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Gem Deeps Combat Guide 1 -
Gem Deeps – Combat guide
Patterns & Types of enemies



Gem Deeps Combat Guide - Patterns 
Unlike most of the old 2d skill-based fighting games, do not expect you to memorize an enemy’s attack patterns. 
Enemies use dynamic not fixed attack patterns. You can call them random patterns, 
altho they are not actually random, rather patterns based on the aggression level of the enemies. 
The enemy will choose what attacks it will use during a fight if it is a melee or ranged attack, 
or it may be scared and start yelling at you or try to run. 
This means that the player is required to be a lot more reactive compared to a fixed pattern. 
Not all enemies are of the same intelligence, higher species will have more types of attacks and defensive patterns. Even among the same type of enemies, you can expect differences, especially among higher species. 

Blocking & Evading

Enemies will usually have strong attacks with a long windup. 
This is the time when they don’t block and are a perfect time for you to punish them. 
Gem Deeps Combat Guide 
Blocking areas are precisely defined by visuals ( paw, tablet, staff ). 
In almost every action that the enemy doing you can find the opening. 
Some enemies will evade your attacks rather than block them, they cannot evade all of your attacks. 

Types of enemies

Different types of enemies have different weaknesses. 
This is where upgrading your abilities come into play. 
Light fireball is best against Plants, heavy fireball is best against Reds, and jumping on top of their backs is best against Lizards. 
It is recommended to combine upgrades so you can counter different enemy groups. 
Gem Deeps Combat Guide 

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