Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 – RE3 Install Guide

Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 – RE3 Install Guide 1 -
Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 – RE3 Install Guide 1 -
How to install and run the recent reverse-engineered GTA 3 fixes with RE3.


What is RE3?

Information taken from the relevant github for the project 
Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 - RE3 Install Guide 
re3 was started sometime in the spring of 2018, initially as a way to test reversed collision and physics code inside the game. This was done by replacing single functions of the game with their reversed counterparts using a dll. 
After a bit of work the project lay dormant for about a year and was picked up again and pushed to github in May 2019. At the time I (aap) had reversed around 10k lines of code and estimated the final game to have around 200-250k. Others quickly joined the effort (Fire_Head, shfil, erorcun and Nick007J in time order, and Serge a bit later) and we made very quick progress throughout the summer of 2019 after which the pace slowed down a bit. 
Due to everyone staying home during the start of the Corona pandemic everybody had a lot of time to work on re3 again and we finally got a standalone exe in April 2020 (around 180k lines by then). 
After the initial excitement and fixing and polishing the code further, reVC was started in early May 2020 by starting from re3 code, not by starting from scratch replacing functions with a dll. After a few months of mostly steady progress we considered reVC finished in December. 
Since then we have started reLCS, which is currently work in progress. 
Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 - RE3 Install Guide 


We have implemented a number of changes and improvements to the original game. They can be configured in core/config.h. Some of them can be toggled at runtime, some cannot. 

  • Fixed a lot of smaller and bigger bugs 
  • User files (saves and settings) stored in GTA root directory 
  • Settings stored in re3.ini file instead of gta3.set 
  • Debug menu to do and change various things (Ctrl-M to open) 
  • Debug camera (Ctrl-B to toggle) 
  • Rotatable camera 
  • XInput controller support (Windows) 
  • No loading screens between islands (“map memory usage” in menu) 
  • Skinned ped support (models from Xbox or Mobile) 
  • Rendering 
  • Widescreen support (properly scaled HUD, Menu and FOV) 
  • PS2 MatFX (vehicle reflections) 
  • PS2 alpha test (better rendering of transparency) 
  • PS2 particles 
  • Xbox vehicle rendering 
  • Xbox world lightmap rendering (needs Xbox map) 
  • Xbox ped rim light 
  • Xbox screen rain droplets 
  • More customizable colourfilter 
  • Map 
  • Controller configuration menu

Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 - RE3 Install Guide 



  • Fix physics for high FPS 
  • Improve performance on lower end devices, especially the OpenGL layer on the Raspberry Pi 
  • Compare code with PS2 code (tedious, no good decompiler) 
  • PS2 port 
  • Xbox port (not quite as important) 
  • reverse remaining unused/debug functions 
  • compare CodeWarrior build with original binary for more accurate code (very tedious)


Required files

1. GTA 3 on – or –  
(if one doesn’t work, just replace the files with the other)


How to Install

– Install GTA 3 and open up it’s installation folder (right click on game in your library and choose “browse local files”) 
– Open up your relevant version of Re3 (either 32bit or 64bit) 
– Drag contents from the RE3 .zip files and put them into your GTA 3 installation directory. Overwrite any files if it asks you. 
– To get the mod to launch with Steam (and thus count towards your playtime), change the name of “gta3.exe” to “gta3_old” and rename re.exe to gta3.exe 
– To activate the in-game debug menu, press CONTROL+M 
– To activate the free-cam, press CONTROL+B 
Enjoy 🙂 


Here we come to an end for Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3 – RE3 Install Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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