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[[VERY OUTDATED]] A tier list for Legends and Cast members so you know who is meta defining and who is not.


Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Basics - CED070E
Hey there, so here’s the basics of the game for those who don’t know.
The game is 3v1, one person plays the Legend and 3 play as Cast Members. The Legend is a powerful monstrous creature that hunts the Cast, and the Cast is a band of humans trying to escape the Legend’s wrath.
A few base mechanics include:

  • Weapons: Cast members can pick up weapons found throughout the map. Melee weapons typically has a quick swing on M1 or they can do a charged attacked by holding M2 and releasing. Guns, the game’s ranged weapons, fire on M1 and zoom on M2. Simple enough.
  • Stamina & Exhaustion: All characters, Cast and Legends alike, have stamina. Stamina is consumed when running or jumping. When you stop running or jumping, stamina will recover rapidly. However, if you completely deplete your stamina bar you enter the exhausted state. Once exhausted, stamina will not regenerate for ~10 seconds, effectively negating your ability to run or jump during that time.
  • Stamina Damage: Some weapons are capable of dealing stamina damage. These particular weapons/attacks will deplete the enemy’s stamina once the enemy is hit. Enemies can become exhausted if their stamina bar is fully depleted with a stamina damaging weapon, so manage your stamina carefully on both sides or it could easily be the death of you.
  • Candy: Candy is an item exclusive to the Cast. Cast members choose a candy to start with, but additional candy can be found throughout the map. Candy will instantly recover Cast members out of the exhausted state. However, different candies give different amounts of stamina (and health) back. Most candies don’t give much stamina back, so after a using a candy you’ll still need to wait for the rest of your stamina to regenerate and need to avoid becoming exhausted again by any additional stamina damaging attacks while you do so.
  • Marking: Certain attacks will mark enemies. Marked enemies will be outlined and this outline is visible anywhere on the map and through terrain. You can tell you’re marked when three yellow exclamation points appear above your health, so don’t try hiding until they go away!
  • Headshots: Same as most games, hits to the head deal bonus damage. This applies to guns and melee weapons.
  • Ammo Boxes: Resupplies you some ammo. They also respawn so try to memorize their spawn locations.
  • Walkie Talkie: You can find a walkie talkie in the map that can be used to call the police. Once called, police will arrive on the map and protect the Cast. They will shoot the Legend, dealing damage and marking them.
  • Harbinger: An old doomsayer who roams around talking about nonsense. He occasionally gives the Cast beer and candy. He’s a chill dude, and sometimes stabs the Legend with a pitchfork if they get too close.

Cast members’ objective is to find and activate a glyph which will summon an escape portal after 8 minutes. The Legend’s objective is to kill all the Cast members. Simple and fun. Alright, now into the tier list!

