Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 1 -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 1 -
Essential tips to get better at Hotline Miami 2 for new and old players alike


Game Play Intro



Chances are if you are reading this guide you are either looking to improve at Hotline Miami 2 or simply looking to brush up on your knowledge. This guide will cover the basics of Hotline Miami 2 while also going over some essential tips for improving at the game. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 




This section will cover movement and general tips for staying alive and making use of items on the fly. 
It is good to constantly be moving and to never stay in one place for very long as this will most likely get you killed. But you also don’t wanna be to fast as you will most likely make mistakes which will lead to you dying. 
Making quick decisions 
Having a plan is always good but sometimes you will need to quickly change things up. When clearing a floor you will have to make quick decisions such as what weapons to pick up and which to get rid of. When you enter a new room take a look around and look at the weapons in the room and what the enemies are using. 
Using the tools you are given 
When starting a new level you are normally given different options such as weapons and abilities that are exclusive to certain characters. Although some are better than others its important to make good use of all of these abilities because they may make things much easier for you. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 



What weapons should you use and how should you use them?

There are lots of weapons in Hotline Miami such as guns, melee, and even your own fist. This part of the guide will discuss on how you should use these weapons effectively and which ones you may wanna avoid for certain situations. 
Guns are a great way to rid large rooms of enemies but they also have their faults. When using guns they will more then likely jam on you and stop working so the best thing to do with guns is to just throw them at people and smash their face in. 
Melee is a great way to deal with enemies at close range but they also have their faults. Most melee are made out of butter and will break on impact leaving you completely defenseless. The best thing to do is to just throw them away and use your fist for the entire room. 
The crossbow has a .162% of dropping from a dog. Make sure you use it as much as possible, due to the fact it only has 15 shots but one shot is enough to bring down a full health Fat enemies. Because of this its clear that the crossbow is the only good weapon in the whole game. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 



Going for high scores

One important part of playing a level is going for a good score but how do you get these scores? At the end of a level you will be given a score from F to S depending on how you played through the level. This part of the guide will discuss how to maximize points and how to go about obtaining an S rank. 
Maximizing points 
When you complete a level a rank will be given to you depending on how many points you earned and how you preformed through the level. When trying to get the most points possible you want to try and aim for a mixture of all the points listed below 
What weapons you use and how you use them is a big factor on the score and rating you will be given at the end of the level. The game highly rewards using only one weapon for the entire level. Using one weapon will show that you have mastered that weapon so the game will reward you for being good with it. 
Points are also rewarded for speed at which you complete the level. When playing a level you want to take your time and look around to form a plan. You want to play very slowly and not go fast because that shows the game that you just spam through things instead of thinking and taking your time. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 



Characters and abilities

Each level has their own characters and weapons that are exclusive to them. this part of the guide will discuss each character and what weapons are best to use. 
The Fans 
Each fan has their own unique weapons and abilities 
Corey doesn’t come with any weapons but does come with a roll ability. Rolls cant kill people so this is useless 
Tony also doesn’t come with any weapons but he can kill people with his fist. The enemies have guns not fist so don’t use Tony 
Mark actually comes with weapons in the forms of 2 smgs. Along with these guns he has the ability to separate them and shoot in 2 separate directions. This ability is useless because taking the guns away goes less damage and you wanna do more not less 
Alex and Ash 
Alex and Ash are actually 2 characters in 1. Alex has a chainsaw while Ash carries a handgun which both suck. While it seems good to have best of both worlds you gotta go big or go home instead of mixing them. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Son 
Son comes with multiple weapons you can choose from before a level. 
This item allows you to start with a katana and to have the same roll ability as Corey. Like I said before rolling is the best ability in the game and can be used to crush enemies. As for the katana the other melee weapons are cooler so just don’t use this ability. 
Dirty Hands 
Dirty Hands are a pair of brass knuckles and grant the ability to give killing blows with your fist. Punching people is pretty lame and your better off using anything else. 
The bloodline item is a pair of dual smgs that can be used the same way as Marks. As said before the smgs can be separated to shoot in different directions which is useless and not needed so don’t use this item. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Cop 
The cop actually has no weapons but that’s ok because you can actually tank a lot of bullets due to his increase in skin thickness 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Writer 
Now guys i don’t know what the developers over at Askiisoft were thinking, because this character is just plain bad. When you punch the bad guys just get knocked over and don’t die. Game devs really need to work on making their game good and not crunching, there’s a reason this wasn’t at the emmys. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Henchman 
This guy is actually really cool because he has a gun and those do something i think i don’t really know i cant really remember. idk i never play hotline miami, looks pretty bad. it was made 199billion after all 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Soldier 
This is guy is just another victim of crunch hours, when i go to pick up a weapon it doesn’t work? wtf why is this, there’s definitely a reason this wasn’t at the grammys. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Actor 
Killed on set, another victim of cancel culture. Murdered in cold blood after giving his opinion about salt and vinegar chips on live TV. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
The Rat 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 

