Grand Theft Auto V GTA ONLINE – CLIENT JOBS Guide

Grand Theft Auto V GTA ONLINE – CLIENT JOBS Guide 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V GTA ONLINE – CLIENT JOBS Guide 1 -
​Client Jobs are given by Paige Harris through her touchscreen computer terminal in the Terrorbyte.



After purchasing a Terrorbyte, Paige will contact the player and introduce her touchscreen computer which, along with being able to hack into existing underground business networks the player owns, has a menu option to launch her jobs. 
There are six jobs. Four of them can be done alone, while two of them require at least two players. Two also require the Drone Station for the Terrorbyte. 
After completing a job, there will be a 30-minute cooldown on that particular job, as well as a 5-minute cooldown on all other Client Jobs. The Client Jobs requiring two players minimum have their own cooldown time, meaning they can proceed to one of these two jobs immediately after completing one of the four first jobs, and vice versa. 

Job #1 – Robbery In Progress

Identify the location of an ongoing bank robbery and steal the gold from inside. Minimum 1 player. 
Paige advises that there is a bank robbery in progress that the player can intervene and take the loot. In order to locate the robbery, the player accesses the Traffic Camera network of Los Santos County and Blaine County via Paige’s touchscreen computer in the Terrorbyte nerve center. Six cameras can be viewed, each outside a bank; however, only three locations ever actually have the robbery. 
Once the player finds the location where the police are attending the robbery and engaged in a gun battle with the professional heist crew, Paige accesses the interior camera of the affected bank to get more detail on the opposition. 
The player must then travel to the location of the robbery, eliminate the remaining three armed bank robbers and capture the bag of gold. Similarly to The Paleto Score, one of the robbers will be outside dressed in Ballistic Equipment armed with a Minigun, one will be inside the main doors guarding the employees and hostages and a third will be in the vault. 
At the Pacific Standard Bank, the two inside will both be in the main teller area, while the minigun-carrying robber is often located just inside the front door (note: PSB’s second entrance on Vinewood Boulevard is locked during this mission). 
The player must then eliminate any LSPD or sheriff department officers and lose a 2-star wanted level before Paige will reveal the location of a buyer for the loot. The buyer will be waiting at the location next to a black Rumpo Custom. 
Other opposing players will be informed of the player’s location with the gold and will be encouraged to take it for themselves. If they manage to take the loot, they will be directed to an alternate buyer located near the player’s designated buyer. 

Job #2 – Data Sweep

Hack multiple vehicles to identify which is carrying the data drives and deliver them to the client. Minimum 1 player. 
Paige advises that there is undisclosed data on hard drives being moved around the city, and the player can hi-jack it for her client. Four vehicles will be marked on the map, including a Baller LE LWB (Armored), a Schafter LWB (Armored) and a Cognoscenti (Armored) (can be any combinations thereof, including all 3 of the same type) which will all be mobile, and one Speedo which will be parked. 
One of these will randomly contain the targeted data drives. In order to identify which is the correct vehicle, the player must get close enough for long enough to run a SecuroServ Hacking App from their Mobile Phone. If the vehicle does not contain the data, Paige will advise to try the next one. If the vehicle gets out of range, the hacking app will report “No signal” until the target is back in range. 
Progress towards 100% scan will not be lost when the scan is interrupted. Mobile vehicles will become aware of the scan and attempt to lose the player, and the passenger will fire at the player. After an unsuccessful scan, the vehicle can be ignored as it will not pursue the player. If the first 3 vehicles result in a negative scan, the fourth will automatically be identified as the target and does not need to be scanned. 
Once the correct vehicle is identified, the player must eliminate the NPCs in it (or guarding it) and steal the vehicle. Paige will reveal then the location of a buyer for the data where the player will park the stolen vehicle in a garage to complete the job. Other opposing players will be informed of the player’s location with the vehicle and will be encouraged to take it for themselves. 