Legend Tier List

Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - CD4CD0B
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - 4FBD31B Killer Keith: Keith is the total package. He never has to worry about running out of stamina, he’s practically unkillable, he has great zoning with his gas, stealthy, has a ranged weapon and a melee weapon, and on top of that his attacks have huge burst damage potential on headshots, slow, reveal, and drain stamina. If not for Keith’s slow movespeed, he would be so insanely overloaded. Seriously Keith has everything you’ll ever need and is the perfect embodiment of the “slow and steady wins the race” playstyle. The only real downside is that your slow movespeed means you won’t be freezing the escape timer much, but he has more than enough to make up for it.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - A24D41F
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - B7A57B1 Psycho Phil: Phil, similarly to Killer Keith, has a lot of tools. A great melee weapon despite needing to be reloaded, a really easy to use and effective ranged weapon, and just like Keith he’s very hard to kill. The crossbow weakens your prey just enough to rush them down with the chainsaw and finish them off. The only place he really falls short is his mobility and tracking. He’s fairly slow on his feet and his stamina pool is limited so keeping pace with Cast is sometimes difficult. Additionally, his tracking is very unreliable. The Corey dolls only give a very loose estimate as to the Cast’s location and a Cast in a good hiding spot will be very difficult to find even with the dolls trying to point you in the right direction. Overall though, once Phil finds Cast unless they have the tools to make an escape they likely won’t survive a fight with him.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - 53777D7 Undead Punkie: Projectile stamina damage, can oneshot squishy cast members with a charged scythe headshot, is very loud but can still get away with stealth plays by crouch walking and he’s hard to kill thanks to having a secondary objective the Cast needs to complete before they can kill him. He’s very all around and pretty solid, and even has great vertical mobility which very few Legends have. He makes sure every mechanic the game has to offer can and will be used by both Cast and himself to try and win, and he’s very easy to play. If you want to practice your skill with core game mechanics and not worry so much about the exact Legend you’re playing, I think Undead Punkie is the perfect place to start.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - F59C2D4
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - 4DA75EB Werewolf: Werewolf is this game’s glass cannon. He is insanely strong but can go from unstoppable beast to sad puppy in only a few seconds. Basically, his insane mobility and lifesteal make it so hunting down isolated Cast is fairly easy. The problem falls primarily on grouped up Cast or Cast who have had the time to loot the map. Werewolf’s low health makes engaging grouped or well armed Cast members dangerous. While it’s fine to take a knockout as Werewolf against these groups, you can never guarantee when they have the silver sword so it’s best to avoid the knockout at all costs which can be difficult with only 125 max health. Werewolf can be effective, but his unique movement abilities, the importance of landing his attacks for your lifesteal, and the gamesense needed to know when an engagement on Cast is worth taking makes him a very difficult character. So, because he can easily mop the floor with Cast or the Cast can wipe the floor with him, he goes in B tier with the rest of the inconsistent Legends.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - 433A5A6 William Punkie: This character is pretty rough. When the Cast are alone, you can easily rush them down, drain their stamina, then smack them down with your Scythe. However, when Cast are grouped up, which they almost ALWAYS will be once they know you’re playing Human Punkie, you really need to change your game plan. Basically, use Regen to get a ton of stamina regen and RUSH down whichever Cast has a gun. Ranged weapons against Human Punkie are terrifying. Melee attackers aren’t a threat as a well timed Scythe in retaliation to them can knock them out of range and prevent them from hitting you, but guns are a lot of burst damage from a safe distance that Human Punkie just can’t afford to take. So yeah, try to bob and weave between shots and smack those gunners down! The sad truth, however, is sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. If the Cast ever find a shotgun, or more than one Revolver/Pistol, it’s pretty GG for Human Punkie. The best you can do is try to force them to whiff their shots and go for charged Scythe shots to try and knock them out of the game quickly. As such, Human Punkie goes to “B, not because they’re bad, but because they’re inconsistent” tier.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - B95E74D Gourds: Gourd’s claw damage is pretty strong and there’s no denying that a massive hoard of gourds is hard to cut through without a hefty beating. Avoid picking closed maps that make the AI struggle and take too long to get through like Dream Realm and you’ll probably be fine. Gourd’s AI are really the major determiner of whether or not they’re good though. Sometimes the AI are too spread out and attack Cast one by one and just die, other times they’re in a massive pack and shred down Cast. It’s pretty time consuming and hard to coordinate gourds, but I’d say Gourd Horde is at least a viable Legend and very good for beginners who don’t want to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the game and just want to smack Cast around with their little army.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - 937263E
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Legend Tier List - CABB42B Corey Sisley:
No. You have crazy low health, don’t deal much damage, your knife attacks knock Cast away from you and make it harder to chain hits on them, higher speed Cast can just outrun you, and despite having one of the harder ranged attacks to land the throwing knife only deals 15 damage a hit. Corey is the snowballing character, and once you get the ball rolling she can really destroy Cast. The problem is that it takes waaaaay too MUCH effort to get the ball rolling. It’s really a shame because Corey is one of the more unique and interesting Legends with her AI dolls that smack cast, the ability to disguise herself as a decoy, and being able to turn dead Cast into more Corey dolls, but sadly her raw numbers are just too bad.

