How to Create New Buyscript Commands in Counter Strike-2

How to Create New Buyscript Commands in Counter Strike-2 1 -
How to Create New Buyscript Commands in Counter Strike-2 1 -

How to Create New Buyscript Commands in Counter Strike-2

So, have you ever noticed that new dazzling fresh approach in CS2’s buy menu and loadout? It’s like walking into your favorite small-town diner and discovering they’ve spiced up the menu! This time around, the game creators threw in some significant changes to jazz up your gameplay dynamics. Exciting, right?

Choosing Your Loadout Wisely

Picture this: It’s no longer a free-for-all weapons buffet. In CS2, your loadout choice is your destiny, determining the weapons you get to dance with in the battlefield. This makes picking your loadout as crucial as choosing the right playlist for a road trip!

Navigating the Buy Menu

When you’re in the buy menu, each slot has a fixed name – or let’s call them “slotnames” – kind of like having specific names for your pets. These names stick, regardless of your chosen loadout, always connecting to the default weapons cozily sitting in each slot.

Quick Example Time:

So, if you type “buy ssg08“, it’s like calling out to the third slot under rifles and getting the weapon that responds to that name! And here’s the cool part: the same slotname works for both teams. Type “buy aug“, and you’ll get the fourth rifle, no matter your team or initial weapon choice. It’s like magic!

DIY Buyscript

Ever made a playlist for a friend? Crafting a buyscript is a bit like that. Grab a text editor, like good old Notepad, and start typing your binds. Then, save it as autoexec.cfg right here: \steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg\. Easy as pie!

Here’s how the magic happens: bind “; ; …“. Think of it as assigning a nickname to each command – just get familiar with the keynames and their matching commands, which you can find in the game console.

What’s in a Keybind Name?

Now, naming your keybinds requires a bit of finesse and the right lingo. Think of it as naming your plants; you wouldn’t call a succulent ‘Rose’, would you?

For those of you with a US keyboard, here’s the rundown: Alphabet Keys from A-Z, Numeric Keys 0-9, Function Keys like F1-F2, and let’s not forget the Special Keys (you know, ESC, SHIFT, CTRL, and their friends). Then, we’ve got the Mouse Keys (MOUSE1 to MOUSEx, MWHEELUP, MWHEELDOWN), Arrow Keys, and a few Other Keys to keep things spicy.

For those rocking a German keyboard, heads up! Some keys go by different names, so pay attention to those subtle differences.

Unleash the Command Power

It’s time to take the reins and supercharge your game with commands! Whether you want smoother gameplay or just to feel in control, customizing your commands or adding them to your autoexec.cfg is like having a secret weapon. And remember, when crafting your buyscript, simplicity is key. With the “buy” command and the names of the weapons and gear, you’re set for success!

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Before you dive in, let’s talk gear. It’s like packing for a camping trip – you need the essentials! Here’s a quick checklist: Vesthelm (never leave home without it), Vest, Flashbang (for those dramatic entries), Smokegrenade, Hegrenade, either a Molotov or an Incgrenade (no need for both), and of course, the trusty Defuser.

Tuning Up Your Loadout

Alright, so you’ve got your essentials packed and ready, and now it’s time to fine-tune your loadout like you’re tweaking a killer playlist. You want to get those specific keys bound to make purchases smoother than your grandma’s pancake batter. Check this out:

Quick Example:

If you bind “F1” to “buy vesthelm; buy vest”, it’s like having a quick access button to your favorite snack. Need a flashbang in a flash? Bind “F2” to “buy flashbang”. And for those who fancy the awp-slot in the loadout (not the actual AWP), binding “F3” to “buy awp; buy vest” is your go-to shortcut.

Toggle Magic: Switching Between Parameters

Now, let’s sprinkle some magic into the commands with toggles. It’s like having a remote control where you press a button twice to switch between two channels – or in this case, parameters. Super handy for those fast, in-game adjustments!

How About Some Examples?

Imagine wanting to control the game volume with the grace of a DJ fading tracks. You could bind the “MOUSE3” key so a single press sets the volume to 1, and another press drops it to 0. Smooth, isn’t it?

Or perhaps you’re a toggle master who wants control over the game instructor? Easy peasy! Bind the “BACKSPACE” key. One tap turns off the instructor, and another tap brings it back, like a virtual hide and seek game.

And for those with keen eyesight preferences, you might want your crosshair size adjusted. Just bind the “v” key to toggle between a precise size of 1.4 and a whopping size of 1000. It’s like changing from reading glasses to telescopes with a single button!

With the power of toggles, you can zip through different parameters in a command, making your gameplay as smooth and adjustable as riding a bike with gears. Enjoy making those swift, on-the-fly adjustments!

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