Garry’s Mod How to Remove Bad Textures in Game

Garry’s Mod How to Remove Bad Textures in Game 1 -
Garry’s Mod How to Remove Bad Textures in Game 1 -

This will tell you, how to get rid of those ugly, terrific and horrifying pink textures!
“REQUIRES CSS TO READ THIS GUIDE” lol i’m just kidding you can read this if you want.
also you may need to give some bread to the white knight known as gaben to fix the pink checkers

Mounting games (may need to buy games) and mat_specular 0

firstly when looking into some maps you will find the words “REQUIRES [blank] TO WORK”
this is sometimes soul crushing when you don’t have that game, so what does that mean?
well some maps require source games such as counter strike source [css] or half life source, or 2 and maybe the episodes too, gmod has the ability to mount other games so don’t unmount some games if you don’t to become blind and maybe have your testicals ripped out… css is a popular tool used in some maps and stuff,
some maps use the materials from css and hls but if you don’t have those you will see the DREADED
PINK, CHECKERS, so basically empty your wallet and throw some cash at gabens beautiful face and then get either css or hls, if you want to keep your testicals, half life source is a whole more pile of spaghetti, gmod uses the default hl2 assets but theres a section it doesn’t use, the episodic assets from episode one and two, mainly npcs, entities and models, like advisors mini striders and so on,
so buy that stuff and your good to go,
buuuuuut there’s one tiny unexpected incy bitsy wrinkle we haven’t talked about and that issssssssssss? you ask. well it’s mat_specular 0, basically some maps have some broken reflections, mat_specular 0 says screw that and uncheckers your pink, basically see any weird reflections well type mat_specular 0 into the console and then wait a minute and the reflections are fixed yay. hope this helps
and now you have done everything you needed to do, congratulations thanks for reading

Written by ratman

Here we come to an end for Garry’s Mod How to Remove Bad Textures in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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