Enemy and level variants


Different types of Weapons and Enemies


The Tide Turner

The Tide Turner, similar to the Chargin’ Targe, permits the Demoman to play out a Charging move for 1.5 seconds (or 2.3 if furnished with the Claidheamh Mòr), with benefits including a transitory increase in speed, a safeguard slam, scuffle harm helps which scale by distance, and the prompt evacuation of afterburn, dying, Distraught Milk and Jarate. Heads accumulated by the Eyelander, Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Headtaker or Nessie’s Nine Iron will expand the harm of the safeguard slam by 5 harm each, at a limit of 5 heads. In contrast to different safeguards, the Tide Turner allows full turning control while charging, and any executes acquired with scuffle weapons will in a flash recharge 75% of the charge meter. Be that as it may, being harmed while charging lessens the leftover charge time at a balanced proportion; for instance, taking 42 harm will take away 42% from the excess charge meter. Being harmed at the exact second a charge is started will completely deplete the charge meter, paying little mind to how much harm was managed. The Tide Turner’s drawbacks incorporate its lower detached protection from both fire and unstable harm, 15% each for this situation (lower than both the Chargin’ Targe and the Mind blowing Screen). Also, the most extreme harm help acquired by accusing of a skirmish weapon is just a smaller than normal crit, contrasted with the basic hit acquired by charging practically the full distance with different safeguards. 

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The BNK3R is a large Hyperion craft, created to guard Angel. It is a fully-automatic attack deliver ready with six turrets and a laser. Handsome Jack refers back to the BNK-3R as though it have been a desk bound placement proper up till its encounter, wherein he exhibits that its absolutely an aircraft. 
It is viable in single-participant to motive any and all problems with Bnk3rs crash locations. This consists of BNK3R crashing sideways into the archway, being destroyed and beginning its crash animation series in mid-air, and being destroyed in mid-air leaving the frame to flow away. The simplest manner to motive that is to apply the Commandos Sabre Turret at a excessive level. If completed properly, BNK3Rs fitness will drop to close to 0 earlier than preventing in order that it might be capable of fly lower back to the archway. Finishing BNK3R off with any sort of harm whilst it’s miles circling round reasons it to begin its dying series in an peculiar orientation and location. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 

China Town

Zero interrupts their meeting, and the lady assaults Zero to present the dragon time to escape. Zero kills her in his Chronos vision, however in truth they conflict blades, the lady apparently canceling out Zeros prediction with one in all her own. Afterwards the lady escapes the use of a concussion grenade. Zero takes the possibility to retrieve the safety tapes from the Mutual-Nil Prison earlier than chasing after the dragon. 

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fights his manner thru a squad of law enforcement officials at the same time as chasing the Dragon, however is subsequently cornered and surrounded via way of means of the police. Before Zero has a danger to act, The Masked Men seem in the front of Zero and the police, slowing time to a move slowly and speaking to Zero. They provide Zero the selection to die and save you an unknown destiny from befalling the little girl, or to stay and maintain fighting. Zero chooses to stay, and the masked guys telepathically kill all the law enforcement officials. Zero escapes afterwards, aborting the assignment to tune the dragon. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 

