How to bypass Paradox Launcher in Cities: Skylines 2

How to bypass Paradox Launcher in Cities: Skylines 2 1 -
How to bypass Paradox Launcher in Cities: Skylines 2 1 -

How to bypass Paradox Launcher in Cities: Skylines 2

Hey there, fellow gamer! Are you tired of the unnecessary hassle with the Paradox Launcher every time you just want to dive into Cities: Skylines 2? Well, you’re not alone, and guess what? There’s a way around it! Stick with me, and I’ll guide you through the simplest methods to bypass this annoying little program. Ready? Let’s roll!

How Can I Get Rid of the Paradox Launcher?

First things first: let’s cut off the ‘middle-man’ causing the trouble. Yes, I’m talking about uninstalling the Paradox Launcher altogether. Just head on over to where all your applications are cozying up together—that’s right, Windows Apps – Uninstall, and show the launcher the door. And the best part? That’s all there is to it—no extra cleaning, no fuss!

Step 1

  • Show file extensions in Windows
  • Open Steam game directory, where Cities2.exe is located
  • Create a new file Cities2.bat (!NOT! .bat.txt or .txt)
  • Open this file with Editor
  • Insert
  • Cities2.exe %command%
  • Save and close this file

Step 2

  1. Open Steam
  2. Rightclick on Cities Skylines II
  3. Select Properties
  4. Insert into startup parameters
  5. Cities2.bat %command%
  6. Exit this windows and start the game


  • This guide works for almost all Paradox / Steam games.
  • Steam overlay might be disabled while using this.
  • To display onscreen fps i suggest using MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner or Hwinfo 7.64.
  • Steam achievements will work / confirmed.

Now, let’s talk about something a tad more serious. Did you know that by snooping around, the Paradox Launcher might be stepping over some boundaries? Like, your personal data protection rights, which, by the way, are a big deal in European law. This sneaky software didn’t even bother asking before settling in, scanning your computer, and jotting down various metrics. Not cool, right?

Is My Data Playing Hide and Seek?

And here’s where it gets murkier. Despite Paradox waving around promises not to sell your data, many of us are scratching our heads, wondering about their so-called transparency and credibility. Can we really take their word for it? What do you think?

So, there you have it, friends! With the launcher out of the way, it’s just you and your Cities: Skylines 2, with no unwelcome interruptions. Game on, and remember, keeping things simple can sometimes save you a heap of trouble!

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