Job #3 – Targeted Data

Infiltrate the Lifeinvader servers to track down a high value target and take them out. Minimum 1 player & Drone station in the Terrorbyte. 
Paige Harris gives the player a task from a client, telling that he wants someone to be taken out. To locate the location of the target, the player must first infiltrate the Lifeinvader office with a drone from their the Terrorbyte to hack two laptops. Because of the Jay Norris incident, security in the office has been increased with a few Gruppe Sechs Security Guards and two surveillance cameras. 
The player has an option to enter the building on foot, although the cameras act as “barriers” and therefore, they will be immediately spotted, resulting in a 2-star wanted level. The hacking process is also longer, as the character will plug a USB device to initiate the hacking, then taking it after the process is completed. 
Once the laptops have been hacked, the location of the target will be revealed to all players in the session and the player will have to take out the target. There will be three body guards stationed with the target although they do not need to be eliminated to complete the job. Other rival players will be able to protect the target by preventing the player from killing him before their 15 minute time limit for the job expires. 
As soon as the target is eliminated, the bodyguard NPCs will cease to be hostile. The organization will be paid for a successful assassination. 

Job #4 – Diamond Shopping

Steal diamonds from Vangelico Jewel Store as they’re being delivered by a security team. Minimum 1 player & Drone station in the Terrorbyte. 
Paige advises that she has a client who wants some diamonds but isn’t prepared to pay full market rate. Instead there are some being delivered by Gruppe Sechs to Vangelico in Little Portola. The player must drive their Terrorbyte to Little Portola where Paige instructs them to use the Drone to infiltrate the jewelry store. 
Several Gruppe Sechs security guards and store security and staff will be present but will be seemingly oblivious to the drone. The player flies the drone in through the front door of the store and uses the stun feature to shoot at an alarm control panel on the wall of an office on the left. The player can then launch a second drone (the normal drone cool-down is not in effect) to shock the guard holding the case with the diamonds, or they can conduct a “loud” assault through the front door. 
If the drone approach is used, all security will be alerted as soon as the diamond guard is eliminated with the stun shot from the drone. The player must then still fight their way into the store to retrieve the case with the diamonds. Upon collection and abandoning the store, a 2-star wanted level is applied which must then be lost. Other opposing players will be informed of the player’s location with the diamonds and will be encouraged to take them for themselves. Paige will reveal the location of the buyer. 
Going “loud” immediately triggers the wanted level and other players are informed of the location of the diamonds before being collected, making it more challenging to complete if the player takes too long to get the diamonds and evade any threat. It is also possible to set off the alarm prematurely by colliding the drone with a staff member or customer. 
The buyer will be waiting at Marlowe Vineyards next to her worn red Windsor. Enemy players who steal the diamonds off the player will be directed to a duplicate buyer and Windsor, parked at Two Hoots Falls nearby. 

Job #5 – Collector’s Pieces

Retrieve high value antiques being transported in the back of several security vans and deliver them to the client. Minimum 2 players. 
Paige advises that she has a client who wants some antiques but is looking to avoid the buyer’s premium. There are some being moved by Gruppe Sechs in armored security vans with the insurance company running a jammer to make them impossible to locate. 
Paige will give the players a device that can jam the jammer for a few seconds before it needs to cool down. The player must open the back of the armored cars and then collect the three pieces of antiques. After the second and third vans are attacked the players’ wanted level will increase by a star. The wanted level must be lost before making their way to the buyer. 
The buyer will be waiting next to his Los Santos Department of Water & Power Boxville in Hawick. 

Job #6 – Deal Breaker

Track a target’s phone signal to a deal and deliver their briefcase to the client. Minimum 2 players. 
Paige advises that she has a client who wants a security case containing an item that is being sold. Paige has the general location of the deal due to tracking down the signal of one of the parties’ cellphones. 
The player must search the area for the deal using the signal scanner or the Terrorbyte’s drone. After the deal is found, the players must kill the pedestrian carrying the security case and retrieve it. After the security case containing the item is retrieved, the players must make their way to the buyer. 
The buyer will be waiting next to his Baller LE (Armored). 


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