Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide 1 -
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide 1 -

In this guide I’m going to share my experience of completing the Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges, describe all the nuances and issues that may occur and you should be concerned about if you wanna do it yourself, plus some of my own strategies to make things easier at some points. I hope you’ll find it interesting and useful. Anyways, let’s get started.

What you need to know before you start – Basics

  • First of all, if you’re gonna be the team leader a.k.a host, you need a facility which can be purchased at the Maze Bank Foreclosure. Basically, you can choose any of them, each has its own advantages and disadvantages so none of them is ideal and none is completely bad.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - What you need to know before you start - Basics - 146C6DE
  • Doomsday Heist has 3 acts. And, unlike in the classic heists, before doing the setup missions for each of the 3 heists, you need to do the prep missions for each setup. Similarly to the Casino and Cayo Perico heists, those missions need to be done in a free session. Act I has 3 preps, 3 setups and the finale. Act II has 5 preps, 4 setups and the finale. And Act III has 6 preps, 5 setups and, of course, the finale. 29 missions it total.
  • If you press ESC button on your keyboard to open game pause menu, then go to Stats and then to Awards, you can find The Doomsday Heist tab and see what challenges it has, with the description of each. Three of them are Criminal Mastermind II, III and IV. Also, there are 3 Loyalty challenges, All in Order II and Supporting Role II challenges. You can get cash money reward for completing each of them. If you’re doing Criminal Mastermind II-IV, you’re also doing all of those (except Supporting role II if you’re the host). Here you can also check and track your progress of each challenge while completing them.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - What you need to know before you start - Basics - 99088B2
  • For the Criminal Mastermind Challenge II-IV you’re not allowed to die on the setups and finales and also not allowed to do any Doomsday mission in diffident team, but any other types of fails are okay, including running out of time or death of a friendly NPC (ULP, Agent 14). Also, you’re allowed to die on preps.
  • To make a team, host needs to invite his teammate(-s) to his Organization or Motorcycle Club. Then, to follow All In Order II challenge, you need to complete all the prep missions in order and then start all the setups in order.
  • Before starting setups and finales, host gotta make sure he have set the difficulty to Hard, because by default it’s set to Normal. Also, for missions where you split into two teams, better to set team balancing to off, so everyone could choose a team they want to be in, although you can only split 1-1, 1-2 or 2-2, so if there’s 4 of you, you can’t all be in one team. Also, don’t launch the session immediately so everyone could choose their gun for the mission and buy an armor from the menu. Choosing a gun isn’t that necessary, but better to have the right gun ready from the beginning rather that scrolling for it during the gunfight. I’ll mention which gun is better for each mission is the Setups and Finales section.
  • If all the participants have completed current setup or finale before, you’re allowed to do a Trip Skip. When all team members get in one vehicle, you can press E on keyboard or right on D-pad and teleport to a near the destination point. Although, I heard some rumors about trip skip cause a random reset of the challenge, and I’m not sure if it’s true, but, just in case, would recommend you to not skip and travel in the “analogue, retro” way.
  • At setups and finales your HP restores faster and can be restored to full (instead of just half) when you’re near your CEO a.k.a. host and don’t move. Though, host’s HP doesn’t restore to full.


Necessary Equipment

Not so many things that are actually necessary for the challenge, but there are some that can make it faster, safer and easier. Here is my list of what you may need. I sorted them by importance and rated from 5 (very important) to 1 (not important). If you don’t have those, you can rely on your teammates who do have them.

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle MK II with thermal scope (5)
    Makes certain missions significantly easier. The most important thing for the Doomsday Heist. You can also use explosive or incendiary rounds if you wish, but I would suggest not to do that because the capacity of that MK II ammo is extremely low and you would need thermal scope more than explosive rounds.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - C0C96DD
  • Minigun (or Widowmaker), Combat MG MK II and Special Carbine MK II (5)
    Minigun provides extremely good firerate which allows to kill enemies very fast, with downsides of slower movement, not being able to take covers, plus your character holds minigun differently from other weapons which makes its shooting angles worse. You can switch to first person to have more correct aiming angles (which works for every weapon, but for minigun it’s more significant) and to avoid possibility to shoot some low level obstacles in front of you instead of your target. For the Combat MG MK II you can install magazine with 80 armor piercing bullets that do more damage to the enemies. You can also install that magazine for the Special Carbine MK II, but it has just 20 bullets in one magazine, so better would be to have extended magazine with 60 bullets, but it’s up to you.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 72D24BA
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 7D534AE
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 1B77D7F
  • Half Truck (4)
    Can be used in some missions and absolutely necessary for one of them (about that in the Setups and Finales section). Bulletproof from the front from both driver and gunner, and also from the back for driver. Not bulletproof from sides, so driver and gunner need to be careful how they angle themselves against enemies. Good at off-road, plus has very powerful turret with strong fire power. Downsides of this vehicle are being slow and having just 3 seats.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 6C15861
  • Buzzard (4)
    Very useful for preps and for Act II finale. Some other aircrafts can be useful too, but this one is the most universal and therefore the best.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 5B371C6
  • Toreador (3)
    Fast, explosion proof 4 seater amphibious car. Useful for travels and for Act II finale, but I wouldn’t recommend that vehicle for combat, because you’re very exposed to the bullets, and the glass roof makes it only worse. Plus, with its rockets you can accidentally blow yourself up or blow a target vehicle or friendly NPC.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - E04E5DA
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Custom (3)
    Good alternative to Half Truck – a lot faster with good ramming power, but less bulletproof (though much more bulletproof that Toreador) and with lower firepower. Has enough room for 5 people which makes it ideal for Rescuing ULP at CMM IV.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 01B31F9
  • Armored Kuruma (3)
    Completely bulletproof unless you lose a door, but has no explosion proof. Legend of the classic heists, can have use at Doomsday as well.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 7A1D336
  • Nightshark (2)
    Faster than Insurgent, but with less ramming power and without turret.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 777C657
  • Weaponized Tampa (2)
    Vehicle that has a turret that you can control yourself as a driver. May be useful for certain missions at combat situations even more than Toreador, but you’re still exposed to bullets and it has no explosion proof.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 3D29433
  • Any fast car for travels (1)
    If you have your favorite car, you can use it at the travel parts of the missions.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - A147C43
  • Cargobob (1)
    Useful for the Deluxos prep mission.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - 444E774
  • Seabreeze (1)
    ⁃ Can be used for the Onboard Computer and Torpedo ECU prep missions.
    Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Necessary Equipment - EE2C7DD


