab Character Tickets!

For those who get attached easily and want to keep their favorite characters, Character Tickets are the way to go. Gather 300 Hero Souls through the game you get a Character Ticket to permanently unlock your character of choice.

A Bonus for Anime Fans: UA Heroes Battle Episode

Unlocking characters might sound like a chore, but in the world of My Hero Ultra Rumble, it’s more like an adventure, filled with small victories, funny moments, and the joy of seeing your team grow stronger and more diverse. It’s like watching a special anime episode where you’re not just a spectator; you’re the main character leading the charge, learning, battling, and laughing along the way, with each match bringing you closer to becoming the ultimate hero (or villain) you were meant to be!

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