Grounded Complete Achievements Guide in 2021

Grounded Complete Achievements Guide in 2021 1 -
Grounded Complete Achievements Guide in 2021 1 -
A guide to Achievements that are coming next week.


Beefing Up

Grounded Achievement Guide - Beefing Up

“Craft Your First Tier 3 Item”

How to Get:

Within the workbench recipes, you will see either I, II, or III beside an item. You will want to construct a III (tier 3) level item to unlock this achievement, such as the Marksman’s Cap or Mint Mallet

Block Buster

Grounded Achievement Guide - Block Buster

“Perform 10 perfect blocks in a row”

How to Get:
All enemies in Grounded perform specific animations before an attack, which is different and unique for each attack they do. Once you learn the animation, you will know when to time your block. Do a perfect block 10 times in a row for this achievement

I find Mites to be the easiest, as they have a single lunge attack that is easy to block

BURG.L Flipper

Grounded Achievement Guide - BURG.L Flipper

How to Get:
Save BURG.L After entering the Oak lab, this is just lifting him to his feet


Grounded Achievement Guide - Exoskeleton

“Equip a matching set of tier 2 armor”

How to Get:
Much like the “Beefing It Up” achievement, you will want to build and access a workbench. You need to craft a full set of a II (Tier 2) armor, such as Ladybug set, Bee Set, or Koi set

Face Your Fears

Grounded Achievement Guide - Face Your Fears

“Kill Your First Wolf Spider”

How to Get:
The easiest way is to find a spider sleeping during the day, get an elevated position so it cannot reach you, and just hit it with lots of gas arrows.

Fine Dining

Grounded Achievement Guide - Fine Dining

“Cook a bug on a roasting spit”

How to Get:

You will need to obtain bug or bug meat, such as Aphid, weevil, or Gnat, and build a roasting spit cooking fire. Cook it over the flames


Grounded Achievement Guide - Flavorful

“Obtain 10 new SCA.B Color Schemes”

How to Get:
The SCA.B’s are located around the world, hidden in various locations. There are several guides online to find them all, some are easier than others


Grounded Achievement Guide - Fortified

“Construct your first Mushroom Brick Building”

How to Get:
With the new Mushroom brick items, build a building. You don’t actually have to build a building it seems, you just have to build a single wall

You will need a grinder to grind the mushroom, and a oven to bake them into bricks. Both buildings are from the new Haze lab

Friends In Low Places

Grounded Achievement Guide - Friends In Low Places

“Tame a bug as a pet”

How to Get:
Currently only Aphid or Weevil are tamable. You will need the Grinder to make their preferred slurry and put it near the bug. Each bug requires its own bug house.

Aphids eat gra*s slurry.
Weevels MAY eat mushroom slurry, i need to test this

From Down Town

Grounded Achievement Guide - From Down Town

“Score a basket with the Basketball Hoop from over 40 cm away”

How to Get:
First you need to construct the basketball hoop. There is no actual ‘ball’, but any throwable item can fit through the hoop. If you successfully get a throwable into the hoop, sparks fly out. Simply do this from 40 cm away

Growing Pains

Grounded Achievement Guide - Growing Pains

“Obtain your first mutation”

How to Get:
Mutations are achieved by completing certain challenges around the world, you will probably earn your first one without even realizing it, such as using the spear a lot to unlock Javelineer. There are guides online for this

Hedge Lab

Grounded Achievement Guide - Hedge Lab

“Complete the Hedge Lab”

How to Get:

The Hedge Lab is a challenging location that puts you in narrow corridors with juvenile spiders and spiderlings. Getting through all the corridors and finding the code that unlocks the final door should unlock this achievement, or perhaps it is collecting the audio file at the end that unlocks it.

Lounging Around

Grounded Achievement Guide - Lounging Around

“Lounge in a chair”

How to Get:
The new update has given us the ability to sit in chairs. To craft a chair you need to first obtain berry leather to get the recipe

Mom Genes

Grounded Achievement Guide - Mom Genes

Presumably kill the new Brood Mother spider

How to Get:
I am guessing that this is unlocked after killing the Broodmother, or something related to her. Perhaps a mutation for killing her? I do not know. Information to come

Pond Lab

Grounded Achievement Guide - Pond Lab

“Complete the pond lab”

How to Get:
Much like Hedge Lab, the Pond lab is a challenging location that puts you into the deepest area of the pond. You will need diving equipment. Expect to face bell spiders and taser robots. I imagine the achievement unlocks either when you open the dome, or find the final audio file

Protein Shake

Grounded Achievement Guide - Protein Shake

“Consume 5 Beefy memorized Smoothies”

How to Get:
Firstly you will need to craft a Smoothie Station, which requires Acorn, Grub Goop, and Sprigs. After this, you need to get Smoothie recipes (there are many lists online). Each recipe has a ‘beefy’ variant, which lasts longer. To get a beefy variant you need to put a Muscle Sprout into the smoothie mix instead of Grub Coop. Muscle Sprouts are only found in the Pond Lab. For this achievement you need to make, and eat, 5 Beefy variant smoothies


Grounded Achievement Guide - Resourceful

“Analyze 15 resources”

How to Get:
A very achievement. First you need to find a science research station, which are indicated by purple icons on your map. Then just an*lyze any and all resources until it unlocks. This can be simple things like rocks, gra*s blades, and bug parts

Science Rules

Grounded Achievement Guide - Science Rules

“Purchase your first upgrade from BURG.L”

How to Get:
After doing enough quests for BURG.L, you can buy items and recipes from him. These could be building parts, to cosmetic things like pictures for your base’s walls. For this achievement, you want to buy a tool or equipment upgrade


Grounded Achievement Guide - Snoopy

“Discover 20 sites on the map”

How to Get:
All across the map are places of interest, such as the juice boxes or long lost toys, to a magnificent 4 leaf clover. Simply find 20 of these locations


Grounded Achievement Guide - Webmaster

“Zip across a teen made Zipline longer than 100 cm”

How to Get:
To unlock the Zipline in the first plae, you need the Jungle Temple BURG.L chip. Once you give the cihp to BURG.L you can purchase the Zipline recipe for 10,000 raw science

To build ziplines, you need to first build two anchors, where you want each one to go. To connect them you need a LOT of silk rope, and considering you need it to be longer than 100cm, it is going to require a lot of silk rope.

Written by Jynn

Here we come to an end for Grounded Achievement Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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