Ghost Master Installing Mod Tutorial Guide

Ghost Master Installing Mod Tutorial Guide 1 -
Ghost Master Installing Mod Tutorial Guide 1 -

Disclaimer: I was not the one who created the mod featured here, I am merely spreading word of it’s existence that, yes, even games this old have people that love them enough to mod it.

A total of four ghosts were cut from the game and now, thanks to the modders of the website I’m about to link you, they are yours!

This mod adds Azrael, Smokin’ Joe, Thorne, Soulscreech.

{LINK REMOVED}Download – []

Edit: Link was blocked. Here it is, but remove the space after mega : https://mega – []  .nz/#!AYQ0CTzK!jw_hAFwsbIlCN9hkO7v_2hSUsVAWh2cnBZgEOCL5654

Choose GhostData as installation folder.

Installator replace files:






and add:



You have to start new game for make ghosts work!

Rejected Ghosts works only with GhostMasterLauncher!!!! – []

Please note, as stated on the website you can only run the modified .exe that comes in the package on the website, you cannot use them in the normal .exe that is launched via Steam.

Note: The images were the best as I could find. since this uses a unique launcher I couldn’t gain the images myself so I had to go hunting for some.

Installing Cut Ghosts

Below is a guide on how to add missing ghosts to the game that were intially cut. They’re still in the game’s code, but this guide gives you a download so that you can get them back into the game for free. They don’t really have any new abilities, but some might be a odd mix like the captain having fetters of both water and corpse. He was intended to be on a stage that was cut from the game where mortals investigate a haunted ship.

Here we come to an end for Ghost Master Installing Mod Tutorial Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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