How to Build Districts in Cities Skylines 2

How to Build Districts in Cities Skylines 2 1 -
How to Build Districts in Cities Skylines 2 1 -

How to Build Districts in Cities Skylines 2

Ever wondered how to spice up your city management in Cities Skylines 2? The answer is Districts! It’s not just about slapping down buildings and roads anymore. With Districts, you tailor services and policies to fit the unique vibe of each part of your city. Let’s dive into how you can master creating Districts in Cities Skylines 2 and make your city more dynamic than ever.

How Do You Unlock the District Feature?

Patience is key! You’ll unlock the District feature at Milestone 4: Grand Village. Once you hit this milestone, get ready to break your city into Districts, optimizing each area to its full potential.

Steps to Create Your First District

Got access to Districts? Great! First, think about where in your city could benefit from a little extra love. Maybe it’s a bustling neighborhood or a busy city center. Find the District tool nestled between Zones and Signature Buildings, under the Areas tab. Imagine you’re a painter, and your city is the canvas – you’re free to create any District shape you like.

To start, grab the District tool and click on your map. Place nodes around the area you want to transform into a District, then loop back to the first node. Voilà, you’ve got yourself a District!

Assigning Services to Your Districts

Before you start carving out Districts like a Thanksgiving turkey, let your city grow a bit. Wait for those traffic jams and service delays to start popping up. Then, it’s District time! Assign specific services to each District, helping you cut down on response times and manage resources more efficiently. Think about it – wouldn’t it be cool to have self-sufficient boroughs in your city?

Where to Set District Policies

Created a District? Nice! Now, click on a service building and tie it to your new District. Want to go the extra mile? Check out the View Details option for your District and play around with policies. From slapping a Heavy Traffic Ban to cashing in with Parking Fees, the power is in your hands. Tailor each District to make your city not just functional, but fabulous!

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