Halo Infinite Basic Weapon Details+ Power Weapons & Vehicles

Halo Infinite Basic Weapon Details+ Power Weapons & Vehicles 1 - steamsplay.com
Halo Infinite Basic Weapon Details+ Power Weapons & Vehicles 1 - steamsplay.com

Welcome to the Guide.
So. You came to the guide to find out about some tips, or maybe your teammates are yelling at you for not knowing how to play the game and maybe you were being toxic with no idea on how some stuff works.
Well, this guide will help you improve and maybe learn a few things along the way. Remember if you enjoyed it don’t forget to like and favorite this. Really helps out alot
Please note that this isn’t the final version and i will not be able to see everyone’s comments

Before We Start…..

Alright so you’re gonna need a few things
• General knowledge on Halo or any other First Person Shooter games
• Halo:Infinite
• The will to learn
Vehicles and some other stuff will not be placed in for the time being as there isn’t much data
Without further ado, let’s begin!


Before we go through the gamemodes currently in Halo:Infinite, I should go through the basics and some advanced weapons and a little details on them.
List of the weapons goes as follow:
MA40 Assault Rifle
MK50 Sidekick
BR75 Battle Rifle
VK78 Commando
CQS48 Bulldog
MLRS-2 Hydra
Pulse Carbine
Shock Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Sentinel Beam
Stalker Rifle

MA40 Assault Rifle
MK50 Sidekick
BR75 Battle Rifle
VK78 Commando
CQS48 Bulldog
MLRS-2 Hydra
Pulse Carbine
Shock Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Sentinel Beam
Stalker Rifle



MA40 Assault Rifle
The Iconic Assault Rifle. You will spawn in with this weapon in every game except for Ranked. This weapon is great for Mid range. I wouldn’t recommend this for long range as it barely hits anything from that range. You can use this to break the shields or kill the already weaken Spartan, overall not a bad weapon. You can find ammo from other players
Nicknames: Assault Rifle, AR
MK50 Sidekick
You will have this weapon along with the Assault Rifle in almost every game except Ranked. Great for Far and Mid range. You could use it for close range but there are other weapons well suited for that. It isn’t a bad weapon but you have to make every shot count, aim for their heads and it shouldn’t be a problem.
Nicknames: Magnum, Pistol, Sidekick
BR75 Battle Rifle
This bad boy was introduced since Halo 2. This is a burst rifle and plays like the MK50 Sidekick as for now it suits all ranges. There is also a scope but you probably won’t use it a ton in this game. You will spawn in with this in Ranked, if not you can just find it from weapon spawners. Great weapon for beginners and pros alike.
Nicknames: Battle Rifle, BR
VK78 Commando
The new rifle from Infinite. This is probably one of the easiest weapons for newbies. It feels like the BR75 Battle Rifle but automatic. It’s amazing at far and mid range. Though it’s not fast enough for close range but if the enemy is weak you could kill them with this. Not bad for a new weapon. You can find this from weapon spawners.
( This weapon has been nerfed, i will change it once i gather enough data)
Nicknames: Commando
CQS48 Bulldog
The new shotgun from Infinite. The shotgun that replaced the original shotguns. It is obviously a close range weapon. Interesting enough you can actually kill someone in two shots with the first shot breaking the shields and the second killing them. I would use this weapon carefully as people could punch you when you try getting close to them. You can find this from weapon spawners
Nicknames: Shotgun, Bulldog
MLRS-2 Hydra
This interesting weapon works very differently from any other weapons. It fires a missile that explodes upon impact. It also fires by holding you left click button. When you click your right click button, you can track a single target but you must wait for a couple seconds before it locks on. Once it locks on, if you fire with your cross hair off the target it will track your target. You can find this from weapon spawners.
Nicknames: GL, Grenade launcher, Hydra


