How to Claim 4600 EA FC Points Ultimate Edition in EA SPORTS FC 24

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How to Claim 4600 EA FC Points Ultimate Edition in EA SPORTS FC 24

So, you’ve entered the vibrant and competitive world of EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition, where everyone’s busy crafting their Ultimate Teams. It’s like being handed a canvas with endless colors, and the masterpiece? Well, that’s for you to create!


How Did The Bonus Items Glitch Happen?

There was a tiny hiccup, a glitch in the matrix during the release. The elusive Team of the Week item and some other bonus items played hide and seek due to this glitch, not landing in the inventory of some expectant players.

How to Claim Your 4600 FIFA Points?

But fret not, fellow gamer. If you’ve got your hands on the EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition, there’s a glittery reward waiting for you – a whopping 4600 FIFA points! It’s sitting there, just waiting to be claimed and spent on dazzling new players for your team.

How to Bring Back Missing Points: Restart

A magic trick that often works wonders: turn off your game or console and then turn it back on. It’s like giving it a short nap, and sometimes, that’s all it takes to sort out those sneaky glitches making your points disappear.

Where to Seek Help? Contact EA Support

If the good old restart doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call in the cavalry. EA Support is your knight in shining armor here, ready to swoop in and help retrieve those missing points.

A Snag with EA Play Trial

Some gamers reported a peculiar situation. They started on the EA Play trial and, upon deciding to go all in with the Ultimate Edition, found their FIFA points playing hard to get.

Redeem you Ultimate Edition Points

Launch the game, and there it is – the golden “Redeem the Ultimate Edition” button twinkling next to the “Play” button. One click, and voilà! You’re in for a roller coaster of exclusive content and gaming fun that comes exclusively with the Ultimate Edition.

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