General Advices

  • Sadly, you’re not allowed to do prep missions in a closed session (invite only or friends only) so you have to do them in a open public session. To avoid dealing with another players who may try to grief you and make unwanted PvP, I recommend you to make an empty session. For those who are unaware, to make an empty public session, you need to open task manager, freeze your game for like 10 seconds and then unfreeze it. Voila, your session is empty, invite your team and start.
  • For prep missions to start only the host needs to be at his facility while everyone else can be anywhere at the map. That can be used to save time and complete preps faster. Targets’ locations are different each time, but you can be somewhere near the location and still get there faster than from the facility, especially when flying over with a plane or helicopter.
  • After the preps are done, before moving to the setups you gotta change to a closed invite only session. This not only makes loads faster (especially after completing a setup), but also makes things more secure and doesn’t allow outsider people interrupt the challenge (which can happen even if someone joins as spectator).
  • Invite everyone you’re doing the challenge with in the session, then the host invites everyone into his organization, then in the facility and then everyone gotta come to the planning room to start a heist setup or finale mission from there. Only when everyone are in the planning room host can start.
  • Unlike in the most missions in this game where enemy NPC are dumb and give you a lot of chances to defeat them, enemies at Doomsday are much more strong and less dumb. They have ridiculously big amount of HP and sometimes can spray long bursts or even the whole magazine at you, especially when you’re close to them or when they’re doing blind shooting from a cover. But still they give you chances and also can be just one-shot in the head if that was first shot you fired at them, though if you shoot them in the head after you shoot them at other body parts it may not instantly kill them. So all you need to do is being accurate with your shots and playing safe by using covers. The most important thing is to not die.
  • Snacks and armors. That’s what you must have for the challenge and that’s what will help you to avoid death. Snacks can be purchased at any store that are marked on the map, but also can be gotten from your (or host’s) office, facility, arcade and Kosatka submarine for free. Armors can be bought at any Ammu-Nation store. If you’re level 135 or more you can buy any type of armor and carry 10 armors in total. The only armor type you need is Super Heavy. Anytime you’re seeing yourself being half HP or even less, don’t even try to approach enemies. Get in a cover, use snacks and put armor on. But make sure no one is firing at you at that moment. Being in cover, running or driving a vehicle skips snacks consuming animation and restores you HP immediately.
  • Radar is your best friend here. Very helpful to track enemies. Pay attention to your radar, but don’t forget to also watching for your surroundings as well, to know where enemies are. Mostly, enemies use covers to hide and then pop up to attack you, so you always gotta watch out.
  • And, the most important advice. If you’ve died because you wasn’t careful enough or because that one enemy sprayed you (which they sometimes, but not always do) or you’re seeing a message that your teammate is dead, which also marked with black cross on the radar, in order to save your progress you have to disconnect immediately. Best way to do that is to hit the power switch or reload button on your PC. You can also plug off internet cable or turn off the internet connection, or stop the process in the task manager, or close the game with Steam overlay. But important thing is to do it fast, before your game can save your progress. Message that your progress had been already reset may confuse you, but game won’t save your progress being reset if you disconnect in time. Don’t try to disconnect with Alt+F4 though, because that will show you the game exit screen and game will process to save your data before you quit.
  • Game saves your data with transactions, that’s happening randomly during the game. So if that random transaction happened when you died, unfortunately you can’t save your progress by disconnecting. Be aware that if you got blown up in your personal vehicle, game saves your personal vehicle being destroyed with transaction (so it saves your death and therefore reset of the CMM Challenge as well).
  • Death is not the only fail condition for the challenge. It’s also playing in a different team. When there’s 3 or 4 of you, someone got disconnected during a prep mission and that mission was finished without that one teammate, your progress will be reset as soon as you start the finale. So, to prevent that from happening, host just gotta change the session and start the prep with full team again. Game can also register you as being a different team if one of you didn’t join for a setup or finale on time or if host has launched mission when not everyone have joined yet, or if someone (except the host) disconnects at any point of a mission. Especially at finales. So that’s what you gotta do: for setups and finales the host must get everyone together in the planning room. Wait until everyone take seats and only then start. And if someone got disconnected during a mission and you see the message about the progress being reset, you have to disconnect immediately. At setup missions you can just get mission failed screen because someone left, but at finales the mission may not fail, although the challenge will be failed because now you’re playing as different team.


Prep Missions

In this section I’m going to talk about the tips and tactics than can save you some time. Prep missions are pretty trivial. And the fact that you’re allowed to die at those missions makes them even more easy. Also, you can Lester to clear your wanted level. So you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re doing this in team of 3 or 4, the host can stay at the facility for the most of the preps to start them faster while the others can go to the city to be near possible locations of the missions.

Act I – The Data Breaches



  • Paramedic Equipment (Ambulance)
    The easiest mission. When you’re starting the mission, Lester tells you to go for ambulance that is marked on the map, which can be far away, but you can just simply call 911 and an ambulance will come to you. After clearing the wanted level you can deliver it to the facility. One person job (like almost all of the preps), so one of you can do it while the others can prepare for the next mission.
  • Deluxos
    One of the two preps that can’t be done solo and that you need to do with your full team. Cargobob is very helpful here. If you have one, you can call it, pick up your teammates that don’t have it and fly to the destination which is a mansion somewhere between the University and Eclipse tower. When you arrive, land somewhere close, but not on the road (because panicking NPC drivers will destroy it) or stay in the air and let your teammates do the job. You need to kill enemies to find a key that one of them carries. As soon as you’re done, get the key, open the garage and drive out all 4 cars. Yes, you need to deliver all 4 even if you’re playing as team of 2 or 3. Don’t forget to close the door and park them in a suitable for Cargobob location (some open area like the middle of the road). And now you’re either hook up a Deluxo with Cargobob or just drive it. You need to go to LSC (Despite that game tells you deliver the car to the facility if you’re carrying it with Cargobob). If you have Wind farm or Lake facility, you need to deliver cars to the LSC in the city. If that’s Paleto Bay facility, then to Paleto. And if it’s any other facility, you need to deliver them to the Grand Senora Desert LSC. Cargobob pilot can just drop a car near LSC and fly for the next one and whoever drives can respray that car. After they all have been resprayed, you can deliver them to the facility.
  • Akula
    Two or three person job. One of you goes to the Fort Zancudo to get the location of the Akula while the other(-s) can fly south where the location will be. It’s either El Burro Heights or LSIA.