How to Kel nuke

In order to preform the Kel nuke successfully you will need the FLEX and RUN N’ GUN skills. Both of these skills are learned very early on and should be obtained through normal game progression. The FLEX skill will increase Kel’s damage by 2.5 for his next turn while RUN N’ GUN will target one enemy but uses his speed instead of his attack power making that 2.5 higher. Upon finishing the TV girl quest you will receive access to her coffee machine which will give you coffee every so often which increases your speed. 
When you first enter combat you will want to use the coffee on Kel and then have another party member inflict an emotion on the enemy and Kel for advantage. Next you simply must FLEX. After using Flex you must then use RUN N’ GUN and you will proceed to do an insane amount of damage to the enemy. You are now able to do this for each turn while Kel is alive and the rest of your party is now able to attack the enemy. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 



Understanding Hotline Miami’s lore

Hotline Miami and its sequel have a very confusing set of events but I will try and explain them here. The story begins in 1985 during the Russo American war. We start with our first 2 main characters beard and Jacket. This war began about 30 years ago with an event known as the flash, which wiped out all women and children and all nature and plants. This is where we meet brad a 35 year old man who find the last girl on earth named BT-7274 who is a 20 foot tall veteran Vanguard-class titan. Bt is a Titian for the Diamond Dogs who are a private military group led by a man named Leon after his escape from Raccoon City. This is where he receives a message “Mankind is Dead. Blood is Fuel. Hell is Full.” V1 quickly left and soon stumbled upon a fog gate. Upon entering this fog gate he was greeted with a great beast known as Seath The Scaleless. This beast comes from the dark realm known Albuquerque New Mexico and was born in a chemistry lab by a high school chemistry teacher. After creating this beast the chemistry teacher created a meth empire but was destroyed by a giant robot known as an Evangelion be piloted by a certain crowbar wielding Freeman. This Freeman had a score to settle with the Chemist who unleashed an alien invasion where he worked prior. These aliens came from Planet Sheen and were known as Xenomorphs. Upon the destruction of the chemist and his meth empire, explosions began to happen all around the world destroying the Miami area and the rest of the United States. And that is why Spike Spiegel is still alive. 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 

Some Final Words of Advice

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. Remember, O Lord, The Children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem who said, “Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation.” in fact 
I AM IM ni meht tel ohw ++–=—]skintearslikepaper{—-=-=-=-=- whad o0o0oo0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0 🙂 the f o r g o t t e n weap for the return but what do they know josh? what did you tell them./////////////////////YO/U/////////// Just a couple days later they’ll be under the great bridge hookline n sinker MAX GET THE FU(CK OUT OF THERE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO yea that makes sense… listen closely you hear them dont you, their calls? its not know or whose to say, thou isnt an option. 01101001001000000110010001101111 
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks 
South Dakota Jackson County ITS 2AM AND I JUST REMEMBERED 
f our votes left. 
The King of Owls 
It is said that playing cards were invented in 1392 to cure the French king, Charles VI, of madness. The suits in some of the first card packs consisted of Doves, Peacocks, Ravens, and Owls. 
They say I am excitable! How could 
I not scream? The Swiss monk’s tonsure 
spun till it blurred yet his eyes were still. 
I snapped my gaiter, hard, to stuff back 
my mirth. Lords, he then began to speak. 
Indus catarum, he said, presenting the game of cards 
in which the state of the world is excellent described 
and figured. He decked his mouth 
as they do, a solemn stitch, and left cards 
in my hands. I cast them down. 
What need have I for amusement? 
My brain’s a park. Yet your company 
plucked them from the ground and began to play. 
Lords, I wither. The monk spoke right, 
the mealy wretch. The sorry patterns show 
the deceiving constructions of your minds. 
I have made the Deuce of Ravens my sword 
falling through your pillows and rising, 
the wing blades still running 
with the jugular blood. Your bodies lurch 
through the steps of an unpleasant dance. 
No lutes play. I have silenced the lutes! 
I keep watch in the clipped, convulsed garden. 
I must have silence, to hear the messenger’s footfall 
in my brain. For I am the King of Owls. 
Where I float no shadow falls. 
I have hungers, such terrible hungers, you cannot know. 
Lords, I sharpen my talons on your bones. 


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Essential Hotline Miami 2 Tips and Tricks - Conclusion 
and that is the exact moment that Walt became Heisenberg… 

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