Goose Goose Duck Known Glitches and How to Deal with Them

Goose Goose Duck Known Glitches and How to Deal with Them 1 -
Goose Goose Duck Known Glitches and How to Deal with Them 1 -
This guide covers all in-game glitches I’m aware of with tips on how to fix them and/or prevent them.



Game glitches in a game like Goose Goose Duck where patches are frequent mean that not every glitch you may experience may be frequent, nor does it mean that a particular glitch will persist. None of these glitches can be exploited in any way. Please leave a comment if you know more about an existing glitch or if you find a new glitch. 
Please also note that not all issues you may be experiencing may be actual glitches. Some causes of problems that are not actually related to glitches would include your computer not meeting the minimum specs for the game, your internet connection being unstable, or trying to play from a country that blocks or conflicts the built in authentication software. 

Game Stuck on “Game Starting”

Who – Host of a game lobby. 
Where – In the lobby before a game starts. 
When – After attempting to start the game. 
Symptoms – The dialogue box at the bottom of the screen continues to say “Game Starting” instead of “Start Game.” 
Known cause(s) – A player joining or leaving the lobby within a few frames of when the host clicks the button to start the game. 
How to fix – The host must leave the lobby and rejoin it if they choose. The new host should be able to start the game. If not, the new host must also leave the game. 
How to prevent – Always lock your lobby before starting a game, especially if the lobby is not full. 

No Player Interface

Who – Some or all players in a lobby. 
When – After a game has started. 
Symptoms – On screen buttons for use, report, map, and any special abilities are absent. Hotkeys to perform these actions do not work. 
Known Cause(s) – Often happens in conjunction with the game starting glitch above after the new host has started the game, but it can also just happen on occasion. 
How to Fix – The only way to fix this is to end the game as soon as possible. Call an emergency meeting. Preferably, identify the dodo and vote them out. If not, you will have to ask who the duck(s) are and ask them to leave the game or vote them out one by one. 
How to Prevent – There is no known way to prevent this glitch. 

Unusual Game Lag

Who – Any player. 
When – After 1 or more rounds of play in the same lobby. 
Symptoms – Lag continues to get worse over time. 
Known Cause(s) – The text chat in Goose Goose Duck does not erase old messages over time, so the game saves every message from when you joined the lobby. This eats up precious memory and storage during play. This issue is less prevalent in lobbies using voice chat. 
How to Fix – Leave the lobby you are in and rejoin it as soon as you can. This will erase all saved text chat messages. 
How to Prevent – Follow the steps under “How to Fix” after every few matches, or every match if it’s bad enough. 

Game Crashes, Only in Private Lobbies

Who – Players in private lobbies with proximity chat enabled. 
When – During a game, especially when trying to use your mic or during meetings. 
Symptoms – Game crashes ONLY in private games with proximity chat. 
Known Cause(s) – These crashes are the result of a conflict between the in-game noise cancelling/filtering software and other third party apps such as the HP Command Center or The Corsairs iQue software. 
How to Fix – Go to your Task Manager, disable all third party sound software, and try playing again. 
How to Prevent – See “How to Fix.” 
Source – Pinned discussion thread by developer “CRASHING RELATED TO THE USE OF THIRD PARTY MIC SOFTWARE.” 

By Danero

Here we come to an end for Goose Goose Duck Known Glitches and How to Deal with Them hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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