Act II – The Bogdan Problem


  • Keycards (Riot)
    There’s gunfight between “the professionals” and police at one of the gas stations. You need to steal the Riot van that is parked nearby. You can just simply use an explosive to blow everyone up. Don’t worry about the van, it’s both bulletproof and explosion proof. After losing the cops, deliver it to the facility. One person job.
  • ULP Intel
    At this mission you need to eliminate a few targets at South LS. Which is pretty simple. After they all are dead you’ll get the location of an apartment where the intel is stored. One enemy will wait for you outside, a few inside and two more come after you pick up the intel. Kill everyone and come back to the facility.
  • Riot Control Van – RCV
    Arrive at the point, drop some tear gas to start a riot and wait for RCV to arrive. You can climb at something like a car to avoid protestors attacking you. Do not kill anyone or the mission will be failed. After RCV arrives, it starts to spray water cannon to calm down anyone. Try to avoid the water spray or it will calm you down to death. After you managed to get in, lose the cops and deliver RCV to the facility. One person job.
  • Strombergs
    Second prep that you need to do in full team. At the map will be marked 6 Wastelanders and only 4 of them are carrying Strombergs. For this mission all of you need to split up and check for each. Some of you can fly together and if a Stromberg is detected, passenger parachutes down and pilot moves to the next one. Block the way for Wastelanders (you can just stand in front of them), pull out the driver and deliver Stromberg to the facility.
  • Torpedoes ECUs
    Two person job, because you need to steal two bags from a platform in the ocean. Using the Buzzard is the best choice for this one. You can also use Seabreeze or Sea Sparrow. Or, if you want to arrive by land, you can use an amphibious vehicle. In Buzzard the passenger can kill the enemies by using the manual rocket targeting (if being co-pilot) or sniper rifle, combat MG or RPG (if rear passenger). Pilot should stay stationary at a good for the shooter angle. After everyone has been killed, pick up the bags and deliver them to the facility. Enemy helicopters will start to chase after you, so watch out.


Act III – The Doomsday Scenario


  • Counterfeit cash
    The bag with cash will spawn near a metro station. Be ready to leave the area quickly right after you picked up the bag, because FIB is gonna be on you. Lose the wanted level and deliver the bag to the facility.
  • Scoping out the port… ehem. the dock
    Arrive, take photos, leave. Easy.
  • Chernobog
    Usually it appears at south – near LSC or in the port, but sometimes it can be at north. When you arrive, you can notice the Rhino tank. It can be very useful against enemies who won’t like you stealing from them. Two of them have railgun and light juggernaut armor, but they barely fire and usually miss, so dealing with them shouldn’t be a big problem. Kill everyone, take Chernobog, deliver it to the facility. Enemies will chase after you with helicopters, but you can just destroy them and they won’t respawn.
  • Barrage
    A mission with optional stealth. Arrive, follow the guy until Lester says you can kill him, pick up the briefcase and deliver it to the facility. If you kill him too early, you’ll get a wanted level.
  • Khanjali
    Another mission with the optional stealth. Arrive, kill the guards, pick up the laptop and deliver it to the facility. Use silenced weapons and don’t miss, or you break stealth immediately, get wanted level and enemies gonna chase after you.
  • Onboard computer
    Can be unlocked only after all the other missions (including setups) are done. You need to take down a Hydra that after crashes into the ocean and then pick up the module from the cockpit. You won’t be able to lock-on, so the best choice here would be Lazer or Hydra (to take it down fast) or Seabreeze (to land on water later). After you pick up the module, an enemy helicopter will be after you. Can cause problems, but you can destroy it and it won’t respawn.


Setups and Finales

And now for the most important and the most interesting part.
As I’ve already mentioned, you need to start those missions only in a closed session.
Host invites everyone in his organization, then to his facility and when everyone are in the planning room you can start. Buy armor, choose your gun, don’t forget about the difficulty and launch.
This is gonna be hard epic!

Dead Courier

A mission with optional stealth. Here you split into two teamsParamedics and Recovery Team. Those who are in the recovery team, or at least one of you, should know how to operate and land a helicopter.
Recovery team can choose any vehicle, but the best choice would be Kuruma (to be completely safe), Insurgent Pickup (to have good fire power and to be relatively safe) or Weaponized Tampa (to have very good firepower) in case if stealth goes wrong (it usually does).
Paramedics team have to use the ambulance.
Preferable weapon for both team to choose is a weapon that has silencer.
After Paramedic team arrive to the coroners office, first you’re going to the morgue and then the upper floor. From stairs you can see two guys talking and other guy walking away. Wait until he goes away, then quickly kill those two guys and then guys on the floor. After you complete the download, you will be detected anyway. All the enemies will be marked on the radar, but it will show that they all are on the same level, when actually they’re not. If you haven’t break the stealth before the download, the upper floor is clear and safe. Unlike in the Dead Man Walking storyline mission, you can’t just jump off the window for some reason and have to come back the way you came in. After all enemies are killed, don’t move to the exit until you get the message from recovery team that you can.
When recovery team arrive at the point, you need to follow the Savage helicopter. After it lands, you need to kill all the enemies. They all will be marked on the radar until you alert them and after that only ones that pop up from their covers and scream at you will be shown. Look at their positions and routes of those of them who walk, search good angles to shoot them without alerting others. Or you can just simply attack them without any stealth, and you’ll have to do that if you alerted them. As always, be careful, use covers and don’t rush. After all of them are dead, pick up the briefcase, take Savage and land in front on the coroners office. You should do that carefully and make sure the blades aren’t hitting anything. After you landed, give the other team a signal that you’re ready.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Dead Courier - 89EDE18
After Paramedics team gets the signal, you need to get in the helicopter quickly, because police spawn right after you leave the building. You can even switch to first person before leaving, to go downstairs faster.
When everyone are together, the pilot needs to fly north. After you lose the cops you can land. Sometimes a bug can occur when you can’t lose the cops for some really long time. It happens when 3 or more players are in one vehicle. If that happen at this mission or Server Farm mission, one of you except the pilot has to leave the helicopter. You can do that midair, but make sure to not die from fall damage or hitting anything, and preferable would be not to be seen by the cops.