Pulse Carbine
The alien version of the BR75 Battle Rifle. Just like the BR75 Battle Rifle, it fires burst rounds of plasma. It takes 2 burst fires to kill someone on a headshot and 3 shots to kill on body shot with the first two to break the shields. Highly recommend for quick kills. it covers Long and mid range. You can find this from weapon spawners
Nicknames: Pulse RIfle, Carbine
Shock Rifle
It’s the disabler of vehicles, The shock Rifle! It’s a pretty fun weapon to use. It works like the S7 sniper but does lesser damage.
When you use it against vehicles, you basically disable it like an EMP. The enemy won’t be able drive for awhile. Not only that, for dropped weapons and upgrades you can shock it. Something even better is for group type situations, It shocks other players near the target however, it does not do shock damage like the Disruptor.
Damage wise, it is like the S7 sniper. It kills on headshot but bodyshot requires 3 shots. I It’s a far range weapon and is found through weapon spawners
Nicknames: Shocker
The Mangler is basically a handcannon. Some people may be confuse it with a shotgun but it just 100% a handcannon. Far and Mid range are advised but you can use it on however you like. It can kill someone with a headshot and it seems like a pretty cool weapon. You can find it in the weapon spawner
Sidenote: There is a bullet drop on this weapon so try aiming higher for longer range targets
Nicknames: N/A
Plasma Pistol
The bad boy straight from Combat Evolved. This plasma pistol no longer EMP vehicles so don’t bother trying that anymore. It does a little amount of damage but you can break a spartan shield if you overcharge it by holding your left click button. Usually you would want to be close to the enemy if you are going to release your overcharged plasma and then smack that Spartan right across the face. It is one of the mediocre sidearms. You can find this weapon from weapon spawners
Nicknames: Energy pistol
A sidearm. It does little damage but fires at high speed. Not only that but it stacks damage as well which means it does damage over time so you could basically run out of ammo but the shots that hit the enemy will still affect the enemy, slowly damaging them. Of course, it requires a significant amount of shots to kill them with this shock damage effect. Another thing some people may not know is that like the VK78 Commando and MA40 Assault Rifle, you can hold down your left click button to fire instead of having to click it over and over again. You can find this from Weapon spawners.
Nicknames: N/A
This shotgun is very unique. Firstly, It is able to fire both vertically and horizontally with the click of your right mouse button. It can also bounce of walls, essentially ricocheting off surfaces. This weapon requires good game sense and mapping. Surprisingly, it can hit up to really far ranges. It also kills enemy Spartans easily in close range. A really good weapon for any range really. You can get it from weapon spawners
Nickname: Scattershot
Sentinel Beam
There isn’t much for this weapon other than it being a laser beam. Damage is pretty high if you are consistent with your aim. It is great as a weapon on its own, being able to take down anyone. Ammo depletes fast, so make sure you don’t use it recklessly. You can find this from a weapon spawner.
Nicknames: Laser Beam, Laser
The Infamous cousin of the weapon that killed a noble team member, The Needler. It is a great weapon for close range, it also has auto targeting bullets but only at a certain range and time. The closer you are to the enemy, the more the shots will hit. Of course you have to aim at the enemy like a normal gun. It also fires pretty fast so overall its pretty good. You can find this from a weapon spawner.
Nicknames: N/A
Stalker Rifle
It’s basically the same as a S7 Sniper Rifle but weaker. It doesn’t break the shield with a body shot but it does a ton of damage. It also has a faster fire rate than the S7 Sniper Rifle. I suggest using the Stalker Rifle for the first shot or two then using grenades or another rifle as you need to vent the weapon after awhile. You can find them from weapon spawners
Nicknames: Plasma Rifle, Stalker
It shoots out red plasma and does a considerable amount of damage. Another thing many people don’t know about is that if you hold your left click button, it overcharges like the plasma pistol. It shoots out a pool of plasma, working like a molotov. It does AOE damage but very little though if someone stands in there for a long amount of time they will eventually fall.
Nicknames: N/A

Power Weapon And Vehicles

So, power weapons and vehicles. They are basically an upperhand in battle. They aren’t a must have but oh boy are they really fun to use and overpowered if you have your hands on them.
S7 Sniper Rifle
M12 Warthog
M290 Mongoose
M808 Scorpion
AV-49 Wasp
M15 Razorback
M290-M Gungoose
M12R Rockethog
Brute Chopper


