GreedFall List of mods to play

GreedFall List of mods to play 1 -
GreedFall List of mods to play 1 -

A mod list for players who wish to have a better experience with the game.

Quality of Life

Camera overhaul – FOV slider – Removes bob-autocenter-sway – []

  • Removes camera bob. ( The Main Reason)

  • Camera shake in combat
  • Deactivate the auto center on controller
  • Normalizes most FOV modifications, such as fights and unsheathing swords.
  • Increases the MAX multiplier for FOV slider from 1.5 up to 2.0

Map Anywhere – []
By pressing the letter U, you can quickly travel anywhere during the game.
Warning: The game requires you to not be able fast travel at all times. For example, when you need to escort someone to safety or escape a compound. If you use the Fast Travel mod while on an escort missions, you'll likely break it. This ability is important so make sure you use it wisely.
More Carry Weight mod – []
This mod multiplies Carry weight by 10. Now, the weight is 2000. There are many options. I chose the 5000 one.
Quick Loot at []
This mod will allow you loot all items from all containers (chests boxes, boxes, herbs and enemies ). without opening up a window asking for your selection .
You can also loot an entire area of dead enemies if you use your lamp now. "Light = Click on all corpses" . The lamp can be made to fit your key, so you should change it to a standard key. The radius of the lamp is 25m. This is enough to cover all the battlefields in this game.
Skip starting Logo screens- []
This replaces the 14 second-long unskippable logo screens found at game start. It is replaced by a 1 second replacement to speed up game loading.

This mod doesn't support Vortex, and should be installed manually.


  • Find game installation folder, in there go to: boot –> data –> video (so path would look like: "\steamapps\common\GreedFall\boot\data\video"
  • Extract the 2 video files contained in the zip file and place them in the video folder.

It is a simple way to make merchants display all their wares and not just the chance to have each item in their inventory.
The default chance for a merchant to have a particular item in their vendor listing is between 15% and 50%. This mod simply increases those chances 100%.
Romance hints
You can add icons before each relevant choice in dialogue to help you choose the right answer if you're looking to romance someone.
More Loot Particles
Increase the sparkle and glow of loot, quest items, and other loot.


Female companions appear overhaul – []
Are you tired Siora’s resting face? Or Aphra’s cynical eyes.
Option8 High Queen Siora, Jasmine Aphra is your best choice.
Mark of De Sardet – custom face mark design haul – []
De Sardet has the option of removing the mark entirely or allowing texture designs to be created.
Cleaned Up Kurt – []
Kurt needs to be a career-solider, not a frat boy on spring break.
Vasco – Less Tatts – []
Vasco uses a texture replacement program to remove his tattoos, mole, and most of his moles.
Constantin Refreshed – []
Constantin gets a healthy glow that brightens him up and he reinterprets his appearance later in the game.


Minimalist HUD
A minimalist HUD that doesn't have XP bar or Skills info.
Postprocess Overhaul – []
This mod disables GreedFall’s blurred and film grain effects. Optionally, the sepia color grading can also be disabled.
Invisible Capes, Intuitive Hats
Capes can be made invisible, while still retaining their properties. Also, all helmets/hats can be given +1 to intuition. Separate downloads.
Remove Hip Lantern – []
It is a simple way to remove the lantern that is worn on the player’s hip. This mod does not affect how the lantern emits light when turned on.


Better Legendary Items
A buff to all legendary weapons and armors
This mod adds Memory Crystals and potions to the existing vendors.
This mod doesn't work with SHOW ME WHAT I HAVE Both of them change the merchant's inventory.
Intall is the best method to use this mod. Merchants sell Memory Crystals First, buy 20 crystals. After that, disable the game Merchants sell Memory Crystals Enable SHOW ME WHAT I HAVE You can now use Vortex. 20 crystals should be sufficient to cover all your needs in one gameplay.
Updated versions of Dheuster’s gotta-have–em Greedfall Mods to be compatible the latest patch.
Romance Enhancer can be used to polygamy with your companions multiple times.

Mod Manager

Vortex can be used to manage mods or not. This is your decision. However, Vortex is quite easy to use and very convenient.
Dheuster has made mods a part of the Greedfall modding community, and his Mod Slot Support is a resource that many mod authors use. I have been graciously granted permission to update Dheuster's mods so they will work with the most recent Gold Edition and patch versions of Greedfall.
Mod Slot Support is what we are searching for. This mod improves GreedFall’s support for mods.

  • 1. Mods can use the Adds Event Hook to enable advanced functionality and initialize other mods without conflict.
  • 2. Automatic Merge Support is now available for mods that edit only SLI config files.
  • 3. Adds Localization support so mods can change the text or add new text to games.

The Installation Instructions can be found on the original mod page. I have pasted it here.

C. Installation

1 – If it is not already installed, you can get 7-zip. – []
** Do not use WinRar for extracting/opening.7z files. It can cause them to be corrupted.
2 – After 7zip is installed, open.7z. Usually, you only need to double-click on the file.
3 – The 7zip window will be displayed:
Extract /datalocal at the location of your Greedfall Installation.
It will be easily found by many people, for instance.
C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\GreedFall
4 – Confirm your directory structure. If it does not look like this, it will not work.

D. Usage:

1 – Vortex Users:
Disable all your current Greedfall mods in vortex.Then install: Better GreedFall Vortex Extension before re-enabling. (More documentation is available on that mods page).
Better GreedFall Vortex Extension – []
New GreedFall Vortex Extension places mods in unique directories. When combined with Mod Slot Support (mod), this allows Vortex users run most mods together, without conflict.
The default Vortex Extension for GreedFall will not place mods within unique directories. It extracts the files to GreedFall’s mod directory as is. This causes many mods, if any, to conflict with one another. Vortex may let you know sometimes, but most of the times it isn't.
This extension will cause Vortex to place each GreedFall Mod in a directory named after the mod’s archive. This extension allows multiple GreedFall modules to edit the same game resources, and gives them an identifiable parent directory.
Mod Slot Support is the modding tool that is key to this Vortex Extension. Mod Slot Support is a modding tool that scans and fixes most conflicting mods, provided they are placed in unique directories. This extension will detect if Mod Slot Support has been installed and adds an option to run-tool to the Vortex Dashboard. This makes it simple to run the maintenance application after installing new mods.
Follow the installation instructions on Better GreedFall Pretex Extension.


Written by Vecho

Here we come to an end for GreedFall List of mods to play hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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