How to Create Mods Using LC API and BepInExPack in Lethal Company

How to Create Mods Using LC API and BepInExPack in Lethal Company 1 -
How to Create Mods Using LC API and BepInExPack in Lethal Company 1 -

How to Create Mods Using LC API and BepInExPack in Lethal Company

This guide will tell you all the best mods in the game and how to install them.

Big Fun with BiggerLobby

Yo, gaming crew! Ready to ditch those tiny four-player games in Lethal Company? It’s time to amp things up with BiggerLobby! We’re talking about boosting your lobby to a massive 20-player party. Imagine, more friends, more chaos, and way more fun. It’s like taking your game from a cozy get-together to an all-out multiplayer festival!

Level Up with MikesTweaks

Want your Lethal Company experience to be smoother than a pro gamer’s moves? Enter MikesTweaks. This mod’s like the ultimate game enhancer – think bigger inventory, faster sprinting, keys just how you like ’em, and lighter gear. It’s like strapping a jetpack to your gameplay, taking you from newbie to ninja in no time.

Brutal Company: The Ultimate Challenge

If you’re itching for a real test of your Lethal Company skills, brace yourself for Brutal Company. This mod’s not for the faint-hearted. It cranks up the difficulty and throws in some wild new events to keep you on your toes. It’s like turning your game into an extreme sports version of itself – only the toughest will survive!

So, with these killer mods, you’re all set for a Lethal Company experience that’s anything but ordinary. Gear up for massive multiplayer fun, a slicker gaming experience, and challenges that’ll have you hooked. Dive in, mod up, and let the epic gaming begin!

Mod Squad: Getting Started with LC API and BepInEx

Ready to mod your Lethal Company game? You’ll need the dynamic duo: LC API and BepInEx. Here’s your quick-start guide:

Step 1: Grab the Goods
Hit up the LC API and BepinEX download pages. Look for that “Manual Download” button and snatch those files – they’re your golden tickets.

Step 2: Find Your Game’s Heart
Next, you gotta get to the heart of Lethal Company. Open Steam, find Lethal Company, and dive into its local files. It’s like finding the secret entrance to a hidden gaming cave.

Step 3: Unleash BepInEx
Now, unleash the power of BepInEx. Unzip, grab all the stuff from the BepInExPack, and drop it into Lethal Company’s core folder. It’s like equipping your game with a super-powered exoskeleton.

Step 4: Power Up with LC API
Finally, time to plug in the LC API. Extract, copy, paste – just like you did with BepInEx. This is where your game really starts to morph into something extraordinary.

Follow these steps and you’re all set! With LC API and BepInEx, your Lethal Company game transforms into a modding playground. Let the mod madness begin!

What’s Next for Modding in Lethal Company?

As we’re all diving headfirst into the awesome world of Lethal Company, there’s a big question mark around mods. Since the game’s still in its baby stages (yep, early access), there’s no official modding workshop yet. We’re all on the edge of our gaming chairs, waiting for the devs to drop some modding magic. Until then, it’s all about getting creative with what we’ve got. Stay tuned, fellow gamers!

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