Gnomes & Goblins How to play

Gnomes & Goblins How to play 1 -
Gnomes & Goblins How to play 1 -
Since the story mode doesn’t give you many hints on how to play goblins & gnomes after it, this guide is a bit of a manual for the free mode



In this guide I will give you some hints on how to play gnomes & goblins after the story mode. It seems, many users don’t know, what to do and how to interact with the world after the first hour. 
For this guide I assume, you played to the end of the story mode. 
Since finding out how this world works can be considered as something you should find out by yourself, you might think, this guide is full of spoilers, so be warned! 

Basic gameplay

There are a number of artifacts you can use during the game, the bell including the fairies, the teleport stone and the bucket. These behave differently when being tall vs. having goblin size. 
The bell 
Grab it to put it to your belt at your right side. 

  • While you’re tall: Summons fairies, which you can grab and shake to do special tasks for you. 
  • While you’re small: Makes you tall again, teleporting you out into the open, to a fixed point near where you were in small form.

The teleport stone 
Grab it to put it to your belt at your front left side. 

  • While you’re tall: Glows blue. If you point it to the direction of any of the few main places, it will show a picture of that place. Holding that direction, move it to your eyes to teleport to that location. 
  • While you’re small: Glows green. In most areas where you can shrink there are several rooms for you to reach, some by just moving around and climbing ladders, but some just by using the teleport stone. Equal to tall form the room you’re pointing the stone at will show a little picture, and you can teleport there by moving the stone to your eyes. Don’t forget to search for teleportable rooms above and below of your position. If you got into a new room, new positions might be availabe, for instance inside a tree with several rooms above each other you will only be able to reach the room directly above/below you and have to move up/down several times. Additional to the picture inside the teleport stone, the room which you point at will start to glow green, too.

The bucket and the tree stump 
The tree stump is a sort of global chest for you. All items you put into it will appear in all other tree stumps as well. You can put all collectable items for brewing inside of it, like cherries and pumpkins. There is a maximum number for each item, 3 or so for pumpkins, after which any more items of this kind will just vanish when you try to put it into the tree stump. 
The bucket can be found in the world, and after you found it, it will appear next to every tree stump. You can try to put several items at once into it to transport them around. E.g., you might fill it with a lot of cherries and pour them out into the tree stump, or get only the ingredients for your next beer and transport them to the little goblin cart for brewing. 
The fairies 
There are four different fairies which you can summon by shaking your bell. Depending on your location, there might only be two of them appearing. You can run around and shake the bell several times to check, which fairy can be used at your current location. 
It is possible to keep a fairy in your hand while you travel, which is very useful with the hint fairy. It is sometimes possible to hold the hint fairy in your hand when shaking the bell another time to get the shrink fairy, and by doing so having the hint fairy with you while you’re having goblin size. 

  • The map fairy: Glows white, appears everywhere. When you shake it, a map is shown in front of you with an orange dot as your current location. 
  • The hint fairy: Glows orange, appears everywhere. When shaking it, a wave is sent out from your current position, which highlights all items you can pick up. Note, that some items not highlighted can be used, too, for instance horns in goblin size. 
  • The shrink fairy: Glows green, appears only at locations where you can shrink to goblin size. If you shake it, you shrink and can visit the goblins housings. You can shrink at the main locations, some other goblins houses, the gnome-cave, all raft stations and at the statue inside the ceremonial cave. 
  • The day-night fairy: Glows orange-red, appears only inside your tree house. Shaking it changes the time between day and night.

Using ladders 
Grab the ladder somewhere up (trigger button) and pull it down (releasing the trigger) to ascend the ladder. Do this several times to reach the upper end of the ladder. If you’re not yet at the top of the ladder, you will automatically slide down. Do the opposite to descend a ladder. To start descending, you don’t actually have to grab the ladder (which will be at your feet), but may also grab somewhere above the ladder without kneeling down. 
Travelling around 
You can reach most of the visitable places in your tall form by just wandering around. One exception is the market place, where you have to shrink to pass a broken tree. Another is the ceremonial cave, which you can only reach by paddling with the wooden board near your treehouse. 
When in goblin size form, you can only pass through doors, which are smaller than you, by lowering your head. With teleport mode on, you will notice the blue teleport circle stopping right in front of smaller doors, but when you kneel down, the blue teleport circle suddenly appears at the other side of the door, letting you pass through it. The same applies to slide mode. 
Passing broken bridges is possible by travelling through the water at the side of the bridge. 
Rafting with the goblins 
On several locations at rivers there are small wooden piers hovering above the water. After a short time a raft steered by two goblins will arive. They row back and forth between two piers. To sail with them, summon the shrink fairy, shrink and get onto the boat. If you’re at your destination and want to return to your starting point, you will have to shortly get off the boat for them to turn 180 degrees and then step onto the boat again. 
Brewing beer 
To brew beer, you need a beer recipe and the ingredients shown on the recipe. Move to the brewery. Next to the recipe book, there is a small cart. Fill this with the ingredients from the recipe (there is a treestump nearby). Ring the small bell above the cart. A few goblins will run to the cart and pull it away. From then on the goblins will do the work, you can just wait there until they’re finished. But I would suggest looking around and see the goblins working, until a line of goblins rolls a few barrels down into the pub. 
Filling your treehouse with stuff 
I tried to note this as spoilerfree as possible, but this could be considered more tip than manual, so I’ll include it with spoiler-tags: 
When using the hint fairy inside your treehouse, you will see a lot of orange highlighted things. These are object-places, where you can do something in the world and there will appear a real usable item at that place. A few things you can do to get items: 

  • Collecting stones 
  • Collecting seeds 
  • Interact with things having goblin size 
  • Visit places having goblin size 
  • Getting recipes having goblin size 
  • Collecting miscellaneous stuff (books, dolls, weapons and such) 
  • Brewing special beers 
  • Befriending goblins 
  • Getting lots of points in the knife game or the whatever that bag throwing game is

Interaction with goblins 
This might also be considered more tip than manual, so again the spoiler-tags: 
Normally you can only stare at goblins and they stare back, and you can poke them while shrunk and they show you, if they like this or not. 
But there is a notable exception: The goblins inside the pub behave differently: 

  • You can give them beer when they’re waiting for it. 
  • When you brewed special beer, some special goblins will enter the pub. These can be interacted a lot more with: Try nodding at them, shaking your head, letting your head drop to the left or right side, waving goodbye at them, drinking in front of them. And mostly: stare at them. 
  • Using special beer brews, inside the pub you can guide them to the knife-throwing area, or to the fireplace with the wooden logs, which you can put onto the fire.


Written by Vubb

This is all for Gnomes & Goblins How to play hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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