Good Doggo Single upgrade effects & Overview

Good Doggo Single upgrade effects & Overview 1 -
Good Doggo Single upgrade effects & Overview 1 -

This guide will tell you how ever single upgrade effects the game!


I have separated every single upgrade into it’s own area were it will be described!
I also have what happens ounce the upgrade is fully upgraded.
In order to upgrade an upgrade to level four you need to have premium!

Taller Stack

The taller stack upgrade makes all of your stacks able to become taller!
The taller the stack is the more unbalanced it gets!
The taller the stack gets the more treats fall down ounce the stack has been thrown and spreads out
the fancier treats upgrade!

Ounce taller stack is fully upgraded you get 100 treats per stack!

Better Balance

This upgrade makes the bone tower tilt to the side slower!
This upgrade becomes less effective the taller the treat stacks are!
Ounce the stack height upgrade is maxed out as well as this one the balancing becomes not very effective and the stack tilts side to side a lot!

Faster Growth

The faster growth upgrade makes the stacks reach there maximum height quicker!
Ounce fully upgraded at max upgraded stack height it takes about 11 seconds to reach max height!

Neater Toss

The neater toss upgrade makes the falling treats group closer together!
The falling treats start scattered around the entire area!
Ounce fully upgrade though the treats group together in a zig zag line!

Faster Toss

The faster toss upgrade makes falling treats fall faster!
The more the taller stack upgrade is upgraded the longer the time it will take for the treats to fall down!
Ounce fully upgraded it takes about 9 seconds for all of the treats to reach the dogs level!

Shorter Hold

The shorter hold upgrade makes the time waiting for the stacks to toss ounce maximum height has been reached less!
Ounce fully upgraded there is no time holding the stack ounce maximum height has been reached!

More stacks

The more stacks upgrade adds another stack every time it is upgraded!
Every stack has the same maximum height as each other!
Any treats that fall off wile stacking will fall off of all of the stacks!
Ounce fully upgraded you will have five different stacks!

Fancier Treats

The fancier treats upgrade makes treats worth more points!
The color shows which tier it is!
Those different tiers are…..

  • Dark green = 1 point
  • Purplish pink = 2 points
  • Orange = 5 points
  • Yellow = 10 points
  • White =15 points

Ounce fully upgraded there will be no more green treats!
And when fully upgraded they will appear in order from purplish pink to white from bottom to top!


This is the end of the guide!
I hope this guide helps you know exactly which upgrade does what wile playing the game!

Written by PinkPotatoe

Hope you enjoy the post for Good Doggo Single upgrade effects & Overview, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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