Cast Tier List

Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - CD4CD0B
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 2418ED9 Sheriff Russell: Russell’s starting guns are by far the most valuable starting items in the game. Although his mobility is nothing to write home about, his firepower is more than enough to scare a lot of Legends into a retreat. If you want killing the legend to be a probable option, Sheriff’s guaranteed starting gun can be a great tool for accomplishing that. His aforementioned low mobility can be a huge hindrance especially against Legends with slows and stamina damage, but stay near your team and try to keep stamina candies on hand in case you need to get out in a pinch. Another convenient part of Sheriff is that he has 5/5 health, which means if the Legend is a horde Legend like Gourd Horde or Corey, he has a large health pool to lean back on, so he’s pretty universally great. So with such strong advantages, and moderately easy to cover weaknesses, Sheriff is an S tier. Though be warned that if your aim is poor, Sheriff might be a rough pick since landing your shots is crucial to getting Legends to back away from you.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - A24D41F
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - E83A1D3 Nick Scab: Nick’s fantastic health and stats in general is the primary reason he’s placed so high on the tier list. Nick’s ability to take Punkie Cups into the match and tank a ton of damage is really his primary role, he’s a tanky damage sponge who protects others. He’s a great support/tank character and his starting items, the baseball bat or machete, are also both great. Baseball bat lets him further support allies by exhausting the Legend and knocking them away, and the machete is great for piling on the damage while your allies use any firearms they have to melt through the non-tanky Legends like butter. The only thing Nick really lacks is early game ranged damage, which can be really unfortunate against Legends that are lethal in melee range like Killer Keith and Phil.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 9F42FD3 Rick Mannings: Rick’s versatile options of starting items makes him potentially adaptable to a lot of situations. Sadly, as there’s no way of knowing the Legend before the game starts, he can’t really take full advantage of this large array of items. Regardless, all of the starting items are valuable and Rick himself has the stamina to endure extremely long chases. He’s a great filler pick and although he doesn’t necessarily add any unique strengths to the team, he also doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses for the Legend to exploit making him a great all-around pick.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - B86AD97 Security Shawn: Shawn is a super basic Cast member. He’s got really basic stats, no unique abilities like Ryan’s sense or Stevie’s extra inventory slot, and only one option of a loadout item. Despite all this, he’s still an alright pick due to having no exploitable weaknesses in the same vain as Rick. The stun gun is also a really great early game weapon. Stun gun helps keep the Legend at bay and stops them in their tracks, which gives a lot of weaker Cast who don’t start with weapons a chance to escape. He’s great early game utility to have, and slots very easily into any teamcomp because of his average stat spread.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 006F5D8 Angela Crass: With the switchblade’s current state of being unusable trash, Angela will usually be running stun gun instead. However, this just turns Angela into a riskier alternate pick to Shawn as her health and stamina are lower than Shawn’s. Unlike Shawn though, she can start with some candy. Candy doesn’t do much to offset the stat difference though as candy is a finite resource that Angela will run out of. On top of this, Angela’s primary strength and appeal is meant to be her quick and sneaky play style with her maxed out speed and stealth, but in a 1v3 sneaking off and leaving your teammates to a potential 1v2 against the Legend just isn’t worth it most of the time. As such, this stealth can best be utilized when Angela is the final girl, as a single Cast escape is still technically a Cast victory. Basically, Angela is a more individualized and unique version of Shawn and as such she’s just as good.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - F59C2D4
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - BE8C142 Kimmy Green: Cast who don’t start with weapons are left at a pretty big disadvantage. It’s not uncommon for an encounter with the Legend to happen before the Cast have a chance to gear up, so Kimmy being one of those many weaponless Cast at the start of the game makes her pretty vulnerable early game. Unlike most unarmed Cast, however, Kimmy does technically have a starting weapon. Her beakers are great offensive and defensive utility tools, and can provide a lot to the team. However, the beakers are incredibly hard to land so you can’t always rely on them. Kimmy’s freak out passive also makes it very difficult for her to sneak around, makes being the last Cast an almost certain death sentence, and makes her reveal her groups location to the Legend more than you’d expect. On top of that, her lower health makes her pretty squishy in the event that she finds herself dueling it out with the Legend. Kimmy can be a very useful asset, but it comes with a hefty price some might not find worth it to take.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 73A0838 Stevie Lint: Stevie is very strong as a support, but is heavily dependent on his team. Beer’s potent stamina poison makes it best for healing allies when the Legend is out of sight and the Cast are safe, but Stevie himself has no way of helping allies escape the Legend to safety nor does he have the means to tell which allies are in need of a beer without asking them. Stevie requires a lot of communication to make effective, and even when you communicate he leaves a lot to be desired. Against horde Legends like Corey and Gourd Horde though, he’s strong as in those scenarios you’ll mostly be fighting and almost never need to run so stamina poison is a small obstacle that becomes easy to overcome. Additionally, the extra inventory slot is nice but you won’t get any use out of it if you can’t survive the first encounter with the Legend. All in all, Stevie is very situational and that lands him in B tier.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 937263E
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Cast Tier List - 1D8E1C8 Ryan Steel: Ryan has some of the worst drawbacks in the game for a very mediocre ability. Not starting with a weapon but also only being able to hold 2 items at a time is absolutely crippling. Ryan needs other Cast to defend her if and when the Cast are discovered early on, and once you get to mid game when the Cast are getting all their loot she has to make hard decisions and manage her space. Will you take a gun? What happens when it runs out of ammo? Will you take a gun and melee weapon for when you run out of ammo, but sacrifice healing and stamina regeneration items to take them both? Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be missing out on potentially life saving items. Simultaneously, her sense is very disappointing. It’ll basically tell you the Legend that you’re already looking at might be near you. It’s usefulness is very niche, and other Cast survive just fine without it.

Candy Tier List

Candy is a pretty important part of the Casts game play. It’s basically their support item and Cast members have a small variety of candies to choose from that will assist them in their attempts at survival. Out of the candies you can start with, however, these two are the ones you need to know about.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Candy Tier List - 7569A0EPunkie Peanute Butter Cups:
Insanely potent healing makes this candy the only rival to Gummies. This candy will give you all the healing of a Beer but without the nasty stamina poison. Very useful for running away from Legends who will poke you down with ranged attacks while you’re trying to make your escape.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Candy Tier List - ADEA792Debby Hill’s Creepy Gummies Candy:
Would you like a get of jail free card? How about 4? This candy is so broken, its stamina regen is so potent you actually gain a very small amount of stamina over time while running after only eating 1, and you get 4 of them. If you eat 2 at a time you actually gain stamina while running as if you’re standing still, it’s crazy. Take these if you plan on running a marathon.
Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Candy Tier List - 00717FAHorror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Candy Tier List - 073A809Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info - Candy Tier List - F851802
← These are useless. Don’t take these. Only gives 15 health and the stamina regen is not noticeable.


So there it is!
I plan on keeping this guide as up to date as I can with updates, and look forward to seeing how the meta (and game) changes in the future! That’s all for now, ciao!

Written by Scoobie

Hope you enjoy the post for Horror Legends Cast & Legend Tier List Info, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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