Signal Interceptions

Choose any gun and any vehicle and drive to the destination point.
When you get the Deluxos, there’s two ways you can split for targets – left and straight. You can coordinate with your team which targets you’re going to pick. On your choice depends for which next targets you’ll go after destroying first 4.
When you come close to a van, open SecuroServ app and drive either in front of the van or at a side. Do not drive behind it because there’s a guy inside who will shoot you and can kill you if you’re not careful. And you can’t use your handgun nor your snacks. And also you can’t attack before all the data is downloaded. After download is complete, you can destroy them.
After you destroy first 4 targets, you’ll be able to use hover mode to fly over the water and that’s where next 4 targets will be. Two of them are below the airport and two are above (east and west). Unlike the vans, boats aren’t dangerous at all. After you download the info and destroyed them, move to the airport. The quickest way is to do two “stunt jumps”. For those who are above the airport it’s easy – just speed up and go to the little hill of sand in front of the fence. You’ll see the Cargoplane near in. For those who are below the airport it will be slightly hander – you need to use those things as a ramp. Better if you do that slowly.

Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Signal Interceptions - 8E68043
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Signal Interceptions - 69F46FB
When everyone are together at the waypoint, your Deluxo now can fly and you’ll need to chase the Cargoplane. Only one of you need to stay close to the plane and download the data, while the others need to cover by destroying Valkyries. Don’t come close to them, but also try to stay within lock-on range. Each helicopter takes two missiles to blow up.
After info’s downloaded and Cargoplane’s destroyed, deliver Deluxos to the drop off point and your job is done.

Server Farm

This mission is pretty similar to the Dead Courier mission, but here you need to deal with more enemies. Choose your silenced weapon, get in the Akula stealth helicopter, which you’ve sourced in the prep mission and which will wait for you outside the facility, activate the stealth mode to fly faster and to avoid being seen on the radar (H on the keyboard or right on the D-pad of the controller) and go to the NOOSE headquarter. Again, the pilot should know how to operate a helicopter. As a passenger, be careful with using helicopter camera (E on the keyboard), because to leave the camera mode you need to press F, which also is for leaving the helicopter so you can accidentally leave it midair. On the controller the buttons are different so you won’t have that problem. As you approach the helipad, slow down and land carefully.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - 641AD07
The first part of this mission have to be done in stealth.
Sometimes, after you leave the helicopter and move to the stairs, a bug can happen when one of you gets detected (when you clearly wasn’t). In my experience it won’t happen if you wait before leaving the helicopter and wait after you leave it and then slowly move to the ladder. But even if this bug happens and you got detected (because of the bug or not) – that’s not a big deal and you don’t have to worry about it much. You’ll lose your armor though, but you can put a new one from your inventory.
What you should worry about – getting down the ladder correctly. Since your character being in combat mode, they move faster and that can cause you to fall off the roof (and most likely to die) if you approach the ladder incorrectly. To prevent that from happening, you can use your aim button to move slowly. And also don’t push your teammates and let them go down before yourself (you can’t use ladder if it’s occupied).
After you successfully get on the ground, you need to shoot cameras and guards with silenced weapons. Make sure you have destroyed cameras, because with first shot camera’s light will go off, but the camera can be still on.
When at least one of you reaches the checkpoint, you’ll see a little cutscene with head of security and another guard leaving the building, then all of you will be teleported to the nearest covers. Take down both guards, pick up the codes and go inside the building.
After you get inside the building the stealth becomes optional. It doesn’t matter if you got detected so you don’t need to worry about that. Split into two directions and move the the servers that you need to hack, killing any guard you can see.
The hack is easy. You need to connect left blocks to the right blocks, and you’ll have 4 tries to guess the right order which is enough. Connect them randomly to figure out the right order, and if it’s wrong it will reset. Memorize the wrong ones to not connect them again.
After third hack you’ll get detected and NOOSE will spawn inside the building. Watch the radar to figure out where they are and kill all of them to avoid being shot in the back. Don’t rush. The most secure way is along a wall rather than in the middle. Watch out for two guys above you next to the exit.
After you made your way to the exit, here’s even more difficult part, which is even more harder because it’s nighttime.
The best cover is here
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - 9273CCE

After your path is clear, you can move here
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - BB82DFD
Watch out for enemies coming from those three directions
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - AD8E794
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - 8A0275C
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Server Farm - 6BD0520
After everyone are dead and no one’s threatening you, go back to the helicopter and fly to the Sandy Shores Airfield hangar.
After you’re out of sight of cops or when you’re enough away from any of them, activate the stealth mode. If you activate stealth mode immediately it can cause endless wanted level bug.

The Data Breaches – Act I Finale

This mission mostly depends on your shooting skills rather than on strategies.
Choose Heavy MG or Special Carbine and, to be extra secure, an armored or weaponized vehicle and go to the underground IAA facility which is being invaded by “foreign agents”.
Four guys will be wait outside and they’re not a big problem to deal with.
After you enter the facility, the fun begins.
The enemies here have good weapons and good aim, so you gotta be careful.
Kill 2 enemies immediately and then take covers. You can see a few enemies pushing you. Kill them and move to the counter.
Then you can take cover on the counter to kill the enemies on your right and the enemies that will spawn later in front of you (which happens after Lester speaks).
The safest way is to break a window on your right and moving forward at the lower level rather than continuing moving forward on the counter level. Watch out for enemies above you and one on the same level with you near the stairs.
When you take the stairs back to the counter level, watch out for enemies on your left first and check if there’s anyone on your right. Few more of them will come from the conference room on your left and one from the room near to the stairs to the lower floor. At the stairs you can see one enemy and then one enemy in each of 4 rooms and two in the room with the base defense turrets. Take the stairs to the lower floor and kill the enemies in the server room. Don’t forget to not stay wide open for too long and pick them up as they pop up from their covers. After you clear the room, kill last two guys on the stairs you took before and go to the turrets control room. After destroying all the backups, Act I will be completed


This is where Heavy Sniper Rifle MK II comes in handy. Choose it and your favorite car and drive to the LSIA.
After you enter the hangar, run on the left to take cover behind the gas tank. It won’t explode so it’s safe.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Avenger - B9A0EFE

Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Avenger - 117740A
There’s enough space for all 4 people, but it can be a little awkward, so you can take cover on the right side, but it’s less safe.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Avenger - 714EE61

