Gleaner Heights Heights Season 2 New DLC Help

Gleaner Heights Heights Season 2 New DLC Help 1 -
Gleaner Heights Heights Season 2 New DLC Help 1 -

Having trouble with the DLC? I’ve gathered helpful info for you.

All Hell Breaks Loose

During Season 2 content, a wizard named Celsus shows up in the night talking about an earthquake to come. He’ll ask for the protagonist to retrieve a grimoire. Next, a witch named Tristana will ask for the grimoire to destroy it. (I think the only difference between who you pick is that maybe you can’t get the perk “Ritual: Endrance” from Tristana if you don’t pick her? Didn’t test this out.)
The cave that opens after the earthquake is located to the west of the protagonist’s farm. Go north, but not up the stairs. There are a bunch of worm enemies near it.
During the burning of GH, fight demons, then enter the church.

Rift List

(Suggestion: Go to portals at the beginning of a day, that way if you f*ck up a puzzle or die, you can load the save and not lose a bunch of progress)
• Protagonist’s farm (near mushroom cave) – main portal
• Underneath the protagonist’s farm’s workshop
• Underground cave behind gravestone on protagonist’s farm
• Near Tristana’s tent
• Jun’s bathroom
• Inside Chad & Chadette’s house
• Inside Alice’s house
• Penny & Fiona’s bedroom’s bathroom (back of the restaurant)
• Doc’s bedroom
• Martha & Clarence’s dead daughter’s bedroom
• 2 are within the dilapidated manor
• Tunnel that connects below the hotel to above the town
• 2 on the Summit: one on the east side and one near the blown up cave
• Mine
• 3 within the hotel: bathroom (near stage), James’s room, & top floor
• North of the second dock
• To the west, after going up the stairs north of the second dock
• North of the dock under the waterfall
• Underwater cavern – at the end
• Between Lee’s house and Alice’s house, to the south
• Down the well
• All the way west on Bernadette’s farm
• Bernadette’s bathroom
• Where you first got the grimoire
• To the area west of the protagonist’s farm and up the stairs to the north
• To the area west of the protagonist’s farm and near the hedgehogs
• 3 down the hole (where the big tree stump was) near the hedgehogs: at entrance, near acid pond, & at the fishing lake
• To the area west of the protagonist’s farm, to the north of the lake
• On the east side of the cave near the boars
• The little island at the end of the cave near the boars
• Deep in the woods north of the road that leads to the city
• Deep in the woods east of the hotel

General Info

– Once you return to the other world through the portal, go to the west, past the house of the person that gave you the wand of Zi, then keep going until you find a merchant named Diosophus. He upgrades tools and sells valuable crafting items.
– Valpurite are obtained by defeating bosses in the other world or occasionally found in chests in rift dungeons.
– If you see square platforms with an empty post next to them, put a Diode Shard onto the post and it activates the platform as a teleporter. Very useful for getting around.
– To dig in the desert, you need an upgraded hoe. Items to find there: money, Diode Shards, various ore, gems, healing items, a Shadow Plum, bombs, skeleton enemies, and berserker pants.
– While fighting Grimaldi, attack the heart that pops out of the ruby to deal damage to it.
– Use the fishing rod to fish out an anchor from the small pond, then attach it to the lady statue in order to fight Abraham.
– Power strike Gollus (I used the hammer) to make a red spot appear, then attack it to deal damage.
– Inside the catacombs, you’ll come across a pressure plate and a lever with a barrier in between. The barrier prevents arrows from reaching the lever. You gotta place the bomb at the area where the lever pops up, then run back over to the pressure plate so that the lever is elevated when the bomb goes off.
– When Mainframe has a red face and launches missiles, run over to one of the computers on either side and interact with it. Win the platforming mini-game, then deal damage by hitting the newly exposed circuitry on the front of the boss.
– “Who do you fear most?” Type your character’s name.
– You need a pineapple for Aghariphus when he asks if you’re one. Last tier seed for summer crops.
– The rift with one bell needs to be hit with: hammer, sickle, hoe (as depicted on the walls).
– 3 Riddles: gold ore (silence), apple (fall of man), & boar hide (clothes)
– To outrun the bird, I used swiftskin boots and berserker pants (so no flinching from flame traps).
– For the five bells, bring something of little value with you. I used 5 fodder. Just throw some on the floor so you know which bells have already been rung, since the rooms look identical.

New Characters

Edna – little old lady that sells flower seeds
Likes: any flower
Chad – blond dude with a giant grin
Likes: gold ore
Chadette – blond lady with Chad
Likes: Gold milk, gold egg
Kranf – Joshua’s bodyguard
Likes: popcorn
Tristana – witch that helps protagonist
Likes: wine

The Ending

This section will be updated later.
I currently have an inquiry on both Steam discussions and the Discord:

I defeated the Nightmare and finished all rifts, but nothing else is happening. How do I meet Vaissala? I thought he might be the person with all the question marks, but if I visit them, nothing happens either. Is there something I'm supposed to do to trigger this?

Feel free to answer this question in great detail.

Feel Free to Contribute!

This is incomplete, because I didn’t test every single thing about the DLC. If you’ve got info you’d like to add, comment and I’ll give credit in the guide. I don’t have any of the marriage quests on here because I didn’t have the patience to go through all those, but if someone wants to add that info, that’d be cool.

Hope you enjoy the post for Gleaner Heights Heights Season 2 New DLC Help, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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