Helltaker EX Boss – 3rd Phase Help

Helltaker EX Boss – 3rd Phase Help 1 - steamsplay.com
Helltaker EX Boss – 3rd Phase Help 1 - steamsplay.com
Fresh from beating the boss, here’s my tips how I did it.



When I say a row number, i’ll be counting from the bottom. E.g. row 1 is the bottom, row 2 is the one above that etc. 


There’s two ways you can start this phase, depending how good you are at jumping through the spikes. 
A (easy): go full right row 2. A long wave of spikes goes past, move left, wait for a half set of spikes on the left, finish moving to left edge. 
B: (skill): go full left and step over the spikes with the right timing (ending in row 2 as above) 
Missiles rain down now. One will hit above you (row 3 and 4), then you want to step up on to row 3. Another will land where you were just now (row 1 and 2) and this is where you need to keep moving: 
Step down to row 2 (dodging the third wave of missiles) and immediately start stepping to the centre line. Once there, step up to row 3, up to row 4, down to row 3. The lasers look a mess, but trust the pattern and keep to the laser timing for the last two steps. 


This phase has two overlapping attacks to be aware of: 
Missile rain: A wave of missiles, starting from the left, that go to the right and back again. These must be stepped through horizontally. The key to timing is to wait for a target square to appear beside you, then double step left/right once that missile lands. This will leave you on the other side of the next missile square. 
Laser wave: Nothing new here, the lasers just fire sequentially top to bottom and back again until the missile rain finishes. You should only need to step up/down once per wave to evade them (I’m sure you know the timing by now) 
“I can’t dodge both, it’s too much!” 
How I did it: start in row 2, on the left, 3 columns in (so outside the patterned edge part). I choose this because it lets you dodge the start of the missile rain first. As soon as that first missile lands, you can double step left and focus on the lasers. Time stepping through them, staying in row 2/3 for ease. Now you just need to get ready for that double right step once the missile wave returns. (I found returning to the previous position helpful. As you dodge the laser waves, just creep back). Dodge any last lasers. 

Firing (ma lazor)

Just like previous phases, get to the far left/right to avoid the megalaser. 
The difference here though is the machinery kinda overloads to fire some additional lasers across the rows. It’s harder to see the indicators because of the megalaser, but it’s not an intense pattern to dodge. 
Simply stand in row 3, and evade up/down if a laser comes in your space (return to 3 after for ease). Row 2, then row 4 is how it starts, so you can appreciate the visibility of the indicator. 


Your foot has never failed you yet. Let the boss know how you feel about having to use a guide for it’s third phase. 
Glorious success! 


If people like the guide, I might add some screenshots later. I’ll also review it tomorrow in case I forgot anything. Hope this helped you understand the third phase, it took me a bit of trial and error for sure. 

Written by DrDeath8520

Here we come to an end for Helltaker EX Boss – 3rd Phase Help hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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