As you come closer to the Avenger (or the gas tank) light goes off, which makes this mission as complicated as it is. Press E (or right on the D-pad) to activate night vision and use your MK II sniper rifle to find and kill enemies. First take down ones that are above on the right, then enemies in front the gas tank, after that enemies that are above in the middle (which takes time because they’re in cover most of the time) and then you can leave gas tank and kill enemies right above you.
Do not go upstairs until all the enemies are killed. After they’re all dead, go upstairs all together (you can take different stairs, which is preferable, but need to get upstairs at the same time), because as soon as at least one of reaches the top floor, new enemies spawn at the top level and it can cause troubles to your unprepared teammates if they stayed below. As soon as Lester speaks, do a few steps back and snipe everyone.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Avenger - 5C72B67

Remember to not stand openly in front of enemies because they can kill you easily if you stay in their line of sight long enough. Hide behind a wall (or go downstairs when you’re on the top level) between your sniper shots and especially when you’re reloading.
After turning the light back on with the cranks, go downstairs and get inside the Avenger. Passengers approach the back for enter, pilot enters the cockpit.
Press E (or right on the D-pad) to switch into horizontal mode (better if you have forward momentum before switching) and fly low to the Paleto Bay.
Remember that Avenger in this mission doesn’t have any armor so it will explode if you accidentally hit something or stay high long enough so jets will fly after you and most likely gonna shoot you down, unless your passengers on the turrets shot them first, but better not to take that risk at all.
If Avenger gets destroyed, you’ll fail the challenge because the pilot dies.
You can’t land Avenger in the horizontal mode so you need to switch to vertical mode as you approach the waypoint.

Rescue ULP

One of the most interesting missions in my opinion because it mostly depends on strategies, which I’m about to explain.
Here you split into two teamsGround team and Support team. Support team takes shotguns. Ground team can take a rifle or Sniper Rifle MK II, both of them are gonna be used here.
Here you need to choose Insurgent Pickup Custom or Nightshark. If you’re team of 4 you can only take the Insurgent. If you’re team of 2 or 3, the choice depends on what you prefer more. Nightshark is faster and a little safer, but the Insurgent has turret and proximity mines.
After reaching the foundry and killing the enemies outside you need to block the back entrance with your car like that, to prevent enemies from enter here later.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescue ULP - 7D2CBED
Also you can open the door and throw a proximity mine near the entrance to kill two enemies that will spawn right after ground team enters the main entrance. Better to do that as a Support team member.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescue ULP - A0D9CB0
Game says that support team need to go up the water tower, but instead you need to follow the ground team and stay at the entrance behind the door. The game doesn’t let support team members enter the foundry, but you can stay at entrance being safe from the enemies outside and kill them with shotgun if they come inside.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescue ULP - FEC7E91
As ground team, one of you need to kill enemies on the first floor. Heavy Sniper Rifle MK II can help you with detecting where they are.
When everyone who you can see from entrance position is died, both ground team members can move forward to the stairs and kill enemies that will spawn at the second floor.
Even though you’ve blocked the second entrance, game cheats and spawns two enemies when you’re about to take stairs so watch out. You can place proximity mine to that entrance again to kill enemies who will spawn here later after that for the third time.
After you got ULP, a few more enemies will spawn again.
After killing them, move to the main entrance with ULP.
“But what’s about the endless enemies outside?” – you may ask. And here’s the answer: you need to come to the door so ULP gets out but you need to stay inside. You can even stand behind the door to not let him back in. After this betrayal he dies and you can restart from the next checkpoint outside. All the enemies will be gone.
Sometimes ULP can figure out you’re about to betray him and won’t get out, so you’ll have to kill him with explosions and fire. His death doesn’t fail the CMM challenge.
After respawning outside you’ll see a stock Insurgent Pickup that game suggest you to use, but you can take your own one which is parked behind it on the road and that’s what you should do. Make sure that ULP doesn’t take the back seat which is outside of the Pickup. If he does so, exit the car and get back in so he takes a seat inside.
And now begins a long drive to the Grapeseed Airfield. Enemies in Nighsharks will chase after you, and after you leave the city there will be helicopters. If you have Nightshark you can just avoid all of them and drive away. If you have the Insurgent, you can also kill everyone on your way with turret, but be careful not to be shot down and remember that if you’re playing in team of 4 you can’t get inside to the passenger seat from the turret (to heal in safe, for example) because all the seats are occupied. As a passenger, you can switch to first person and duck (X on keyboard and A on the controller) to be even more safe. Driver can do that too, but driving will be harder. Also, driver of the Insurgent can plant the proximity mines (E or D-pad right) for enemies behind you. When you’re close enough to the waypoint, enemies will stop chasing you.

Hard Drives

In this mission you’re going to use the RCV which you’ve stolen previously. You split into two teams: Operators – those who can drive it and control one of two water cannons and Collectors – those who gonna collect the hard drives from the burning vans around the city that we need to extinguish within 20 minutes, which is pretty much enough. If you’re playing as team of 3, it’s better if two of you join the Collectors team because Operators cannot use their drive-by weapons (AP pistol and Micro SMG) in the RCV and can only control a water cannon (which is far less effective against enemies, but still can be useful). If one of you have controller you can be the driver because you can use a strategy that keyboard users can’t use. The ability to eat snack to restore your HP and extinguish the fire at the same time. Also, as the driver, if that’s possible, you can block enemies’ line of sight for your teammates with the RCV while they’re collecting the hard drives. And as collector to be safe I recommend to open snacks menu as soon as you pressed the button to collect a hard drive, to prevent being shot while you’re collecting or right after this. The RCV isn’t very bullet resistant though, so it can eventually catch on fire. But you don’t need to worry about that because if that happens it won’t blow up from that immediately and you will be able to leave it. And also the time can run out or one of the vans can explode after their HP counts down to zero, but if that happens you’ll be able to just simply restart with enough given time.
First burn site is pretty trivial and you should not have any difficulties. Extinguish, collect, and more to the second burn site, while being irritated by enemy Nightsharks on your way.
Second burn site is a little harder, but still easy. Just watch out for hard drives vans’ HP scale (it starts to decrease as soon as you arrive) and extinguish them all until their HP runs out. First try to kill enemies that are trying to shoot directly to you and then those who are missing or distracted. After everything is done, move to the third site, again trying to dodge Nightsharks along the way.
And that’s where the hard part begins. The third site has a lot of enemies, that are respawning. So here are three strategies you can use here.
First – is where you just rush and extinguish all the fire while all your teammates are shooting enemies from the RCV. I only recommend that if you’re playing as team of 4.
Second – is mostly for those who has a teammate with controller, because without it it can be really tough. The strategy is: you drop your passengers at sniper positions where they can cover you and kill enemies while being relatively safe.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - 66CF1F6

Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - 1AA697E
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - B6BFA12
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - C664AEB
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - 0967589
After dropping your teammates at the positions, open your snacks menu and move on the vans. Extinguish all the fire but watch carefully for your HP bar. Eat snack as you’re being damaged, but don’t eat them while you’re not, because you wouldn’t want to run out of snacks and be in a difficult situation. As soon as all the fire is extinguished and the most enemies are died, you can get out and shoot enemies, and your teammates can come and collect the drives. Enemies will still respawn so you gotta watch out and cover each other.
And the third one is a combination of the first two. You arrive at the point and park RCV in front of it as a cover position. And from there you shoot all the visible enemies. After the most of them are gone, the driver goes for the vans while the rest of the team deal with backups and respawning enemies. After everything is extinguished, you use the van as shield for Collectors while they’re collecting the drives.
After you’ve succeed, it’s time to move for the last burn site. Which is surprisingly isn’t that hard as the third one, at least on the first half. You just arrive and extinguish all the fire. Most of the enemies don’t have good angle to shoot you (especially if you stop to extinguish at correct angles), and those who do you can just kill. Extinguish from right to left, ending with the van E.
After all the fire is extinguished, the timer stops and you don’t have to worry about time anymore if you did. All that left to do is collecting and killing enemies. Driver can take RCV and help Collectors by protecting them. While others can go trough this gap as alternative to going back the way you came in.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - 9361D73

Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Hard Drives - A73B7DF
Still you need to be careful and watch out for enemies that can push you.
After everything is done, just deliver the RCV to the waypoint and the missions is done.

Submarine Recon

Tired after the previous hard missions? Then it’s time to calm down and chill on this one.
You’re taking the Strombergs that you’ve stolen before and moving to the Paleto Cove or Paleto Bay depends on in which team you are. Your destination points are there
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Submarine Recon - 0A417C6
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Submarine Recon - 9477447
But before that you need to destroy the resupply convoy. It can be done solo so only one can go for it while the others can just go to Paleto.
The only thing you should care about is keeping distance between you and helicopters because they’re firing missiles if they’re close enough having a good angle on you and your Stromberg doesn’t have any armor.
After the convoy is down, the swimming begins.
First you need to destroy some underwater mines. Just don’t crash into them.
And after that you need to scan the sub or some wreckage.
After everything is done, move to the surface and deliver Strombergs at the waypoint.
Sometimes a bug can happen when engine of one of the Strombers that arrive at the waypoint just randomly dies. I’m still not sure what causes this, it may be either some damage on your way or more likely arriving a lot earlier than your teammates. Try to wait for them and deliver the cars all together. Anyway, if it still happens, you’ll just need to repeat scanning and come to the waypoint again. The bug won’t happen for a second time.

The Bogdan Problem – Act II Finale

Everyone’s favorite mission. The famous grinding mission of GTA Online. Many people already know not only how to just complete it, but how to also do it faster to complete the Elite Challenge (which is actually the easiest Elite Challenge of all the heists). And that mission is actually interesting unless you did it dozens of times because it gives you a lot of opportunities for different strategies.
Mostly because this mission has something that all other heists missions don’t have – the ability to call Pegasus! Which allows you to use anything you have as Pegasus vehicles – Rhino tank, jets, helicopters, boats, the Blimp… Which you can use for your advantage. If your facility isn’t located in Paleto Bay or Zankudo, you can call a helicopter to reach your destination faster, which will spawn at the Sandy Shores airfield. If you have the Lake facility is can spawn on the roof of the Server Farm, which isn’t preferable, so better to call in when you’re close to the airfield. When you’re above the destination point in the helicopter, Submarine team jumps out and parachutes to the Stromberg while Support team flies a little away and land like in front of the free (for Premium Edition owners) bunker.
While Submarine team reaches the Submarine, the Support team has plenty of time to prepare. You don’t have to take the Avenger. Instead, you just need to pick up your teammates after they’re done and drive them to it.
And here’s two options how you can do that. First is classic – with a boat. You can either call one from Pegasus and it will spawn nearby or you can find a random one that also can spawn not so far away. If you can’t find a random boat and you don’t have one, you can just simply buy it and call from Pegasus, they’re pretty cheap.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - The Bogdan Problem - Act II Finale - 75F8EF9
Don’t forget to park a car on the beach to continue your way to the Avenger and make sure it has enough seats for all of you.
Alternatively, you have a better option – your own personal amphibious vehicle, or someone’s of your team. Though, there’s only two options available – Zhaba and Toreador.
Take whichever you have and go to the spot where you pick up your teammates. In Toreador you need to be on the very bottom.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - The Bogdan Problem - Act II Finale - D10E2CA

All you have to do is wait.
Meanwhile, the Submarine team needs to reach the control room a.k.a the bridge, but before that you’ll need to find Avons contact which is near the Torpedo room on the below level. You could familiarize with your ways to those locations in your or someone else’s own Kosatka Submarine, they’re pretty similar. Take down everyone on your way. Don’t rush even if you want to complete the Elite Challenge, you’ll have pretty much enough time anyway. Be careful when going to stairs because enemies can wait for you upstairs and downstairs and shoot you unexpectedly.
After reaching the bridge and watching the cutscene you’ll leave the Submarine without your Strombers and spawn on the bottom. And here’s will be your team waiting for you either on the bottom in Toreador or on surface right above you. Get in the vehicle and go to the Avenger. After that everything you need to do is just flying to LSIA. And landing in the Davin Weston’s hangar. After careful landing act II will be done.

