Grapple Gear Death Boosting Guide

Grapple Gear Death Boosting Guide 1 -
Grapple Gear Death Boosting Guide 1 -

I guide to explain what death boosting is and how to use it

What is death boosting and how/why to use it

What is death boosting
Death boosting is is a glitch where you can propel your self to crazy speeds by intentionally killing your self.
How to use death boosting
In order to death boost you will have to grapple and onto a object close to the death barrier and then swing into the death barrier. You This is helpful because your grappling hook will still be attached when you respawn and in grapple gear the further away a grapple target is the faster you will be pulled to it. So when you do this even just a metre out of grapple range (grapple range is 75 metres) it will send you flying from the spawn to your grapple target. *edit you have to hold the grapple button to keep it attached when you spawn
Why to use death boosting and the practicality of it
Death boosting is not helpful on most maps but for the maps that it is useful for it is game breaking (if you can control it that is). For example in ship wrecked you can grapple the bottom right edge of the 3rd island and then fall into the death barrier. When you spawn you can use that momentum from the death boost to bounce of the first or second island to the finish
*note this is extremely hard and i haven’t quite pulled it off right
When trying this on a map like armada where the death barrier is lower you have to grapple the bottom of the hulls as you can grapple underneath the ships if you do the grapple to high another good strategy I’ve found

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