GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide

GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide 1 -
GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide 1 -

The GTFO Bible – Expedition Information, Maps and Lore Documents
All the information for every Zone of every Expedition, includes:
Every Resource
Security Door Sequence
Main and Optional Objective Information
Artifact Distribution
Continuously updated

The Expedition Information

The GTFO Rundown 6.0 Spreadsheet – [] 

The above link leads to a google spreadsheet, with tabs at the bottom for each expedition in Rundown 6.0 containing all the information per zone. It does contain spoilers for every expedition.
Example of a zone
GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide - The Expedition Information -

A quick overview of how to read this would be:

Z78 [Key#1] = Zone 78, It requires the item Key #1 (located in another zone’s info) in order to unlock the security door.
Sec Door = The Security Door to the Zone 78
Class II Diminished = The Type of Alarm on the Security Door
Group Scan = The first scan type (or class) of the Class II Diminished Alarm
1 Big Scan = The second scan type (or class) of the Class II Diminished Alarm
Checkpoint Scan = The Security door has a checkpoint scan.
Medipack 80% = The Zone 78 contains 4 uses (80%) of medical supplies.
Ammopack 80% = The Zone 78 contains 4 uses (80%) of ammunition supplies.
Toolpack 80% = The Zone 78 contains 3 uses (60%) of Tool ammunition supplies.

Expedition Maps

Rundown 6 Expedition Infographics

I also turn all the information I gather into useful infographic images surrounding the expedition map.
It isn’t as detailed as the spreadsheet (Mainly lacking the Security Door Scan Breakdown Information) but serves as a good alternative. A reminder these will also contain spoilers (duh)

Full Album (Incomplete)

Currently very empty – [] 
Refer below for how many are completed.

Individual Levels

R6D4: Cyptomnesia – [] 

Better Maps

The maps I create for these infographics are NOT a direct 1-1 copy of the map you see in-game in the overlay. The maps in-game can sometimes be hard to read due to how areas that share walls are represented (or lack of represented)
Floodways environments are the biggest culprit when it comes to this, see the example below to see the difference in readability
GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide - Expedition Maps -

Lore Documents

The Database

There are always two really good resources out there for learning about the lore.

Both of these sites are excellent for reading through and discovering what is going on with the world of GTFO and it’s extensive cast of shady corporations and characters. (Santonian Industries site is also used to tease upcoming updates to the game)
However at the time of writing, it is lacking:

  • Rundown 6 Logs
  • Transcripts of Audio Logs

So until those sites are updated with those details, I have a document to fill the void (it isn’t super polished like the Expedition Spreadsheets)


Skip the hard work

Whilst you could read through everything there and draw your own conclusions. You could instead read through this ‘short’ abridged version.

The document above is a summary of all the important details of every log in the game, arranged chronologically, to provide a better understanding of how the events in GTFO’s world have played out

Extra Stuff

Artifacts, Heat and Boosters

I question I see quite frequently in regards to ‘What is Artifact Heat’. Here is a short video I created to quickly cover everything you need to know about it. – [] 
I’d appreciate if you subscribed to my Youtube as well if you found this video useful. I plan to turn more of this information into videos.

The Archives

Rundown 5 + Extension

The Fifth Master Info Sheet – [] 
Special Archive Note. This is where I really started getting into a groove with the format.

Rundown 4

The Forth Master Info Sheet – [] 
Special Archive Note. The introduction to Optional objectives. Sheet got a lot bigger as a result.

Rundown 3

The Third Master Info Sheet – [] 
Special Archive Note. Resources no longer static. Instead of getting “two 40% ammopacks”, you could get “one 80% ammopack”. This introduced a common bug that sometimes you can get an extra use of a resource if the zone had over 100%, due to rounding and splitting errors (that game never splits into 1 use resources)

Rundown 2

The Second Master Info Sheet – [] 
Special Archive Note. Much mroe organized, but still messy. Resources no longer tied to their container type. Multiple items can exist in the same container now.

Rundown 1

The First Master Info Sheet – [] 
Special Archive Note, The contents of a locker and its locked type (Hacked or interact) was directly correlated. Meaning that Medipack and Ammo were in locked boxes in A1 Zone 50 everytime.

Feedback & Updates

Your Comments

If you found this useful and/or confusing, can you please favourite and leave a comment.
I make a Expedition spreadsheet every Rundown and consistently aim to improve the readability for both new and experienced players.
The newer you are, the more I’d like to hear your feedback, it can be difficult to know what isn’t clear having lots of experience in the game. I might be taking some information for granted.

Guide Update

This guide will update to Rundown 7 when it is released. So I recommend favouriting this guide. Rundown 6 will move to the Archive section, for historical reasons when Rundown 7 comes out.
If Rundown 6 gets an Extension (ie. Rundown 6.5), the Current link will be updated to include the Extension levels

Final Words

If you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate you taking the time to read through all this. All of this has been private stuff I’ve just sat on, so just wanted to put everything out there.
So it would mean a lot if you liked the guide or shared it with someone you know.
I’ll try my best to respond to any questions in the comments.
RandomKenny (aka that guy the solved the Payday 2 Secret)

Written by RandomKenny

This is all for GTFO Rundown 6.0 Expedition Information Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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