Rescuing Agent 14

Probably, when you thought about this challenge, that was the mission that you thought of as a big obstacle. “It’s so hard!” “Those invisible juggernauts!” “This mission is insane!” But no worries. Missions before it were harder. And this one isn’t hard, if you just use one simple tool. And its name is Half Truck.
Half Truck can be only used by two or three people, if you have team of 4 you’ll have to take Kuruma as support vehicle, or another Half Truck.
First part is trivial. Just killing Merryweather guys, nothing special.
After they’re all dead, don’t go to the Agent 14 yet. First thing that you need to do is parking Half Truck at this specific spot
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescuing Agent 14 - 9C110D0
After you make sure the Half Truck is parked correctly, one of you need to reach the Agent 14 and when he start speaking get to the Half Truck as soon as possible. Why? Because the cutscene starts after the dialogue. And after that cutscene you’ll spawn at the nearest covers in the dock. But you can be far enough away so the cutscene doesn’t trigger and you don’t get teleported to the covers. That spot is the restart point which you aren’t gonna see when you’re doing this challenge.
After all the enemies spawn, press E or D-pad right to activate thermal vision to being able to see the Juggernauts. Drive backwards to them as the driver and face them as the gunner, make sure they’re never have angle on you from left or right because you’re vulnerable from the sides. Kill first three and the next 4 will spawn on the other side. Drive closer and kill them too. After killing 3 of them the next enemies will spawn and repeal from the helicopters, but before moving on them you need to kill 4th juggernaut too. And after that you can drive out and drive to the left side of the dock to take down the helicopters.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescuing Agent 14 - 5D661C7
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescuing Agent 14 - 0EB0D6C
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - Rescuing Agent 14 - 52ACFF9
After that you just need to kill a lot of the Avon’s goons. Another helicopter with show up at some point and you need to shoot it ASAP because it can fire rockets is comes close enough. Move forward. In the other dock two more Juggernauts will spawn.
And after that two more in the other end.
After everyone is dead, just take an Akula and fly with Agent 14 to the waypoint while keeping low altitude. With stealth mode you can fly faster.

Escorting ULP

This mission has low chances of you dying compared to the other missions, and gives you a great opportunity to test the best anti-aircraft missile launcher in the game called Chernobog. It has only two seats, so if you’re playing as team of 3 or 4 you’ll need to bring a support vehicle. Game provides you Ramp Buggy, but it isn’t useful at all. For team or 3 the best choice is either Weaponized Tampa or Toreador. Both of them aren’t really secure, but provide good firepower, so if you keep distance from enemies it should be fine. And for team of 4 the best choice is clearly the Half Truck, which does a lot of damage and being secure, as you may learn from the previous mission.
Though, before you’ll be able to take the Chernobog, there’s fighting to do, because it’s being guarded. The best and safest vehicle that can help you with it is Armored Kuruma, but Weaponized Tampa and Half Truck are pretty effective as well. Do not use Toreador, because you can accidentally blow up the Chernobog.
After you got your hands on the Chernobog, drive to the point where you meet the ULP, who’s flying Havok little helicopter. After you meet him, a lot of Valkyries will be after him, and you as well. Thankfully, they aren’t using the explosive turret and just fire their minigun turrets. There also will be roadblocks, but it’s not a big deal because they’re not dangerous. Your primary objective is to defend ULP from Valkyries that fly near him, thus you need to stay close to him.
Chernobog can fire only when missile launcher mode is activated which prevents you from driving. To activate and deactivate it, press H on the keyboard or right on the D-pad. You can activate it even while moving, which will help you to stop you faster than braking and allow the turret operator use the launcher immediately. Targeting of Chernobog works similar to the Homing Launcher – it takes some time to lock on and you’ll have to wait until it fully locks-on (when the square becomes red) and then you can fire barrage up to five very agile homing missiles. If you fire before full locking, it won’t hit the target.
All you have to do there is just following ULP and stopping on the way to destroy Valkyries, until ULP arrives to his waypoint, which is the same as waypoint of the previous mission – the cocaine lockup.


On this mission you’re going to steal the Barrage, which is being transported by air, and then to clear the Sandy Shores airfield from enemies. You’ll be given Heavy Sniper Rifle MK II with explosive ammo that you can use on the helicopters convoy, which is guarding the Cargobob that carries Barrage, but I’d recommend to save that ammo for the airfield, especially if you’re playing as team of 2. You can use Insurgent Pickup, Half Truck or Weaponized Tampa to take down the helicopters. Better not to destroy the Cargobob too early, because Barrage can stuck in awkward unacceptable spots. Best is to destroy it when it’s close to you.
After you got the Barrage, drive to the airfield. Better to go off-road, because that will help you to encounter less enemies on your way. The best way is to take the Caida Libre storymode mission route – the road in front of the Observatory, then down the hill to the stunt jump and then straight to the airfield.
The closer you are to the enemies the higher chance of you dying, so the best option here is to use the Heavy Sniper Rifle MK II that game gives you for this mission. Stop like in the middle of the airstrip and just snipe anyone and everything. If some enemies are out of your sight you can change your position to have a better angle while still keeping the distance.
After everyone at the airfield is killed, deliver the Barrage to the waypoint while still going off-road.


Here you’re stealing the Khanjali tank which is stored at a junkyard and being heavily guarded by Avon’s goons. The best vehicle for this mission is Kuruma.
When you arrive at the spot, you’ll need to destroy Insurgents and Anti-Aircraft Trailers first. Get rid of the nearby enemies, get out the car and use explosives to destroy the vehicles. Driver – be careful not to lose a door of your Kuruma, which can happen if passengers get out but you’re still keep driving, and which will make your passengers vulnerable for the enemies. Also make sure to keep enough distance from the explosions. After everything’s destroyed, time to go for the tank. With Kuruma you shouldn’t have any problems killing the guards. After everyone’s dead, get in the tank and drive to the waypoint.
Avoid getting to the Airfield because you can encounter enemy tanks. And watch out for Hunter helicopters, destroy them as fast as you can. Anything else on your way shouldn’t be a problem.

Air Defence

The last setup mission, which requires you to destroy the SAM turrets that are located on the “Mount Chilly Pepper”. To do that, you’ll be given the most epic Volatol bomber plane, which also has two machine gun turrets. Your team’s best pilot takes the plane and all together you fly to the mountain. To destroy the turrets you’ll need to level up the nose of your plane with each of the turret and then drop the bombs at the right time while flying them over. May take a few tries. If you’re playing as team of 4, the second pilot controls the bomb bay. Also, the SAM turrets can be destroyed with your machine gun turrets if they’re right in front of the plane. Sadly, you can’t shoot your turret at other directions. Which means you’ll have a hard time destroying the jets that come after you. But don’t worry about them because Volatol in this mission has good armor. Just concentrate on destroying the turrets.
After everything is done, just land at the same place where you took the plane and the mission is completed.

