Grand Theft Auto V Useful Tips for Fighting & Handling Griefers GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V Useful Tips for Fighting & Handling Griefers GTA V 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V Useful Tips for Fighting & Handling Griefers GTA V 1 -

This guide will teach you how to handle // fight with griefers.

Griefer Types // Finding out a Griefer

First of all, dont attack everyone if they just killed you one time. If he kills you 2 times without any accident, than its a griefer. There is 3 griefer types.


Normal Griefers:

  • Kiddo Griefer: Insisted on attacking low levels, trying to kill high level guys and goes passive when you start to kill him. Most of them are weak.
  • Griefer: Insisted on attacking everyone, they will try to fight with you. If you kill them repeatly, they will just insult you. Most of them owns some good equitments but dont know how to use it.
  • Bored Persons: When theyre bored, they will attack someone to have fun but if you kill them, they will try to have fun playing with you. If you win, they will agree it and become friends with you.

Cheater Griefers:

  • TP Griefers: They use cheats for only take some vehicles/guns and make something faster. They will teleport everywhere to kill you. Some of them uses godmode too.
  • GodMode Griefers: They wouldnt go out of godmode, they will teleport, they will take some op vehicles and more.


Handling Normal Griefers (For Weak Players)

If we’re talking about a griefer, they wouldnt be insisted on killing a special guy like you. If you go passive or go ghosted to him, they wouldnt try to kill you when you’re not passive/ghosted to them. I prefer to tell everyone about that griefer to kill him.

Fighting Normal Griefers (For Rich Players)

First of all, buy a Oppressor MK2 and a Motorcycle club. You’re not supposed to use Oppressor for fighting but you need it for transporting if someone is insisted on killing you.

You can fight with guns or vehicles. But they wouldnt use guns like you, so i prefer vehicles if you are not very good at guns. You need too much money for fighting with them.


  • Get a Motorcycle Club for sure.
  • Have at least $50,000 with you.
  • Own at least one fast motorcycle.
  • Use “Ghost Organization” when you’re in a bad status.
  • Keep yourself good with arrow keys, MMI, M menu.
  • Own a vehicle that can handle at least 20 missiles. (exp: Terrorbyte)
  • Fight!


Handling // Fighting Cheater Griefers (For Everyone)

For TP Griefers: Do as normal as you do normally while fighting a griefer until he gets rage and uses godmode or crashs your game (cheaters can crash your game). If cheater does some of them it means that you won the fight anyways, go passive and hang around with him. You can wrote something about him if you want to make him angry.

For GodMode Griefers: Do the same thing as TP Griefers, go passive and hang around with them.

Some Important Informations About Cheater Griefers

  • They can disguise/blame someone. (Kill you as an another guy) And because of that being ghosted to him does nothing.
  • They can kill you when you are in passive with some little explosions.
  • They can crash your game.
  • They can kick you out of server with a innocent error message.
  • They’re just dumb kids, dont care them.



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