Alright here comes the bad boys.
Power Weapons
It’s the generic rocket launcher. You can hold up to the maximum of 4 rockets. 2 loaded in and another 2 in your pockets. It’s a one shot for normal Spartans so you can probably see why everyone would want this. You can also tear down vehicles with this so that’s no big surprise. I highly recommend using this on a group of Spartans than one as ammunition is very low. Unless you are weak on shields and health or can’t find any groups then yeah. Great weapon but careful on who you use it on. You can find this from power weapon spawners
Nicknames: Rocket
S7 Sniper
It’s just a sniper rifle. Not much can be said about this. It kills someone on a headshot and breaks the shields on a bodyshot. like the M41 SPNKR it holds little ammunition. Only able to hold 8 bullets. 4 loaded in and another 4 in your pockets. I advice using this with care as many new players would recklessly shoot this weapon and run out of ammo. So just make every shot count. You can find this from a power weapon spawner.
Nicknames: Sniper Rifle, S7
M12 Warthog
The poster boy of all vehicles in halo. The M12 Warthog is basically a jeep. It can hold 3 people including the driver. There isn’t much for the gunners to be said other than shoot the enemies. But as for the driver here are some movement mechanics you may not know. If you hold shift while driving, you can do a power slide. Basically drifting or something like that. I would use this for a immediate stop or shifting to another side. And another trick you could do is honk by left clicking you mouse. I seen many players try to get other players attention by ramming into them, people would just get annoyed by you. You can find this from vehicle spawners.
Nicknames: Warthog, Hog, Jeep
M290 Mongoose
The younger brother of the M12 Warthog. It holds up to two people, one driver and a gunner. It acts the same as the Warthog with almost the same movement mechanic. It is faster ,however it is weaker and can be destroyed easily. Not much here other than to know that you are vulnerable in this but speedy as well. You can get this from vehicle spawners.
Nicknames: Buggy, Mongoose
M808 Scorpion
The biggest vehicle of the UNSC, the tank known as M808 Scorpion. Like a tank, it is heavily armored and packs a punch. It holds up to two people with a gunner and a driver. the gunner operates a turret while the driver is able to drive the M808 Scorpion and man the weaponry of the tank. I would use this for crowd control but keep in mind that you are big and big means easily spotted. The enemy will use heavy weaponry like the M41 SPNKR or Skewer. You can find this from Big team battle Pelican Drops.
Nicknames: Tank, Scorpion



Capture The Flag [CTF]

Ah yes Capture The Flag, a nightmare on ranked games if you are playing with randoms. Multiple times you or your team will mess up. But here are some tips to help you out.
I’ve seen many teams that try to get the flag but without any help. Sure you could try and pick the flag up and drop it every second but it is faster if all of the teammates group together. Now you could be worried that the other team would take the flag. That is fine, as long as you have their flag they can’t capture yours. Remember two heads are better than one. Guess what 4 heads could do. Which leads to my next point.
Once you reached your base or any other safe place. You may encounter a problem, your flag has been stolen. But fear not, it isn’t all bad.Drop the flag and make sure you are in the radius of the flag. This will show that the flag is contested and not returning. This will allow you to equip your weapon while holding the flag. Wait for your team to kill the enemy player with the flag and then capture your point.
A little hidden secret that most players do not know is that in Big team battle, you can actually put the enemy flag at the back of the M15 Razorback. This allows you to travel faster back to base and you give your teammate an extra hand as a gunner. When you arrive back to base, make sure to have an empty hand to pick the flag back up.


One of if not the easiest games to learn and play. Although, many randoms and yourself may leave out key details to winning the match.
Before we begin, please keep this in mind.
Capturing 1 zone does not give you any points, you need at least 2 zones. Many people leave out this detail or just do not know it at all and begin getting kills. So remember to keep this in mind.
Many people would want kills and kills only. But this is a Stronghold game, with means you need to get the zones. Kill those you need, ensuring that the zones are in your control is top priority. With the zones down, you can finally get the kills. No one likes a kill only person in a non-slayer game.
Grouping up with your teammates is fantastic for Stronghold as the more players capturing a zone will help you out a ton. By capturing the zone with your team, it increases the speed. And of course once you’re done, get the other zones.


ODDBALL! without a doubt, one of the best and enjoyable gamemode. Like CTF and Stronghold, you obviously need to have teamwork to win.
When the balls spawns, head towards it immediately. You want to grab the balls first, that is the point of the game. The longer you hold onto the ball, the more the points you get. But of course don’t rush in like a newbie. Toss some grenades at the ball first. You will damage the enemy as every one is going to run towards it. Have your team with you or be near your team, make sure they or you back them up. Once you think its clear or good enough to grab it, return to your team immediately, they are your protectors they don’t want you dying. Same goes for you.
Some armor upgrades that can help you out in this gamemode are:
Dropshield: Drop shield is probably the best one you will ever have. I have yet to find any other upgrades that work so well as dropshield. It is so simple to use it as well just head to a corner and make sure the dropshield covers the player with the ball. It deflects all coming fire even grenades. Though you might want to replace it every so often as it breaks after a few hits.
Thrusters: Thrusters are more of a solo kind of upgrade. It is really good for passing and stealing the ball. You could be the first to get the ball by stealing it. But please don’t use it in front of the enemy, that’s just dumb. Use it at the side when you see an opening. It’s really fast too so it will be hard to get shot at. The other way is by passing the ball. By grabbing the ball in front of the enemy you could use your thrusters back at your team and the ball will automatically drop from your hands.
Many newbies will learn this quickly so this isn’t very useful but while holding the ball you can actually punch enemy players. It’s the standard 2 tap with the first hit breaking the shields and the second kill them. Remember to check your radar as it is very helpful for these sort of situation.
Use this trick only when your team is no available.
Avoid enemies unless you have to punch, your goal is to secure the ball not the kills.
Don’t run straight forward. Wait for them to come to you, find a spot to hide in.