The Doomsday Scenario – Act III Finale

And here is is. The final mission, and also the hardest one. You’ve been preparing for it, and now it’s time to use all your knowledge and skills you’ve got from the previous missions to finish the last one, to finish the whole story. And to complete the challenges.
Before starting, make sure you got your weapons, armor and snacks – on this mission it’s important like nowhere else. Best weapon for this mission is Combat MG MK II with armor piercing billets magazine. Extended magazine is good enough too. Special Carbine MK II with the same kind of magazines as backup weapon. Minigun is necessary here as well. And any kind of Sniper Rifle, especially the Heavy MK II one with thermal scope to help you detect enemies in the dark tunnels.
Get in your car and go to the point where the Barrage and Khanjali, that you’ve stolen before, are parked. You can take only one of them and the choice is pretty obvious. Despite being slow, Khanjali is well protected from any bullets.
After getting in the tunnel, just go push trough while destroying everything on your way. When you approach the end of the tunnel, drive left side while keeping the full speed. Then your tank will be stopped and won’t be able to move anywhere. And there will be 4 juggernauts meeting you. And that’s the main reason why tank is the best choice. Destroy them and then leave your tank. That’s where the hard part begins.
In the next room will be some enemies not letting you go trough. Be careful to not get sprayed right away, take cover and shoot them as they pop up.
The most obvious cover is on the left, but you can also try to just hold back (close to the “shed”) and snipe everyone.
After everyone are dead, move to the tunnel and get your minigun ready, because here comes another juggernaut, with a couple of Avon’s goons. After that, the tunnel splits into two – left and right. Also, you’ll need to destroy some green boxes. Left is a lot easier with fewer enemies who are hiding behind the columns and the right is two big rooms with a lot of enemies and some of them are spawning only if you come close enough to them. And not only just that, but enemies can also spawn behind you by one and take one of the tunnels so you gotta watch out for them too. You can place proximity mines to be more safe.
Those who are in left tunnel also should be careful when going past the entrance to the room of the right tunnel because enemies can shoot at you from there. And you can shoot at them too, helping your teammates, but watch out for the enemies in front of you.
Those who are in the right tunnel first take cover on the left side and try to kill visible enemies (best is to go for headshots, otherwise it will take a lot of time because they got a lot of HP). Then you can go hide behind the container on your right and them move forward to the cover between two rooms, it will be easy to kill enemies from there. Don’t forget to destroy the required boxes. Then you take tunnel on your right. Be very careful when entering it, because the two enemies here are dangerous. Take cover and shoot them before entering. Then there will be one more enemy. And then it comes to the point, where right and left tunnels connect into one big tunnel. Approach it very carefully, because there will be two juggernauts waiting for you. Best is to stay behind cover shoot them in first person and hide when they’re shooting at you.
Left tunnel team approaches the two floor building. Shoot the enemies on the second floor and get in cover on your left because there will be the juggernauts. The best is to use sniper rifle against them.
They will be targeting either those of you who are on the right tunnel or those who are on the left (in front of them). You can bait them to attack you so your teammates could shoot them safely.
After they’re killed, there’s one last obstacle before the next scene – enemies guarding entrance to the nuclear silo. Here’s two of them who hide behind covers and are spraying bullets by blind shooting.
Be careful when picking them off.
After watching funny cutscene with Lester baiting Clifford to open the door, you get to the nuclear silo. Here’s when you need to decide who’s gonna be hacker and who will support. The hacker will be going to hack all the 4 terminals while support team protects them. While you’re hacking, the enemies won’t target you, so you’re safe, but you can still be shot and killed if they hit you. Which can happen if your teammate hides behind you, for example. But when you complete your hack, the enemies will start attacking you and you’ll be vulnerable in the first seconds, that’s why it’s important for someone to help you and clear the enemies.
Before going for the hack, you need to get rid of the enemies on the entrance. The first one who’s on the above level can be sniped right away trough the door glass. Then you need to kill enemies in front of you and then enemies on your right. After that, deal with enemies on your left and you can go upstairs. Here’s when you, as hacker, can start rushing. One enemy on the stairs, one is behind, one on the front. Go to the first terminal. Hacking is not too hard, but it may take time to figure out how to do it.
After the hack is done, move for the second terminal. There will be more and more enemies after each hack and they will be more and more aggressive, so you gotta be careful. You can either shoot them quickly on your way or open snacks menu and eat snacks as you run past and being attacked.
For the supporters, you need to take cover somewhere safe near the hacker and clear the enemies that can shoot them. Then follow after hack is done.
The most dangerous point is after the third hack. Before starting it, you can additionally place some proximity mines to be more safe, but don’t forget about them later. After you finish it, you’ll need to hope the enemies won’t kill you instantly and move to the last hack, but instead of moving forward (there will be lots of enemies), move back the way you came (past the second hack terminal).
After all the hacking is done, the enemies will calm down and you just have to kill a few of them that are left.
After everything is clear, all of you need to go to the top floor to use Orbital Cannon to destroy 4 targets around the city. A and B are on the left and relatively close to each other. D is on the right and not so far from the start point. C is the furthest one.
After that, go to the first floor to the next corridor, chasing after Avon. It will be full of enemies and the area is pretty tight. Carefully kill enemies on the entrance and go the corridors. Watch out for the small green boxes because those are explosive and if you shoot them you can die.
Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide - The Doomsday Scenario - Act III Finale - 17A93E0
After you reach the rocket shaft, you’ll see the cutscene of Avon trying to escape with a Thruster Jetpack and you’ll have to chase after him in one of those. Also, there will be enemy helicopters trying to shoot you. Be very careful and don’t come anywhere close to the enemies because they can spray you with their cannons. The main goal is to chase and destroy Avon and then they all will just fly away.
After Avon is dead, all you have to do is to fly to the observatory, land your Thruster and watch the cutscene with Lester talking about how he misses high school.

Congratulations, you have completed the hardest challenge in the game! Now you can throw a party at your casino penthouse and celebrate your victory with your team. You’re the best 😉


This guide took a lot of time to make so I would really appreciate if you like it, share it with friends and maybe even give a reward.
Add it to your favorite if you don’t want to lose it.
Thank you for reading! 🙂

Written by Andris

Here we come to an end for Grand Theft Auto V Doomsday Heist and its Criminal Mastermind Challenges Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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