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Halo Infinite All Skull Locations Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Halo Infinite All Skull Locations Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

While you can find a few skulls on the map in the open-world game, there are also specific missions with skulls hidden throughout the campaign. Unfortunately, these skulls are easy to miss, and there’s no way to replay missions without starting from the beginning.


Skull effect – doubles explosion radius
Location – Warship Gbraakon (missable)
A few rooms after finding the first UNSC Audio Log (the green pad), you’ll find a large room with containers rising towards the ceiling on the right-hand side. On top of a jammed container is a skull. Use the rising containers to the left of the skull’s location to reach it.


Skull effect – increases acceleration from explosions
Location– The Foundation (missable)
After taking the Weapon, head into the room with the ghosts and continue forward until you find a room with a window showing the complex. Turn left and walk to the first pillar. Look up and grapple up to the rafters in the ceiling, using the gap at the top of the pillar. This should get you high enough to latch onto the platform where the skull is. It will take a few attempts, but you can use the scan button to work out where to go.


Skull effect – rare combat dialogue becomes more common
Location – The Tower
You must upgrade your Grappleshot with the Quickshot perk or fly with a Banshee or Wasp to get this skull. It costs three Halo Infinite Spartan Cores to unlock the Grappleshot perk needed to get to the top. Once you have upgraded your Grappleshot, return to the Tower and from the spawn point, head towards the supports of the Tower and grapple onto them, continuing upwards until you’re underneath the roof.
From this point, you need to get on top of the roof. This is harder than it sounds as you need to repeatedly fire a Grappleshot at the back wall before grappling onto the ceiling and flinging yourself over the top. Doing this takes time to get it right, but once you make it onto the rooftop, head for the central platform and pick up the skull.


Skull effect – enemies throw and drop more grenades
Location – inside a tree stump at the bottom of the ravine west of Inka ‘Saham FVT marker on the northwest island
Nearest fast travel location – Outpost Tremonius
You must have a Banshee or a Wasp so you can fly to this area. Fly over to the northwest island and hug the coastline until you see a split in the cliff. There is a patrol of several Brutes with shock rifles and two red Hunters nearby. Defeat all of them and examine the tree stump to find the skull.


Skull effect – disables motion tracker
Location – inside the cliffs west of FOB Alpha
You must fly to this area in either a Banshee or a Wasp. Fly around the hexagonal cliffs until you see a small gap halfway between the mountain edge and the bottom of the hexagonal platforms. Next to a makeshift camp, the skull is in-between some Elite helmets.


Skull effect– disables the UI and makes Master Chief’s hands invisible
Location – underneath a small piece of land in a gap between the cliffs in the southwest region
Nearest fast travel location – FOB Golf
To get this skull, you need either a Banshee or a Wasp. Fly southwest until you can see a gap in the cliffs. There is a bit of land in this gap where the islands meet. Fly underneath this bit of land and look for the smaller landing point to the west of this location. You can find the skull hidden at the back.


Skull effect – reduces ammo drops by half
Location – on a small island east of the Beacon furthest east, next to a dead Elite
Nearest fast travel location – FOB November
You need to have a Banshee or a Wasp to access this area. Fly east of FOB November until you reach a small island. Carefully land and make your way down the cliff until you get to the dead Elite holding the skull. If you lose your flying vehicle when landing, there is a spare Wasp at the top of the mountain.


Skull effect – upgrades the rank of most enemies
Location – between the southern island and the island with the Banished AA guns
Nearest fast travel location – FOB November
You must have a Banshee or a Wasp to access this area. Fly between the two islands and you will see a solitary column sticking out above a smaller island. The skull is on top of it. It can be tricky to land here, so have the Grappleshot ready just in case.

Black eye

Skull effect– your shields only recharge when you melee enemies
Location – in a cave on the southern island
Nearest fast travel location – The Riven Gate
You need to have an upgraded Grappleshot and a flying vehicle to access this area. Find the waterfall southwest of the Riven Gate and look for a small entrance. Get out of the flying vehicle and grapple through the hole. The skull is stuck on top of a stalagmite.


Skull effect– weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would
Location – The Command Spire (missable)
In this mission, you’ll see columns form out of yellow portals at one point. Continue until you see them turn right after getting etched. Just before a column turns, grapple onto it, turn around, and grapple onto the ceiling behind you. Further up is a forerunner door with the skull at the end of the corridor.

Grunt Birthday Party

Skull effect – Grunt headshots lead to glorious explosions
Location – Repository (missable)
To get this skull, you need to do the following after reaching the chamber with a single button and four forerunner doors.
After activating the light bridge, look right and grapple towards the door with no light bridge leading to it instead of crossing.
Pick up the power seed and head back, throwing it across to the level to the left.
Head back to the centre and throw the power seed to the door opposite the one you came from. If you drop the power seed, it will respawn where you first pick it up.
After making it across, proceed until you find the place to install the power seed.
Continue with the level until the Weapon points out the auditorium to the chief.
There is an opening at the top of the room, which you unlocked with the power cell. Normally it’s blocked off. Grapple up to it and kill the cloaked Elites inside before claiming the skull.


Skull effect – grants unlimited weapon ammo and grenades, and also removes equipment cooldown
Location – The Silent Auditorium (missable)
Play through the level until the first batch of Sentinels appear in the big room. Don’t kill any Sentinels. Instead, continue with the level until you activate a light bridge with a button. Instead of turning left, continue straight and go through the door until you get the skull. If you kill a Sentinel, this door is locked, so you need to restart the level to get another try.

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