How to Build Multiple Ships in Starfield

How to Build Multiple Ships in Starfield 1 -
How to Build Multiple Ships in Starfield 1 -

How to Build Multiple Ships in Starfield

So, imagine you’re soaring through the endless canvas of space, and you’re eyeing not just one, but a dazzling array of ships zipping around. The secret sauce? A nifty trick to collect these stellar rides without the fuss of selling them one by one at the Shipyard, but take note: this trick is purely for those high-flying space adventures, not for ships chilling on a planet’s surface.

How to Get Started: Pick a Busy Spot!

First things first, you’ve got to dive into a buzzing area swarming with enemy ships. You know, those spots in space that feel like a galactic freeway at rush hour.

How to Pick Your Prize: Disable Your Desired Ship

Here’s where the fun begins! Pick a ship that catches your eye and gently, well not so gently, knock out its engines. And if there are other ships around, first send them packing, then focus on snagging your jewel.

Time for Action: Board and Clear the Ship

With the ship disabled, it’s showtime! Swoop in, dock, and make the ship’s crew members… “retire” for the day. It’s all in a day’s work!

The Loot: Grab All Valuables

Now, channel your inner pirate and plunder! From cargo to the captain’s locker, leave no stone unturned.

Take the Wheel: Sit in the Pilot Seat

This is the moment. The pilot seat is calling, and it’s essential you answer that call.

Quick Moves: Undock and Redock

Leave your old ship behind (it won’t go anywhere, promise), make a swift 180, target it, and redock. It’s like a space dance move!

Securing the Ship: Register it as Home

Almost there! Access the menu, head to the “Ship” section, and crown your new ship as the “Home Ship”. It’s official now!

Back to Base: Return and Reclaim

Time to get back to your original ship, and once again, make it your “Home Ship” through the menu.

Heads up: You can only be the proud owner of up to 11 ships, so if you’ve got extras, sell a few before going on a new ship-collecting spree.

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