Garry’s Mod How to find the Funni

Garry’s Mod How to find the Funni 1 -
Garry’s Mod How to find the Funni 1 -

This is a guide on how to find the funni them/it/they/thine/those person. Kill me.

What to do

First go to gm_flatgrass and spawn in 200 balls, than funni goofy they/those/thy/thine/them will appear and tell you to eat a salad. Thanks for reading.
Garry's Mod How to find the Funni - What to do - 1A11ADA

Note: Please Read!

Joseph’s Journal
Day 1: Okay, it’s 1:52 AM and I’m currently being stalked by that freak and it’s fans. I have been forced to make a guide honoring their “God” and would be killed if I didn’t comply. I’m fearing that these heathens will embark on a dangerous crusade against us and PNGTubers will take over. They also stole all the money in my bank account, stole my wife and children and my social security number and are sacrificing them to the PNG God. I fear my house will be repo’d since I can’t pay the bills. I’m currently in my pantry with a BB gun and limited supplies, let’s just hope I can make it.
Day 2: I’ve sat in this pantry for a day and all I have is my phone for entertainment. I hear constant gunshots outside and screams of my neighbors. These freaks are killing the innocent! I took a quick peek in my house and saw “soldiers” marching outside. The boredom is getting to me and my phone is almost dead. I may have to continue writing at a later date.
Day 4: It’s been two days since I wrote and a lot has happened. Firstly, I found a charger for my phone, secondly, my house has been hit by multiple bombs and the house is in a wreck. Lastly, the neighborhood has been wiped of civilians. All that remains outside is death, soldiers and tanks. I may have to scavenge tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.
Day 5: I’ve thankfully found some food by looking in my freezer, which had been taken outside by the heathens, but a gunfight had started between me and 2 soldiers. It went fast but I had been shot in the leg. It will take a while for it to recover, since I don’t have medical supplies except for Band-Aids.
Day 9: I have lost my mind in this damn pantry! I’ve had it with living day-by-day on moldy bread and yogurt! I’m going to leave and try to find a friendly group nearby. Strength does come in numbers after all, right?
Day 12: I have found a group willing to provide shelter! I was able to make the journey from my house without much problems. I’m still injured, but thankfully I was able to take my time and no one found me. I think I’m safe, for now.
Day 17: Right now, I think this is the end. After spending four days at the camp, the soldiers attacked and ravaged our group. I think I may be the only survivor left, but I hear footsteps and yelling. Since my leg hasn’t recovered, I can’t fight or run. I just hope my wife and kids are somehow alive. I think this is goodbye. Thank you for reading and I wish you don’t go through what I just did.

Written by Kyle

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