Grand Theft Auto V Terrorbyte Information Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Terrorbyte Information Guide 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V Terrorbyte Information Guide 1 -

What You Need to Buy the Terrorbyte.

The Terrorbyte is too big to be stored in a regular garage, but rather than a Bunker or a Hanger like you’d expect, the game demands first that you buy a Nightclub to store it in. Any Nightclub will work, but the cheapest one is the Elysian Island club (though it still costs over a million dollars). That being said, buying a nightclub will earn you the chance to do missions that’ll earn you more money, so think of your club as more of an investment than an expense, at least if you play right.

Even if you buy the most basic version of this vehicle, it’ll still cost you $1,375,000, not including whatever money you spent on the club. However, you can also buy hardware and customisation options to have installed in the Terrorbyte, which collectively can raise the value of it to $3,459,500. Fortunately, not all of these options are useful – some of them just change colours and visuals within the truck itself, rather than adding new abilities. Unfortunately, those flashy decor options are a minority – even if you just buy the hardware, you’re only knocking about a quarter of a million off the maximum price.

How to Access Your Terrorbyte.

Once you buy it, you can get to your newly-acquired death machine by going to your Nightclub, more specifically the blue garage icon marked on the map near it. Once there, select the Terrorbyte Garage from the list, and you’ll be transported to the room it’s kept in.

Once there, you have two options – either get into the cab and drive it to leave, like you would with any other garage vehicle, or approach the blue area on its side to go into the “Nerve Center,” where everything except driving is done.

What Does A Terrorbyte Do?

– Drive

– Scan Players

– Start Missions

– Store Clothes

– Combat

– Turret Station ($297,000)

– Drone Station ($815,000)

– Weapon Workshop ($245,000)

– Specialised Workshop ($495,000)


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