Additional Info

I will not be going through Slayer as it is a shoot and kill gamemode. However, I will go through other details of the gameplay to pay attention to.
I mentioned this multiple times but Halo is all about teamwork. Without this, your team will hate you and you will hate them too. Remember to stick to at least one teammate do not go solo unless you have to. Like i said before 2 heads are better than one.
DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ignore the grenades. I seen many newbies forget about grenades and they rush the enemy or they get rushed and fail. Grenades are a must have in Halo and there’s a whole meme about it even in other games. I will go through the grenades available in Halo: Infinite.
What to do: Toss grenades at corners or where you think enemies will go through. It’s all about prediction and timing. You can also toss it directly at the enemy base during CTF or at the zones in Stronghold.
M9 Frag Grenade: The generic grenade, you will spawn in with 2 of these. Use wisely. Of course, you will be able to pick up more grenades during the matches through bodies or weapon spawners. They take awhile to explode so you want to throw it further at where the enemy is moving. Each grenade does the same damage as a melee. One to break the shield and the other to kill the Spartan.
Plasma Grenade: The good ol alien sticky grenade. This grenade is basically a sticky. You can use it like a Frag but it has lesser throwing range. It also kills the spartan regardless if they have a shield if it lands on the enemy. If not, it does the same damage as any other grenades.
Brute Spike Grenade: They brought this back due to the Banished and brute things, it works exactly like the Plasma grenade from what I can tell.
Dynamo Grenade: The newest creation of 343. it works like a molotov. By throwing this near the enemy it will slowly damage the enemy until it is out of range. From what i can tell, it bounces on the ground so do what you will with this new grenade.
Another thing I see is that a ton of players will have problems with gun fights. Gunfights would take a long time with these players. Mostly because they can’t hit the enemy and aren’t accurate with the weapons.
I would recommend doing a 10-20 minutes warm up with the training system in Halo:Infintie if you are trying to get pro. If not, you could also play around with the weapon drill systems. Or if you are daring, play a quick game and practice your aim with real time players.
Now for the shots. Remember this. You can shoot anywhere when their shields are still up. Once it’s down, get the head. When a Spartan’s shield is down, their head is their weak spot. Get the headshot and you are done with the battle. Melee is also a good plan to win but make sure you have the advantage. By going close to the enemy you must make sure you have these two things Your shields are still active and going good. and The enemy is weak or unable to hit back.
Basically hit first or do more damage. If not, that’s a chance wasted.
Another skill to have is that you must know how the game work and how the map works. These two are very important. I haven’t seen any new players get lost in the map but for Big team Battle, a little.
If you press Z you can scan the map, the mapscan shows you multiple things such as Weapon and Grenade spawns. Keep those two in mind as you want to make sure you can swap or change your weapons whenever you need or want.
Movement mechanics are important for almost every game. a new movement mechanic introduced by Infinite is Sliding. There isn’t much for that other than moving to cover. However it is good to know some movement mechanics.
One of them i wouldn’t call movement but it is still good to know is jumping, what i mean by jumping is that during a battle or gunfight, jumping in front of your enemy could mess up their aim as it is distracting, though i wouldn’t do that for every fight. Also if you are going to doing, do it randomly as they could get used to it.
This wouldn’t save you from damage but it could help avoid any headshots.


And so, that’s all for now. This guide will be updated if any other new updates comes to Halo:Infinite. But for now, this is it.
If you enjoyed it be sure the rate it a thumbs up and favorite it, it really helps me and gives me more confidence to make more guides like this. If there are any problems or advice/changes you want me to add or change, let me know in the comments.
But whatever you do, remember to stay calm and avoid toxicity
That’s all for now, stay sharp Spartans!
P.S: If stuff are labeled under construction it means I’m working on something or I’m getting experience to write stuff down.
This is my first guide for beginners I know this isn’t the best but hopefully I can refine this over time


Added Updates List.
Added Weapons List.
-Power weapons
Added Vehicles List
Changed and improved
Changed the title fonts
Made changes to weapons
-MLRS-2 Hydra
-CQS48 Bulldog
Added UNSC vehicles
-M808 Scorpion

Written by eternal

Here we come to an end for Halo Infinite Basic Weapon Details+ Power Weapons & Vehicles hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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